Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 172 -
The Lord calls Raphael to explain the existence of the Kingdom of God.

he doctor said: "O Lord and Master, now everything is clear to me, and we thank You, firstly because You have revealed so clearly the world of the spirits to us, and we know now how the further life of the souls of men with a worldly attitude will take form and must take form in the big world of the beyond. And secondly we thank You, o Lord and Master, for Your explanation about the condition of the perfected spirits in God's Kingdom.
It would of course also be desirable to have a look into the nature of the Kingdom of God and see its inhabitants who are already blessed. But since Your mercy and love has explained it with such clear words that we almost could simply see it with our eyes, I would consider it too bold to desire from You to show us also the world of the blessed spirits in the beyond. And therefore, we thank You once again for the great mercy that You have abundantly given to us."
I said: "Yes, My friend, to show you the nature of God's Kingdom, in which are located numberless blessed spirits for already long times and eternities that are unimaginable for you, is still not possible for no one of you. Not until the Kingdom of God will have completely developed and has become a visible truth of light in you.
However, when the Kingdom of God will take form in yourselves, coming to full activity according to My will that was revealed to you, then you will also see it and experience great pleasure on it. But since you all have set out to do completely My will - with the exception of one whom I admonished often and who still cannot give up his greediness - I will call a blessed angel here, who has been perfected for already a long time. Then he will explain to you further about the nature of the Kingdom of God."
Then I called aloud: "Raphael, come and serve Me and your brothers!"
I hardly had said that when Raphael stood there before Me with a serious and friendly face that was truly shining with utter heavenly beauty, and he said: "My Lord and My God. Your will is my existence, my eternal life and my wisdom and power. Allow that these brothers will see Your will as Your Kingdom in me."
When especially the Greeks and our Roman saw Raphael, they were really speechless, and in their heart they were utterly surprised about the extremely marvelous form of the angel. Moreover, his short speech to Me, full of spirit, truth and life, made such deep impression on their mind that they really did not know what they now had to do with this perfected angel spirit.
Also the innkeeper of Jesaira who was still present, the skipper and the leader of the known fishing village were extremely surprised about the very sudden appearance of Raphael, and they also did not know what they had to do about and with him in such surprisingly short time. For firstly, his very sudden appearance surprised them, and secondly his loveliness was sticking out sky-high above every notion and imagination they ever had about the greatest beauty of a human form.
They all could not keep their eyes of him, and the doctor said to himself: "No, No, this in itself is already too much bliss in the Kingdom of God. Because by looking at such highly perfected, beautiful human form, 1.000 years would go by as fast as a fleeting moment for every human being."
And more of them thought the same.
After being amazed for quite some time, our doctor took courage again and said to Me: "Lord, Lord and Master, it would be good to be here for eternity, and I for myself would never desire any still higher bliss of life. But since You, by Your endlessly great love and mercy, made appear this as such already utterly perfected spirit, as it were in blazing love for us, and since he has spoken aloud in the midst of us all, I would, if possible and permissible, like to speak with him about the nature of the Kingdom of God."
I said: "That is why I called him. You can speak with him now as with one of your companions. Go to him and speak with him."