Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 183 -
Raphael's teaching.

fter the first teachings of Raphael and Mine, it was quiet, for they all thought about what they had seen and heard, and they put it into their memory and their whole mind as deeply as possible.
And Raphael spoke again with Philopold and Kisjona about the first times and the changes of the Earth. Because Philopold was a good geologist, wrote down already many of his observations and formed an opinion about it, as well as our Kisjona. Therefore, the 2 were very much interested in what Raphael could very clearly and easily reveal about it.
My disciples, who very clearly heard these things already several times, took hardly notice of it and rather discussed with each other about what Raphael had said about the nature of the Kingdom of God, and about the reason for the ever greater deterioration of the people on this Earth, which they heard from Me. But all the others, who never heard anything in detail and in depth about what Raphael was explaining to Philopold and Kisjona, listened with great attention to Raphael and were surprised about My power and wisdom, because I had arranged all this in the manner of the highest order.
Especially the doctor from Melita (the present Malta) was interested in it, for he mainly acquired his knowledge in Athens, also in Alexandria in Egypt and in Syracuse in Sicily, and in his youth he was greatly involved in exploring the Earth and its powers. For that purpose he traveled at that time to Egypt up to the waterfalls and also through the whole land of Greece, the regions at the Pontus and along the Caspian Sea, as well as through a great part of Arabia and the shores of Asia at the Mediterranean Sea. And that is why he gladly wanted to start a conversation with Raphael about this, but since Raphael was only casually talking about everything, our doctor could not bring out a word, and so he just preferred to quietly listen to the explanations of Raphael and took only some personal notes.
When Raphael talked about the volcanoes, our doctor could no more retain himself and asked Raphael to allow him to ask him a few things.
But Raphael said: "Friend, you only have to listen to what I briefly will say about it. Then you will receive a good understandable explanation for the experiences that you had and which you did not understand until now.
For I know your Etna and Vesuvius since their beginning, just as I also know your thoughts and questions, precisely and long before you thought about them yourself. For the spirit and the life of the Lord, which is my everything, is also all-knowing and all-powerful in me."
When the doctor heard that from Raphael, he was completely satisfied with that and continued to listen most attentively to the explanation of the angel.
The explanation lasted for more than 2 full hours, and those who listened to it with the right attention learned in that short time more of the nature and the characteristics of the Earth than even the most zealous disciple could ever have learned at a high school in Athens or Alexandria or also in Syracuse in 100 years.
When Raphael had finished his speeches, by which he also explained to the disciples the relation between the Earth and the moon to the sun, the thereby occurring phenomena, as well as the other planets and the fixed stars, the Roman said to Me: "O Lord and Master, now again I begin to see the light. Our extremely incorrect and totally wrong ideas about our Earth, the moon, the sun, the planets, comets, fixed stars, and all the other phenomena in the sky, must have thrown the people into the deepest, most blind and senseless superstition. Who could ever have delivered them out of it if You Yourself did not come down to us from the Heavens with Your servants to show us the true, wonderful facts of these great things of Yours? Did the first men then not know anything of all that? And if they knew something about it, then one can wonder how they could fall back from such lightening truth into the most dark and foolish superstition."