Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 203 -
The wish of the captain and its fulfillment.

hen they all became more enthusiastic from the wine, and having said all kinds of very nice words about Me and bad words about Herod, whom they always called the evil and dumb Antipas, the chief said: "Now we are all together here as friends and brothers, the few soldiers not excluded because they are also human beings just like we and they also shared the bitter fate on the lake with us, and through their great efforts they contributed a lot to our salvation.
Although we are now - all glory and honor to Jehovah the Lord - very cheerful and full of courage, and I also think that we can make good impression before a Roman judge of this place, but it seems not to be the time now for a too great optimism.
So it still may be advisable to discuss further how we would answer the questions of the judge - before whom we certainly will be led tomorrow - about our undertaking in this region, which is in fact totally unlawful without the permission of Rome. For I still do not completely trust the country's quietness of this night despite the good hope which you, my friend (that is the captain), have expressed before.
I have the impression that tomorrow we will have to endure another storm which will not be less, although not on the lake. That is why it really would not harm us if we would deliberate as to how we will safe us from this fatal situation."
The captain said: "But friend, what is the use of such deliberation, and how can it help us? Has it not deeper penetrated in you that there are men in that main building who probably also know our most secret thoughts, even before we have thought them in ourselves?
Look, the hard Romans will never treat men with such bread and wine whom the next day they want to lead before a severe court of law, but rather with miserable bread and bad water, in chains and dark dungeons, and still other horrible things, because the Romans never have the least spark of humaneness for criminals. So let us not say another word about what we cannot change anymore, not even with all the money of the world.
It is my wish to meet that famous Nazarene, and to talk with Him about this matter. Only He could help us all in the best way. I put all my trust in Him."
The chief said: "Yes, that would be very good of course, if He would really be here. But what if He finally would not be here after all?"
The captain said: "Then surely one of His delegates will be present, who will act in His spirit and who will administer justice. And we certainly will be able to speak with him reasonably and truthfully. So let us be as happy and cheerful as much as possible, for today we certainly have suffered enough, as if we died in the storm 10 times."
After the captain had said that, a servant of Marcus was again sent by Me to the Herodians, but this time without bread and wine.
When he came to the amazed Herodians, he asked them (a servant): "Who of you is the courageous captain, whose name is Leander?"
The captain said: "Friend, I am the one. What is the matter? What must be done?"
The servant said: "Listen, the One in whom you put your trust and with whom you would like to speak, is here and He wants you to come to Him and to speak with you. So follow me to the main building."
At first the captain was very surprised by this invitation.
The chief did not know what to do from sheer fright, and he said half loudly to himself: "O, I knew that this matter would have a bad end."
The servant said: "Why are you afraid for nothing for the greatest and highest Benefactor of men? The one who will believe in Him, build on Him and trust in Him, will never be lost. Now come with me, captain Leander, for the Lord only wants to speak with you."