Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Nahim in Judea

- Chapter 38 -
The concern of the young man.

he young man said: "O Lord, Lord and eternal Master of life, I have well understood everything, and in my heart it really seems to me that already now it has become completely free and full of the light of life. That is why I am already in advance fully convinced that in time still a lot more light of life will come in me if I myself will in full earnest begin to act according to Your holy teaching. O Lord, Lord, let many, yes, all men be enlightened in Your love in this manner, then we men will already in this world be in paradise.
But now I notice in myself also the deep night in Jerusalem with witch we still will have to endure a lot of battles in order to let break through the general bright daylight of life, because in the light that has now awakened in me, it is only now that I can see the terrible contrast between Your pure teaching and the hair-raising, deceitful and thereby completely false teachings and pitiful laws of the temple. How will we come to meet with these? Because the temple servants have still the earthly power into their hands, and persecute everyone with fire and sword who believes, thinks and acts differently. If they will come here and meet us while we live and act according to Your teaching, asking us for the reason, then we, as men who are standing in Your truth, will surely have to tell only the truth in order not to stand as a liar before them and also before You, o Lord, Lord.
O eternal Lord of everything that exists and of Heaven and Earth, give us also in that respect an advice, for although I am still young, I can suddenly see now all too well that maybe very soon we will have to deal with very bitter and hard persecutions from the temple servants, and this all the more according to the measure we will live and act more seriously and more actively according to Your teaching. O Lord, Lord, what should we do then?"
I said: "Come now, My dear son. Firstly am I not more powerful than the temple that also does not believe in Me, but that only continually persecutes Me and tries to catch Me and bring Me to ruin? He who believes in Me, relies on Me and trusts Me, I surely will also be able to help against the blind power of the temple. Do you believe that?"
The young man said: "O Lord, Lord, forgive me my useless foolish fear. I believe, I believe without doubt. You, the eternal only Lord over life and death, will also know how to protect those who belong to You against all powers of Hell, no matter how much they will try to destroy God's Kingdom on the whole Earth and establish the kingdom of eternal death."
I said: "Most surely, truly and certainly. But secondly I say to you also: be also in yourself gentle as the doves, but towards the world clever as the snakes. For I do not want that you would show and throw My pearls openly to all the worldly pigs.
When they will call you to account, I will put the answer in your mouth - and really, then not 1 in a 1.000 will be capable to reply. When I also give you this assurance, you can look every battle that will wait for you, very courageously into the eye. For in this time the expansion of My Kingdom among the people will need violence, and those who want to possess it, will also have to draw it violently unto themselves. The sure victory will however not be difficult to obtain because I Myself as the most powerful Hero will give all help to those who fight for My Kingdom. Do you also understand that?"
The young man said: "Yes Lord, Lord, with Your mercy everything is easy to understand, for with Your teaching You give those who seriously want to live according to its divine meaning also the right understanding and thereby also the courage to go into every battle with every enemy for the godly, pure and real truth of life and endure it until victory. For I was dead, and Your godly almighty word has awakened my limbs again to life and forced my heart to beat again, and likewise Your almighty will has now also not allowed our bowls and carafes to become empty. Moreover You still have given us the greatest possession of life by the gift of Your teaching by which we already now actively know and realize very well what we should do and why.
Now if we know all that, and have also recognized You, o Lord, Lord, as the only true God, then this should give us the fullest faith and the most hearty trust that You will also protect and preserve us in the battle against the enemies of the truth and will always give us the sure victory over them, because You, the eternal Truth, has faithfully promised this to us. In our heart we surely will be gentle as doves, but with Your help, o Lord, Lord, we also will not lack cleverness against our possible enemies."