Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the way from Jericho to Nahim in Judea. Luke, Chapter 19

- Chapter 30 -
About the measure of good and evil.

owever, a certain measure was determined by Me in this world for everyone - what concerns that which is good and true as well as what concerns that which is evil and false.
If a good person has completely reached that measure by his zeal, then all further temptations will also cease, and then he will pass into the full light from the Heavens from one level of life's completion to a still higher level, and so forth unto infinity.
But when an evil person has made his evil measure full, then all further admonitions will also cease, and then he sinks from that moment on ever deeper away into an ever darker night and harder judgment of his already dead life and existence, and by Me he will not be considered differently than a stone to which no life but only the judgment and the eternal compulsion of My will is visible, which the elders have called 'the wrath of God'.
However, how much time a very hard stone will need before it will somehow become softer and become a kind of soil that will still remain unfertile for a long time, that is a question that even the most perfected angel who lives in the highest heavenly light cannot answer, for only the Father knows that, who is in Me as I also am in Him.
But when too many people will have reached the full measure of their evil, then the time of their unpunished evil actions will be shortened by Me for the sake of the still few good ones and chosen ones, and then their own judgment and their death will devour them before the eyes of the few righteous ones, just like it was the case at the time of Noah, and of Abraham and Lot, and also partially at the time of Joshua, and as it still will be repeatedly the case from now on.
The beginning of that will soon be experienced by the Jews, as well as later by other kingdoms with their rulers and nations. And in not completely 2.000 years there will again be a very big and general judgment, leading to salvation of the good ones and to ruin of the worldly great ones and the complete loveless people.
How that judgment will look like and what it will imply, that I have revealed already several times to all My disciples who are present here with Me, and after Me they will proclaim it to the nations of the Earth. Happy the one who will take it at heart and who will arrange his life accordingly, so that he will not be taken by the judgment.
And now, My friend Zacchaeus, you know sufficiently how you should act for the salvation of your soul and what you should do for that, and we have strengthened ourselves now sufficiently with food and drink at your table. Therefore, we want and will stand up now again and go on our way to Nahim, for today I must arrive in the mentioned place before sunset."
Now Zacchaeus said: "O only true Lord and Master, from here to that place it is still a long way, and in the natural manner it will prove to be very difficult to reach it today before sunset, because it is much closer to Jerusalem than the distance from here to the place that You mentioned. On camels, the trip can surely be made in 1 day, but on foot in hardly 1/2 day that is still left now it probably will not be possible without a miracle."
I said: "That, friend, will be My concern. If we were able to travel the still longer way from here to Essaea without camels in 1 day, then we also will be able to cover the much shorter way from here to Nahim. You still have the desire that you would like Me to stay here until tomorrow, but I alone know best what is My plan, and that is also how I must do it, not as My flesh wants, but as He wants who lives in My soul. And therefore I must arrive today before sunset in that intended place.
Remember My teaching, and act accordingly, then you will live in the light from God. And when you will hear that the Pharisees have captured Me and killed this body of Mine - which also must be permitted to their ruin, but also to the resurrection of the many dead who are now still pining away in their graves of unbelief and delusions and who have no life of the spirit in themselves - then do not be irritated by that and let your faith not waver, because on the 3rd day I will rise again and come to all My friends and give them eternal life.
But the judgment will break loose over My enemies, which will lead to their ruin, which many who live now will still see. Now I have told you also that, and you know now how you should behave in the future.
Now I also have lent you a pound. Manage it well and rightly, so that I can receive it back from you with interest when I come back. Now you are set over something small, and then you will be set over something big, for he who is loyal in that which is small, will also stay loyal in that which is big."
After these words I blessed the whole house of Zacchaeus and went immediately on My way with My disciples.