Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the way from Jericho to Nahim in Judea. Luke, Chapter 19

- Chapter 32 -
The healing of the blind girl Achaia.

fter these words of Mine, the Greeks went to their idol and prayed with a loud mourning that lasted a little less than 1/2 hour, of course without any result.
When they finished their mourning prayer, the Greek came again to Me and said: "Friend, as You can see, our trouble was useless as always. Now it is Your turn to give us the actual proof according to which your God is the only true one. If You succeed, we will immediately become Jews like you forever."
I said: "Then go and bring your blind daughter here and convince yourself if she is still completely blind. Only after that I will open her eyes."
Since he already believed now that his daughter would become seeing, the Greek went very happily and brought the blind girl to Me with the words: "Here she is, best Friend, and she is still completely blind. Now be so kind to open her eyes with the help and the active power of Your God."
I said to the girl: "Achaia, would you like to see the light and numberless beautiful other things on Earth, just like the other people?"
The girl said: "O Lord, if I could see by Your power, I would be more than happy and love You more than everything in the world. O, please open my eyes."
Then I breathed over her eyes and said: "Achaia, I want that you will see at this moment, and that from now on you will nevermore be blind."
When I had said these words to the girl, she became completely seeing, and out of joy she did not know what she had to do first, and so it was also the case with her parents.
Only after a while, the girl and her parents and brothers and sisters fell down before My, and she said: "O Lord, You are more than all men around the whole Earth. You Yourself are the one and only true God, not only of the Jews but of all men on the whole Earth. To You only I want to give every offering and love You, glorify and praise You my whole life long".
I said: "Achaia, why do you actually want to praise Me as a God? Do you not see that I am a human being, just like the others around you?"
The girl said: "Indeed, indeed, but only in appearance, in Your outer form, but Your inner self is filled with God's power, and that is actually the only true God. Besides, You did not say to me: 'The God of the Jews will make you seeing', but You said: 'Achaia, I want that you will see', and then I became seeing. So You have helped me out of Your own power that must be purely divine, because otherwise I surely would have remained blind forever. So to You I give all my love and deepest reverence."
After this statement, also all the others came and glorified and praised Me, and all eyes were aimed at Me.
While they were all looking at Me and were glorifying and praising Me, I made the temple to disappear, together with its idol by the power of My will, and then I said then to the Greeks: "Since you have found now the right and only true God, out of My perfect power I already have destroyed your idol and the temple that belongs to it. Go and try to find the place where the temple stood."
Then they all went to see the temple, and they could not determine anymore where it has stood before, for I not only destroyed the temple with the idol statue but also the hill.
When the Greeks saw that, they began to glorify and praise Me even louder, and they asked Me what they had to do to be more worthy of the grace that was given to them.
I instructed them with a few words. They all accepted My teaching and they soon formed a good congregation in My name.