Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Nahim in Judea

- Chapter 36 -
Why the Lord visits the widow.

hen the widow saw the Greeks also coming, she was afraid to have prepared too little.
But I put her at ease and said that what she had prepared would be sufficient for everyone.
She believed it, and we went to sit at the table and we had more than sufficient to eat and to drink.
Everyone - and especially the widow who knew very well for how many guests she had prepared the food - began to be extremely amazed when now more than 3 times as many guests were eating and drinking for already 1 hour while it still could not be noticed at the bowls that the food in it had become less. Also the wine carafes seemed to be constantly refilling themselves.
When this continued for some time, the widow came with her son to Me and said: "O Lord, only now I well know who came in Your very holy and adorable Person into my unworthy house. The Greeks were right when they pointed out to the old rabbi about his imaginable Jewish wisdom, and by that they showed him that they were by far the most wise. He also wisely cleared off and he did not come as usual to my place tonight. But now, o Lord, Lord, I would like to hear from Your holy mouth what made me so worthy in Your eyes that You wanted to give me, a poor sinner, such mercy to me."
I said: "I know your life already since your birth, but I also know your heart to which many poor people owe their life, and that is why I have come to you in your very great need. For you yourself are already quite old and weak and this only son of yours should be your most important support, for which you were also rightly hoping, but he became ill and died. Since I did see your grief and need, but besides that also the need of the many poor who, because of your own weakness and helplessness, would certainly soon lose the care that they have received in your house until now, I have come to help in a miraculous way, not only you, but also the many poor and other people who are tormented by all kinds of need.
Look, that is the actual reason that made Me come to you. For truly, truly, I say to you all: whoever will show mercy and love in all kindness to his poor and tormented fellowmen according to his ability, will also find with Me mercy, love and kindness. Because the true Kingdom of God, that has now come to you in Me, is, that you love God above all and your fellowman as yourselves. Whoever will do that, fulfills the whole law and stands in the full mercy of God, and the blessed hand of Jehovah will be over him. Whoever will persevere in that love, is and remains in Me and I in him. And whoever is in Me, as I am in him, has the eternal life in himself and he will not see nor taste death, for in this manner he is already in this world a true citizen of God's Kingdom in which death does not exist for eternity. Take all this well at heart and act accordingly, for I came into this world to bring the true Kingdom of God to the people and to free them from all blindness and the death of their souls that has kept you firmly tied until now. If one of you still wants to know something, he can ask, and I will answer him."
When I had finished talking, the son of the widow, who had been awakened to life again turned to Me and said: "O Lord of life, look, I was completely dead and am now living again by Your mercy. If I will strictly keep Your holy will that You have now made known to us, will I then live on forever and never die anymore? Because dying is terribly bitter, and I would not like to experience it again. Once you are dead you are of course not feeling any pain anymore, and all anguish and fear has gone because you do not know, feel, see nor hear anything anymore around you, but before you are completely dead, you surely have a lot of anguish and pain. Therefore I would like to ask You, o Lord of life, not to let me nor all other good people die anymore."
I said: "My dear son, I have just told you all faithfully and truthfully that the one who believes in Me, loves Me above all and his fellowman as himself, will not see, feel nor taste death, because how can anyone die who according to My words has eternal life in himself?
But you also said that death is in a certain way good when one is completely dead, because then nothing can be heard, seen or felt and thus one does not know anything anymore about himself. But that, My dear son, is not your opinion now according to your feeling. Although you have the impression now that when you were physically dead you were completely dead and without awareness, but that was not so.
Because the fact that you do not remember anything now of all the things that your soul has experienced while he was not in his body, I have very wisely determined, for if your soul would have kept the memory of how extremely good and happy he felt amidst many angels in paradise where he was, and how sad he became when they told him that according to the will of Jehovah he still had to return into his body, then you would, while you are now again unified with our body, not feel as glad as you do now. I could give the complete remembrance back to you immediately if I would want that, but with that I would not do any good to you because it would make you unfit for several years for this world in which you still will have many things to do.
When you will be old, there will again be a time in which I will call your soul out of your body to Me. Then I will also give you back the memory in advance of the condition of those 3 days in the paradise of My angels, and then you yourself will beg Me on your knees to free you as a soul from his body that has become decayed.
Although your body will then die again one more time, forever, and there will be no life's awareness that will remain behind in it, but after that, you will continue to live in a total awareness of yourself and you will ascend with My angels, become more and more happy from one level of wisdom and love to another, and you will come to know the Father, who lives in Me, ever deeper and admire His numberless, endless many great creations.
Look, My dear son, this is how it is and this is how it will be, and you surely can believe this from Me, because I, who has now given you back this earthly life, and I, who am Myself the eternal Love, Wisdom, Might, Power, Light, Truth and Life, has revealed this to you now."