Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 213 -
The Lord with the Herodians.

fter Raphael had said that to the chief, he and his companions were even more amazed. And after a while he said somewhat shyly (the chief): "What? Thus you are a spirit from the world in the beyond? We now and then heard about spirits and fairylike things, and also in the Scripture they are mentioned several times, but I myself, and with me certainly many thousand times thousand of people, hardly believed in this anymore, and also did not believe it for already a long time, since no one of us can boast to have seen or spoken to a spirit.
Although magicians came to us, partly from the morning land and partly from Egypt, who, besides their profession as a magician and their many deceitful arts, practiced also the conjuring of spirits, and they always put certain very horrifying figures before the eyes of the people. But it was known all too soon who was behind those appearances. Therefore, such magical conjuring of spirits did unspeakably more harm than good to the belief in an existence of spirits in the beyond, especially with the more educated and experienced people.
The common people who do not understand or reason - for they never received nor could receive an explanation from anyone concerning these deceits of the profit-greedy magicians - still believe of course that there are people to whom power is given to conjure spirits from the beyond. But we always considered that belief as complete foolishness, although we willingly tolerated it among the people, and are still tolerating it for very understandable reasons.
But now you, a truly great and powerful spirit from the great world in the beyond, have changed our mind, and from now on we will completely and without any doubt believe in the existence of spirits and also in the possibility that they can become visible before the eyes of men. That you are not a natural human being like us, was clear from your coming to us as a flash of lightning, and then still more from the very sudden restoration of our very damaged ship, and because you yourself told us now openly and honestly who you are, we believe now more firmly that you are really a perfect spirit from the great heavenly world in the beyond.
But you also said that you are a citizen of the great world in the beyond for already a long time. Can we therefore assume that you also once lived as a human being of flesh and blood on this Earth?"
Raphael said: "Very sure, but still a long time before Noah. My name was Enoch. You do not have to know more for the moment. But now the Lord Himself is coming with Marcus, the present owner of this bath resort. Do what the Lord will tell you. I will return now to the Lord's company."
When Raphael had said that, he was already with the group above, about which the chief and his companions were again very amazed.
The captain said: "Yes, friends, this is a very clear proof that this extremely lovely young man is a real, perfect angel spirit, for only perfect spirits can move as fast as thoughts. But now the Lord is already very close to us, and we should receive Him with the greatest possible reverence."
When immediately after that, I walked with a friendly face to them, they all laid their hands crossed on their chest and kneeled down.
But I immediately spoke the following very kind words to them: "Children, and now friends, stand up quickly from the ground, for I am no idol and do not desire any outer worship by gestures. I have seen in your heart that it is very pleasing to Me now, and I do not need more."
When I spoke to them in this way, they all stood up quickly from the ground and thanked Me for having saved their life and for the mercy, love and great friendship which they had received here instead of a deserved punishment. But at the same time, they also asked Me for complete forgiveness of the sin they had to commit against Me.
I said to them: "Stay with your intention, acknowledge the only Lord and Master in Me, and love God above all with deeds by loving your fellowmen as yourself, and by being righteous towards everyone. Then by that, all your sins will be forgiven.
If you committed an injustice to someone through your impulsions, then make up for it, as much as this is possible. And if it is no more possible, then instead of that, do good to other poor people, then you will gather treasures for the future life in My eternal Kingdom of Heaven.
This consists very briefly of My teaching for you people. And that covers Moses and all the prophets. If you actively will heed those, then you also will be My true disciples, and then from the power of My love I will take up residence in your hearts, lead you into all wisdom and give you the eternal life, for only I can do that, because I Myself am the Light, the Way and the Life.
I am the Light of the Love of the Father in Me. As Love is Life itself, so also is the Light exactly that same and one Life. So he who believes from Me that I as a real Son or Light come always from the Father who is Love, will certainly also believe in the eternal, holy Father who sent Me as a true, living Light into this world, so that all who believe in Me will have the eternal life in them.
So believe that I, as the Light and Life, am the true Son of the eternal Father who made everything - the Heaven and this Earth and everything that is in Heaven and Earth and the whole of infinity - and live and act always according to My teaching. Thus love God above all and your fellowman as yourself, then you will have by that the eternal life in you. And even if you will once die what concerns your body, then your soul will still continue to live in the most clear and fullest awareness, and will eternally never see, feel or taste death.
If you have understood this, then take up the unbendable resolution in your heart to be and to stay active according to these My words."