Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the way from Jericho to Nahim in Judea. Luke, Chapter 19

- Chapter 27 -
The parable of the entrusted pounds.

hile the people were spreading more and more I said aloud to Zacchaeus, who was now completely happy: "Today a great salvation has come to this house and thus also to you because you also are a son of Abraham, for I as the Son of Man and true Savior have come to search and to make blissful those that are lost, and as Savior I only come to the sick and not also to the healthy ones who do not need the help of a doctor.
Thus I have come into the world to bring back the Kingdom of God, which they have lost now for already a long time, and its justice that does not exist anymore among men. So I am the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life. Whoever believes in Me will have eternal life."
When the people, of whom quite a great number was still present, heard that, they said among each other: "Although this Man has most miraculous and rare qualities, but by thinking that He Himself is the One who will bring us back the lost Kingdom of God and its justice, He proofs to be presumptuous and overestimates Himself, for we are coming from the neighborhood of Jerusalem and do not know in the least that this might happen. But if He says and claims that He will bring us back the lost Kingdom of God and its justice, then He also can reveal it to us immediately. What is He waiting for and why is He keeping us in useless and tensed expectation?"
But I turned to the people who were judging in this manner among each other, and because I was with this people practically in the neighborhood of Jerusalem, I related to them the following image: "You are right by saying that you are coming from the neighborhood of Jerusalem and that you know nothing of the fact that the Kingdom of God and its justice is brought anew and wish that the Kingdom of God should be revealed here at once, if this can be revealed by Me and I wish to do so.
I am now amongst you indeed in the neighborhood of the blind Jerusalem that with open ears does not hear anything and with wide-open eyes does not see anything. How often have I already been in Jerusalem and have taught you and have done signs before your eyes as a witness of the true reason of My coming into this world, and still you say that you know nothing of the fact that the Kingdom of God and its justice is being brought back, and you want now from Me - if ever I am the One who brings back the Kingdom of God and its justice anew - that I also would reveal the Kingdom of God and its justice in your presence now immediately. Very well then, I will do it, thus listen to the following image:
A noble man traveled to a far country to take a kingdom into possession and then to come back. However, before his departure he called 10 helpers to him, gave them 10 pounds and said: 'Do business with that until I come back. The one amongst you who will give me a good profit will also receive the right reward according to how he will deserve it.'
Then the noble man left. And the helpers began to do business with the pounds, in a useful and useless manner.
However, the citizens of the country were hostile against the noble man who was their lord and king, and when they heard that he went on a trip and the helpers were his acting representatives, they send him a message to the place he had traveled, and let him know: 'In future we nevermore want you to rule over us.'
But now it happened that the lord came back after having taken possession of the country, and he first called the same 10 helpers to him to whom he had given the money to do business with, to know how much profit each one of them had made.
The first one came to him and said: 'Lord, your pound have produced 10 pounds. Here is your pound and there are the other 10 pounds.' And the lord said to him: 'Ah, you good and loyal helper. Since you have been loyal in the least, you will now have power over 10 cities.'
Then a second helper came and said: 'Lord, your pound has produced 5 pounds. Here is your pound and there are the other 5.' And the lord said also to that helper: 'So you also will have power over 5 cities.' And so it also happened to the others who earned something with that 1 pound.
Now also a 3rd helper, who was actually the least, was especially called, and he came and said: 'Look, lord, here is your pound that I have kept in a sweat-cloth. I was afraid of you, because I well knew that you are a hard man who takes what he did not deposit and reaps what he did not sow.' And the lord said to him: 'I will judge you with your own words, you cunning man. If you knew that I am a hard man and take what I did not deposit and reap what I did not sow, then why did you not put my money in the bank, so that it would have given me a great profit?' Then the helper did not know what to say because he could not further justify himself.
And the lord said to the other helpers: 'Take away the pound of this lazy helper and give it to the one who has earned 10 pounds for me. He will know best how to work with them.'
Then the other helpers said to him: 'But he already has the most.'
But the lord said to the helpers: 'O truly, I say to you all: to the one who has, will still be given more, so that he will have abundance, but of the one who does not have - just like you in Jerusalem - will soon be taken away what he maybe still has. But those enemies of mine, who did not want that I should rule over them (namely the Pharisees), bring them here and strangle them in my presence.'
But so that you also would understand what this image means, I will explain it to you very briefly. So listen:
The lord who went on a trip to take a faraway kingdom into possession is God who spoke to you through Moses. He gave the 10 pounds (the laws of life) to the Jews on 2 tables of stone with witch the first Jews had acted well and therefore they soon had great power.
That other helper means the time of the kings who earned only 5 pounds for the Lord. Therefore, their power was rightly determined according to their earnings. However, how that time became more and more meager what concerns the earnings for the Lord I already have shown you through the actions of the still remaining helpers, and you can examine them further in the book of the Kings and in the Chronicles.
However, the 3rd, completely lazy helper represents this time, in which the Pharisees are hiding the pound - which was given to them by God - in the true sweat-cloth, for the eyes, ears and hearts of the poor and deceived humanity, and they also do not want to put it in the bank of the gentiles in the form in which they have received it from God, so that it would give the Lord a great profit. However, in the bank of the still blind gentiles they put their own dirt that they call out to be gold with witch they commit a great profit for their body.
So the Pharisees and Jews of this time are the bad citizens who are hostile against the Lord and who do not want Him to rule over them. Therefore, it will also happen to them what I have shown you here in this image. Since they have earned nothing, also that which they still had will in the first place be taken away from them and given to the one who truly has now the most, and these are now the gentiles who represent at the same time that faraway kingdom to which the Lord went on a trip to take it into possession. And He already has taken it into possession and has now returned home in Me to settle accounts, as the image has shown you from different angles.
In short, the light will be taken away from the Jews and be given to the gentiles. The time that the citizens who were hostile against God the Lord and will be punished has come very near, and those to whom the light was given and has already been given will be the new servants of the Lord who will strangle the enemies of the Lord.
What I have revealed to you now is also God's Kingdom that I bring you back at the same time as its justice. Whoever will take it to heart, and who will truthfully and conscientiously manage the pound that was lent to him in order to do business with it, will also receive the reward of life.
This I have said to you, citizens of and around Jerusalem - it will be good for him who will conscientiously take it to heart."