Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in the region of Caesarea Philippi

- Chapter 214 -
The guests leave to their homes.

n this, the chief said: "O Lord and Master, all of us will do that, because we all are all too clearly and thoroughly convinced now who the One is who spoke to us, as no other man has ever spoken to his fellowmen. You alone are really the Lord Himself and also will remain eternally.
But now, o Lord, mercifully allow me to ask You what we should do with Herod. Is it right and pleasing to You what we intend to do with him for the well being of the so many poor and needy people whom he very often excessively suppressed in an extremely unmerciful way by his servants of justice and unscrupulous soldiers that are of the same kind than those who were drowned on the ships yesterday?"
I said: "That which is rightful, is also good. But if you undertake something against that sly fox, then be very careful and plan everything well in My name. Refrain from every passion and anger, and calculate every step very wisely, so that no one would block your way and you would then with your good intention without effect be placed on the background.
If you will act in My name and according to My advice, you will easily be able to drive that fox in a corner, and then he will have to give in to your justified demand. So make this matter only known after you have prepared everything in such a way that the fox can no more escape from the trap that was set for him, for a fox has very good ears, and one should very softly and noiselessly crawl to his hole in order to successfully set there a trap for him.
Thus, make also no sensation of Me and My works, and do not reveal Myself to that fox any further than is the case now, but tell him what happened to you as a result of your blind zeal. Tell him that you found Me on Roman protected territory where you firstly according to the law and secondly as a result of your little strength, caused by the storm, were not allowed to, nor could undertake anything against Me. And of this, My friend Marcus here and still many other witnesses will give you a valid testimony. And tell him also another thing, namely about the Tiberians to who he surely will then pay the damage that was caused. Do not show him any further plans against him.
And now something else. Some poor and sick people from Joppe came here for the sake of their healing and were also totally healed. After taking the morning meal, take them on your ship that is now completely alright and bring them to Tiberias. From there they will then go home. From these men from Joppe you will hear many things about Me which you could not come to know here. That will greatly strengthen your heart, your faith and your love for Me.
In Tiberias you also can give them the necessary traveling money from your abundance, which will not be left unrewarded. Do the things I have told you now.
And now we will go to the morning meal. In your dormitory you will find the morning meal that is already prepared for you, the weapons that were taken from you yesterday and the clearly written testimonies for Herod. And with that we will leave each other in all peace, all friendship and love."
After these words of Mine, the Herodians thanked Me really from the deepest of their heart, asked Me also not to ever leave them with My mercy and love, and went then immediately to their dormitory.
However, Me and our Marcus went to our house, and all My disciples and all those present did the same when they saw us going to the house. We went immediately to sit at our tables and took the well-prepared morning meal, and so also the men from Joppe in their already known corner.
After the morning meal, Marcus asked Me: "Lord and Master, who actually wrote those testimonies for the Herodians in such an incredible short time?"
I said, pointing to Raphael: "Do you then not know My fast writer?"
Marcus said: "Yes, so it is. Then the matter is of course quickly solved about which I was really a bit worried because I write very badly. So I am very glad that this was done so well. But now, I suppose that the men from Joppe should be made clear what they have to do?"
I said: "Also that is not necessary, for My Raphael already informed them what they should do after the morning meal according to their wish. They are already standing up from their table and will soon be with the Herodians."
When Marcus saw the men from Joppe standing up from their table and saw them immediately standing at the door without any outer visible form of goodbye and without a loudly spoken word of thanks, he said: "It is certainly somewhat strange of these men that they leave us so indifferently."
I said: "Did you then not hear the lesson that I gave to them outside on the shore concerning the expression of gratitude by means of gestures and about praying and asking with the lips, and what its consequences are?
What they did now was very right in My eyes, and you should not be confused about their only apparent indifference regarding us, because they said goodbye to us in their heart with all the more respect and did not bother us."
When Marcus heard this from Me, he also agreed on everything.
Now also all the others who were present came to Me and asked Me if they also had to go home.
I said: "Except from Kisjona, Philopold and the Roman judge, you all can go home. They should truthfully report to their friends at home of all the things they have heard and seen here, and spread My Kingdom in this manner among the people. There is no lack of possibilities to travel from here into all directions. However, I Myself will still stay here for several days and give Myself some rest."
As soon as I finished my speech, came the doctor, the other healed Greeks, the innkeeper from Jesaira, the known fisherman who lived in his neighborhood, and some fishermen from the bay of reeds, who were cynics before and who traveled along with them to this place. And they thanked for all the physical and spiritual things they had received and enjoyed, and left then to their homes. One group traveled on land to the west, the others were further transported on the water. But we still stayed here for 1 hour in the house and talked to each other about many useful, good and true things.