Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 184 -
Accepting the teaching of the Lord.

In exactly the same manner as I have just shown you.
The first men knew everything according to the full truth, but once the soul of man becomes dark in one or the other thing as a result of his laziness, stupidity and the lust of his senses, he also will become dark in all the other things.
Moses himself wrote a personal book for the Israelites who became dark in Egypt. In the same manner as My Raphael instructed you now. That was considered to be important until the time of the first kings. However, when their descendants let them be captured by all sensuality, then also all the pure science went to ruin among them. And instead of that, came what you can see now among the Jews in an often still darker degree than with the gentiles.
Everything has now been accurately, very detailed and very clearly shown to you, and also to the first disciples before on several occasions. And besides them, also to a lot of other people. But just count 200 years from now on, then what concerns the pure science you will again see the old superstition.
But also this knowledge will be kept secret among those who will stay with My teaching. And then there will be a time wherein this science, and at the same time 1.000 other sciences, will completely destroy all the old superstition forever. But first there still will be a long-lasting and hard battle. However, the truth will finally be victorious, and all what is dark, false and evil will be condemned forever in the abyss.
You soon will have the opportunity to meet your geologists, physicists and astronomers, and then you will also try to show them the truth which you came to know here, but by that you will hit hard stones. Although a few will think about it, but they nevertheless will remain with their old system. Others, without any reflection, will call it foolishness. For to also correctly and truly understand the things of the natural world without doubting, one has to be first spiritually awakened, know the one, only true God and also himself, after which man will be clearly and actively become conscious of who he is and why he exists.
Once man will see clear into these most important aspects of his existence and life, and when thus My Spirit will develop in his soul with living and enlightening activity, and penetrate into the whole man, he will also quickly and easily grasp, with his enlightened reason from above, the nature and the order of the things of the big and small natural world in its full and undisputable truth, and he will understand them completely. But if you will proclaim to the gentiles what you heard from Raphael - even if they attended all the high schools of wisdom with great zeal - they will not understand it, will call it foolishness and will ridicule it. And the dark, extremely selfish and imperious priests will hastily and furiously curse it and set the people against this new teaching that does absolutely not fit into their old plans of idols and deceit.
Therefore, the important thing is to first proclaim the gospel of the true Kingdom of God on Earth among the people, and once they have accepted that, and were strengthened by the Spirit of God, they easily will grasp all the other truths. For My Spirit, that I will pour out abundantly over everyone who really believes in Me and who loves Me, will guide them into all wisdom and truth.
Do you think that you would have understood the things, which Raphael explained, also without the living faith that you have now in Me? I say to you: you would have understood them as little as the stones of this mountain.
When the basis of all human knowledge is lie and deceit, how will other truths be able to bloom from such basis?
If you do not know the unit while you are counting, which is the fundamental condition for all the figures that come from the sum of units, then how will you yourself ever come to know the truth of the figures?