Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 196 -
The Storm and its corresponding meaning.

fter they extensively discussed this subject, a roaring wind was heard from the outside that became more and more intense, and 2 of Kisjona's skippers came to us and asked what they had to do when such storm occurred. For the lake drove unheard-of gigantic waves against the shore, and if the storm, which came now suddenly blowing from the east, would become more severe, there was even a danger for the water to be pushed into the house. Their ships were 3 times more strongly tied up to the shore than before, and they also came to Me in faith, asking Me for help, but nevertheless, the storm became increasingly stronger.
Now Kisjona asked Me to command the storm, about which I was the only and sole Lord and commander, to blow less heavily, so that the many inhabitants of the shore would not suffer too great damage.
I said: "I am truly also the Lord of the storm, and it would not blow now so heavily if I would not want it that way. But why I want it that way, will be completely clear to you in an hour."
So let the storm do its task and duty. It will not damage your ships. And your skippers should not be afraid of it, even when it will become stronger. The water of the lake will not flow more than now over the shore. But let the skippers be brought some bread and wine. Then they will look at the storm with a somewhat more courageous face than now."
This was also done immediately, and the 2 skippers received several carafes of wine and also several breads, and they brought it to their companions who were in the skipper's cabin that was build on the shore. With this refreshment before them, they also were not that worried about the storm anymore.
All those present asked among themselves what this storm could mean and what it would bring about.
Our Philopold addressed himself even to Raphael who was sitting very quietly at the table.
But he said (Raphael): "Friend, if it would be the will of the Lord, I would tell you. But it is still not His will yet, and so I still cannot fulfill your wish. But in a couple of hours, this matter will become clear of itself before your eyes.
For you know what the Greek added to his completely correct explanation of the mirage on the mountain, that after such rare phenomena - at which always a great calmness in the air is necessary - there are always and quickly heavy storms that follow, in the air, as well as in the water. And look, in natural respect he was completely right because he experienced this already several times.
However, why basically the Lord allows these phenomena to exist and to come up, that is of course a very different question to which I cannot give you the answer yet for the reason that I already mentioned.
Just look at the mind of man, which often sinks down into a complete worriless rest, by which man feels very happy and comfortable. But when man feels for a short time more and more calm, worriless, happy and comfortable, the stormier it will later become in his mind, when it was at first a little disturbed in its sweet rest by something uncomfortable.
But a person's mind that must constantly fight against all kinds of storms will not worry so easily for the storms that repeatedly come up, and he will more easily keep his calmness and the necessary rest at all events.
If today during the whole day, from morning till late evening, it would have been somewhat less quiet in the whole nature, and later on it would not have been so exceptionally quiet, then the skippers of Kisjona would also not have had such fear for the high waves. These woke them up now from their complete rest of the whole day, and then they did not know what to do. But now, their mind stormed together with it, and that is why they now have almost no more fear for the high waves.
And look, friend, this is also a good lesson for all those who gladly would like to give in to that sweet, worriless laziness. The one who is always busy has largely enough with a short rest to strengthen his whole being. And once he is strengthened, he immediately longs to go to work again and he finds only therein his pleasure.
However, the one who avoids to be active and who only feels happy and comfortable in an ever increasing inactive laziness - like the fattened Pharisees and other rich loafers - will fall into a complete fury if the laziness, which is so comfortable to him, will be threatened in the least.
That is why the Lord took care of all kinds of beings, things and phenomena on this Earth, that will repeatedly shake up people from their work-shy rest. And so they will have to recognize that they are not the lords of the world and of all beings and things which are on it and in it - as the lazy rich persons greatly imagine - but that it is a certain Someone Else. Someone whom these kinds of people do certainly not know and about whom they do not want to hear anything truthful, as you can very well see among the many Pharisees and other Jews.
Look, what I have said now to you is worth of more and greater attention than to hear already beforehand about the meaning of this storm."