Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 170 -
The Lord explains about the situation in the beyond.

ow the doctor from Melita turned to Me with the words: "Lord and Master, since we all have exactly seen and heard the same thing, was this appearance that was allowed by You, really completely true and not a dreamlike appearance in an awake condition, like I repeatedly experienced with several of my patients, especially in a place where 5 sick people with fever saw also similar beings in one and the same room. But the beings they saw did by far not correspond, because each patient saw totally different beings. And they heard them also speak in a different language. And I had the impression that the beings that were seen by my feverish patients corresponded to those in a dream, which is nothing else than only an empty game of the strongly increased fantasy, heated up by the blood that streams faster through the veins.
But during this appearance, that was allowed by You on a clear daylight, no one of us was suffering from fever, and thus also no fast heart beating and no heated up fantasy. And we all heard and saw the same thing, and that is why this appearance, as already mentioned, really seemed to be true.
But now the question is: is that dark and dirty environment that we all saw as the same, still localized on this Earth with all the things that we saw in it, or was it only visible for us as an image that corresponds to a condition - more or less like an image of a dream - based on the unreliable fantasy of the spirits that we saw? And were the other spirits whom we also saw in that environment, souls of people who once had lived on this Earth, or do they also belong to the kingdom of the evil fantasy of the spirits whom we saw close to us? For while we were watching the sad environment in the beyond, it was strange that we also could see the environment of this Earth through it without any obstruction. And at the same time we saw the sad beyond also very clearly from point to point. And finally the question comes up from itself: can the spirits, whom we saw, also see our Earth or only their fantasy world?"
I said: "The spirits whom you saw here - and still many thousands of their kind - possess perfect reality. They live in those castles and strongholds, which you saw in that dirty-dark environment. The environment, all the castles and strongholds, the dirty huts, the tents, the poor-looking subordinate spirits and the encampment with the soldiers, are nothing else except the bad products of their evil fantasy, especially the environment and its arrangement. For if you can imagine 1.000 as a unity, then the poor spirits, whom you saw, are real for one thousandth part. So for the greatest part they belong to the sphere of the evil, deceitful fantasy of the spirits whom you saw, and for one thousandth part they still possess more or less a true spiritual reality. Like on Earth, your shadow also belongs to your actual reality. Although a shadow is in the abstract certainly not something actually existent, but still, it would not be there if you yourselves were not there first.
The poor spirits whom you saw are for the greatest part also already in the beyond, but partly they still live physically on this Earth. However, the real spirits, whom you saw, together with their congeners, full of self-love, pride and lust for power, were during their earthly life as rulers in contact with many thousands of subordinate people. And because of that, their images - or in a certain way their shadow images - were left in a weakened form in the consciousness of their soul.
The evil spirits whom you saw, together with still many others who are completely similar to them, hardly possess the smallest spark of the light of the full truth in them, and can thus also not see or perceive anything of what is truly outside of them. Just like when somebody who is deeply asleep cannot see or perceive anything of what is in reality around him. That is why they only can see in their inner, extremely weak deceitful light what is created by their fantasy - coming forth from their evil self-love - and this with the help of the remembrance that is kept in their consciousness.
What they have created can be seen by every perfected spirit. And if such perfected spirit will now and then, with his will and vision out of My will and light, come in a certain way close to such evil group, or will pay attention to them, then he will know, through the deceitful apparent environment, that is immediately and entirely visible to him, of what kind the actual real spirits of a group are and what character they have. And so, such evil spirits can impossibly cover up or hide their inner evilness before the eyes of perfected spirits.
Here in this world, a wolf can show himself in sheep's clothing, but in the other world it will be proclaimed to him, loudly and openly from the rooftops, of what he thinks, wants and does in the most inner part of his house.
And since every perfected spirit can do that, he also can - thanks to his wisdom and might - effectively confront, with the most suitable means, all the evil that was planned.
Depending on the power of their evil self-love, such group must often sink down into the deepest ground of the kingdom of evil, and greatly destroy themselves and as if bringing themselves to ruin. Only after that, there is a small possibility to gradually more and more ascend again to the light of the truth.
And this is also what will happen to the spirits whom you saw. However, if there are some among them who will begin to see the uselessness of their strivings through all kinds of corresponding appearances that are allowed by Me, then they also will more easily ascend to the light of the truth."
Now the doctor asked Me further: "O Lord and Master, how is it actually possible for such evil spirit to greatly destroy himself and bring himself to ruin?"
I said: "Just like in the course of time when all matter will destroy itself, will bring its outer visible form to ruin and then return to its true initial element.
For these spirits, that which was created by their evil fantasy is a firm, material reality. And that which seems to be will remain as long as the remembrance of the spirit, and the fantasy that comes from it, will not be broken up and harmed by the continuously increasing passions. If that happens, then his world with all its castles, strongholds and treasures will also immediately disappear.
It can be compared with someone who has a treasure that is precious above all to him, and has buried it in a certain place, which place he has well remembered, but because he is ever more burdened by the worry that this treasure could be discovered by someone else, he gradually falls into an ever increasing spiritual confusion. His memory becomes weaker and weaker, and also his remembrance and his fantasy. He moreover falls into a kind of brain fever, which takes away his whole memory and remembrance, in such a way that he is no more capable to remember his treasure that he had so truthfully and so well hidden. Now what does this treasure still mean to him? Where has it gone? Look, it disappeared out of his existence. And this is what also happens to these spirits with their world.
As man loses in fact everything with the loss of his memory and remembrance - even if it still exist as such - so also a spirit will lose everything that his fantasy had created out of his remembrance that stayed in his consciousness. And such spirit will then be extremely poor and abandoned of everything.
Then only, in such condition, it is possible for a wise spirit to approach him in the most suitable manner. And he will show him and make him understand what is useless, and also the bad and the evil that came by his own free will, and bring him, unnoticed and gradually, to walk on the way of light.
But as fast as you, My friend, imagine it now, such spirit will not attain to the full light. For as soon as he reaches this kind of freer consciousness, so that he will remember several things, his old fantasy will come up again. And with this, he soon will create again a world for himself that corresponds to his old love, and he is pleased with that. So he has to lose his self-created paradise again and understand the unreality of it, after which he can again be placed on a higher level of light.
This happens oftentimes with many spirits like you saw here. Because a wrong love - which, despite all the things that are wrong in it, is the only thing that brings about the self-awareness of a spirit's life - cannot so easily and quickly be transformed into a real, true love through the necessary way of the free will, as you imagine."