Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 208 -
A conversation about the migratory birds.

fter our conversation about nature, also our Greeks came with the doctor from Melita and all those who were present here, and they rejoiced about the beautiful morning, although it was often cooler during this time of the year.
The innkeeper from Jesaira, who was also still staying here, and the skippers whom we know, looked at the covered ship that brought the Herodians to the shore during the nightly storm and who were now still resting in their dormitory. And they were surprised that this ship, which was already quite old and absolutely not strongly build, did not sink with the other 4 ships.
A skipper said to the innkeeper: "Friend, there on the shore is the Savior. Even if that ship were in a 10 times more miserable state than now, then for sure, the will of the Lord would still have saved it."
The innkeeper praised the skipper and agreed with him.
Kisjona asked Raphael why, during this autumn, so many water birds were mostly landing by the shores, of which a few species could otherwise only be seen in little numbers on the Lake of Galilee.
Raphael said: "Friend, there is no other meaning than when at the time of their great migration from the big lakes and seas of the High North there was a totally different wind blowing than usual during this time. And because of that wind, which was unusual for the time of the migration of these birds, this lake is now more abundant with these animals than normally. Another very natural consequence of that phenomenon is that this year's winter will be very soft. Or else, these birds would have gone further to the south to seek their place of stay for the winter. Thus, behind this very natural phenomenon there is nothing special or remarkable.
The Greeks, of whom quite many are living at this lake and who very well know how to catch these birds, will surely diminish their great quantity, for these birds are true delicacies to them, and they also can very well use and utilize their feathers. And this, friend, is everything what concerns these birds."
Kisjona said: "Could we Jews actually not hunt these birds, and just like the Greeks make them useful for us?"
Raphael said: "O sure, if you knew how to catch them and then prepare them as delicacy. But since you still possess a great quantity of all kinds of very pure food with which you can satisfy yourselves, you should - unless in time of need - let these wild birds be caught for the table of the poor Greeks, so that they can prepare and eat them. Just like the pigs, hares, gazelles, deer and still more of those wild animals."
Our Kisjona was completely satisfied with this and lost his desire to catch these kinds of birds for himself.
While those present were still discussing about this and that, also our men from Joppe came to us to the shore, pushed themselves towards Me, bowed deeply before Me and thanked with highly raised hands for the healing of the day before, and for the unexpected friendly acceptance and care.
I said to them: "You do well in thanking Me, but next time thank Me only in your heart without outer gestures, and live and act always according to My teaching. Then this will be more pleasing to Me than the deep bowing, raising of hands and those many loud words. Did you all understand this well?"
The fisherman who was born on Cyprus said: "O Lord and Master full of divine power, might and wisdom, we have well understood Your true and wise advice now, have accepted it as a godly advice and we will in the future also act according to it. But allow me, o Lord and Master, to make a remark as an apology."
I said: "Then speak and lighten your mind."
The fisherman said: "Although You are a visible Human Being before us and have a fleshly body, You nevertheless are entirely one Being with God's eternal Spirit and one and the same personality. And it is very true that a person who truly believes that, like we do, can pray to You in the inner quietness of his mind and heart and can thank You without outer gestures. You will then certainly hear and also answer his prayer and be pleased at that quiet, but nevertheless spiritually active and true gratitude. But look, we men are used from childhood on to make our prayers and thanks go together with outer gestures in order to make also externally visible what we lively and truly feel in ourselves to those from whom we ask something or who we thank for a received good deed, and this according to the ancient usual tradition.
And if we are often compelled to bow our knees before those who are our equals, then I think that it is unspeakably more suitable to bow our knees and our whole body before the Lord of eternity. For also our body is only His work, and it is the carrier of the living soul who can be spoiled if he will give in too much to the lusts of his flesh. However, if he will adapt his body to his high, inner, spiritual striving, and will spiritualize it at the same time, then he probably will by that not act contrary to Your order, which is the might and the power of Your eternal divine will, and would not in some way be unpleasing to You."