Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 174 -
The nature of Raphael.

hen the doctor went to his companions and spoke with them in a very wise manner about what he heard from Raphael about the existence and the nature of the Kingdom of God.
Raphael spoke again with Kisjona and Philopold about the future conditions of the Kingdom of God on this Earth and also about the reasons for allowing them.
And I was in conversation with the Roman who could not understand Raphael's sudden appearance, and at first he almost thought within himself that he was the pagan god Apollo, but I quickly dissuaded him from that delusion.
Then also the Roman wanted to talk to Raphael, but he did not want to disturb the conversation of the 2 formerly mentioned friends.
When the doctor had ended the extensive conversation with his companions about what Raphael had told him, he took courage again, went to Raphael and asked him for a further enlightenment of his soul.
Raphael said to him: "Yes, my dear friend and brother, this cannot be given to you in the same manner as one lightens a room at night by igniting the lamp and then let it shine for everyone who are staying in that room. For as long as the ignited light is burning, the room will surely be illuminated, but as soon as there is no more oil, the room will be dark again. However, if the room must never more become dark, then more is needed than to ignite just one lamp, filled with a little oil.
In rooms this is a difficult matter, because the times that certain wise men among the people knew the art how to make an everlasting fire that would never burn up, are over. And therefore, in these times, the rooms can only be constantly illuminated at night by filling the lamps inside with so much oil that every lamp would have sufficient nourishment for the whole night, and for this, an intelligent calculation is needed that is based on experience. And this is how an intelligent man, who is concerned about the salvation of his soul in this dark, nightly time, must provide himself with a lot of spiritual oil, so that it will be sufficient until the dawn of his inner spiritual day of the true, eternal life, which is the ancient, eternal light in man that will never burn up. And in this manner he always will have sufficient light in this room of his earthly life.
The spiritual oil consists in the first place of the word of the Lord, and from that, of the good works of love according to the word and the will of the Lord. The one who is richly provided with that oil is already in the actual Kingdom of God and will never more have to go through a life's night in his soul.
The light of his totally full life's lamp in his earthly life is a full living faith, which illuminates the things of the Kingdom of God more than enough for him. The one who perseveres in that light and who is not more concerned about the things of this world than is necessary for his physical life, will come early to the eternal life's light in himself, and in this manner also already on this side to the clearly present actual Kingdom of God and its power and might. For he who is one with the will of God the Lord, is also one with His eternal perfect wisdom, freedom, independence, might and power, and is therefore also forever a true child of God.
Look, I am such child of God. But I did not become like that in the pure world of the spirits, but still during my earthly life. And actually in such a way that the power of the divine Spirit in me could perform everything it can do now.
So as far as my body is concerned I did not die like all men are dying now, but the power of the divine Spirit in me suddenly dissolved my body so completely that not even something like the size of a sun's particle was left behind on this Earth. My whole body had become my eternal, indestructible garment, and that is why you can see me now with body, soul and spirit.
If this is difficult for you to believe, then touch me. Then you will feel that I am a man with flesh and bones, this as long as I want it. But if I want to change everything into the purely spiritual, you will see me just like now, but not with the eyes of your flesh, but with the eyes of your soul, which I can open with you when and as long as I want. Just come close and touch me, for also this experience is part of it if I want to enlighten for you more precisely and more strongly the nature of the Kingdom of God."