Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 193 -
The reasons for the spiritual superiority of the gentiles.

ne of the Jewish Greeks from Jerusalem, who was formerly a scribe, said: "Although your point of view about this case seems to be very convincing for the worldly intellect, but it nevertheless seems somewhat too natural to me since it lacks every spiritual background.
Because we did not only see regions, places, mountains and the big Sea with its many ships, but also the sun with a few clouds floating around. Was that also a mere reflection on the air surface that you very well described?"
One of the two Greeks said: "When the spirit, whose name is Raphael, just gave us a precise explanation about the Earth, the moon and the sun, as well as the relations of these celestial bodies between each other, you seemed not to have well paid attention. Maybe you also discovered too little spiritual background with his explanations.
If the cause for the setting of the sun, the moon and all the stars is only that our Earth - which is a great ball - turns around its axis in about 24 hours and a bit more from the west to the east, then the sun must apparently always be below the visible horizon. But since the air surface is surely very high above the mountains in the western horizon, then at such height it certainly will be able to reflect the sun - which is visible 1 hour longer - like a mirror image on its surface, just like all the other things that are below. Do you understand that?"
The Jewish Greeks looked surprised at each other, and the scribe said: "It is almost irritating that the gentiles dominate us, not only physically, but also spiritually. For in all circumstances they are greatly surpassing us with their intellect, with their knowledge and sciences and their many experiences. And we cannot give them any response which they could not refute.
Although, neither the Lord nor Raphael gave an explanation about this phenomenon, but as far as I can see this matter now, the Greek will certainly be right."
Now I said: "Your opinion is now also correct if you think that the Greek is right, for according to what he said about a clear thinking scientist, his opinion about this phenomenon was very right. And we will receive proof of this in what will follow in a couple of hours as he indicated.
Do you as a scribe still not know what is written in the Scripture: "At that time, the might and the light will be taken away from the Jews and be given to the gentiles'?
And look, based on this, the gentiles are ruling now over you and are even sky-high superior to you in intellect and all skills, knowledge and all kinds of sciences. And if you will not completely follow My teaching and live and act accordingly, they will entirely even more and beyond all measures be superior to you and trample down the whole, big Promised Land to dust. The beautiful, big valley of the Jordan with its many cities, places and villages will become a desert, where, apart from thieves and robbers, wild animals will live.
I came into this world, as a Jew Myself, to you Jews to save you from every need. But just count the Jews who believe in Me. How little and small is their number compared to those who hate and persecute Me everywhere. And just count then the gentiles who continuously come here from far and wide and accept My teaching with great joy. They quickly and easily recognize Me as the One I am, and they immediately love Me above all.
Then it is of course obvious how and when the might and the light is taken away from the Jews and given to the gentiles.
Even if in the future the light among the gentiles will be greatly troubled and darkened. They will indeed very pompously call themselves to be My anointed and will let themselves be highly honored, but will in fact be much worse gentiles than now the Romans, the Greeks and other gentiles from the whole of Europe.
But even among these gentiles there will always be many who will stay in My teaching and will not let themselves be blinded and seduced by the world and its fleeting temptations.
But just count now how many Jews there are who did not let themselves be seduced and enticed by the mammon of this world. In all the cities of Galilee, Judea, Palestine, Canaan and Samaria and still other parts of the country, you will not find 100 who have followed and kept the truth of old in their heart and in their actions according to Moses and the prophets. Only in this time, a greater number has turned again to the old truth by My teaching, especially from the class of the poor.
If I compare this with the great number of converted gentiles from all parts and regions of the Earth, then this is now already a 1.000 times more than the Jews in whose midst I came into this world and walk around now as a most true and clear light, and call to them aloud everywhere that they all should come to Me.
If this is happening now before your eyes and ears, how can you secretly be surprised in your mind if I truthfully say that the might and the light of the Jews will be taken away and be given to the gentiles, and that finally even among the extremely darkened Christian-gentiles there nevertheless will always be many who will stay with the original truth and will not let themselves be fooled so easily by the world?"