Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord's journey through Samaria

- Chapter 51 -
The innkeeper asks for the Lord.

hen the innkeeper went with his wife and with the servants to the kitchen again, and soon after that, the ordered fishes that were very well prepared and a big scale full of well-cooked lentils were put on our table, and we began to eat. And the innkeeper himself had to join us, became very cheerful by that and told us a lot about all the wonderful things that happened in Samaria a few years ago.
Among other things he (the innkeeper) said: "I am really surprised that you as Judeans, Galileans and Greeks seem to know almost nothing about the famous Galilean who about 2 1/2 years ago came here with a few disciples and related in wonderful wordings about the coming of the Kingdom of God, and who performed miracles in and near the city which are only possible to God. And recently some Judeans came here who said that they were sent out by Him to proclaim the gospel to all nations. And we also believed them because they confirmed their statement also by very remarkable miracles, since by the laying on of their hands in the name of the One who sent them they suddenly healed a lot of sick people. Besides, their teaching was exactly the same as the one that He Himself was teaching here during the time that I mentioned, and that is why we believed those disciples all the more.
Please tell me, now that we are so joyfully together, what you know about that great Man who is according to me truly more memorable above no matter what, and who is also exalted far above all men, because to us Samaritans, He is irrevocably the promised Messiah, the Savior and Redeemer of men from the power of every enemy of the truth, the love, the life and its freedom. Oh please tell me if and what you know about Him, and also what you think about Him."
I said: "Friend, we know a lot about Him and have a lot to do with Him, but if He Himself has been here 2 1/2 years ago, as you say, teaching and performing miracles, you one time must have seen Him personally? Or did you not have the opportunity to see Him personally when He was present in this city?"
The innkeeper said: "Friends, this is now for me so regrettable. Exactly at that time I was absent because I had to finish a business matter in Tyre, and my personnel came only to know about Him when He was already over mountains and valleys . When I came home a couple of days later I heard in the whole city and environment talking about nothing else except about that Man, His teaching and His deeds which are so unbelievably great and wonderful that a stranger can really not believe it when he is told, even though they truly came to happen only by the word and the will of that Man.
There is a wealthy doctor living here with a woman, who, as everyone knows, did formerly, as far as her chastity is concerned, not have such a good name. The mentioned doctor must have known that Man very well and has also received the wonderful power to heal all kinds of diseases only by the laying on of his hands. From that doctor I then also came to know most about that Man of men. He also described His outer appearance to me, but even with the best of descriptions, reality always remains in the dark. You can form some image in your imagination, which finally however will still not correspond to reality. And so, for very understandable reasons I cannot have an exact idea of the appearance of that great God-Man.
In the land of Samaria there is also a certain John walking around, who formerly was a beggar, but who now also proclaims to other people the teaching that he heard from that great Man. He lives a strict life himself, and through prayer and the laying on of his hands in the name of that great Man he also heals many diseases, and those who are possessed he also frees from their tormenting spirits. Well, the man that I mentioned came also a few times to me and told me many things, and that is why I have always served him in the best way according to my ability, but still, I cannot completely imagine how this great God-Man looks like.
One year ago, when I heard from many travelers many great things about His activities, I traveled a whole month to find Him and came into the place where He taught and worked shortly before that. But when I arrived in the place and zealously inquired about Him, it was always: 'Yes, 2 or 3 days ago He was here and He has said this and that and has done this and that,' and I have also seen enough proofs to know it was really so.
In short, I have found an abundance of valid proofs that He was there and was active, only Himself I have never come to see yet. But from a rich Jew from Bethlehem, who also had much to do with that great God-Man and who believes in Him, I heard that He comes to all great feast days in Jerusalem, actually in the temple, and teaches the people, although the dark and evil Pharisees are in the highest degree rebellious against Him. And that is why I, although I am a Samaritan who is despised by the arch Jews, still want to travel to Jerusalem during the next temple sanctification and see if I can maybe once come to see that great God-Man.
But for the mean time, a traveler can already make me more than happy if only he can tell me a lot of things about Him. If he can do that and if he also in his faith will conform himself to that great Man who became really holy to me, then he can spend his time with me in the house as long as he wants, can or likes, and his accommodation and even the best food will cost him nothing. Truly, if you can also tell me many things about that great Man - but completely according to the truth - then with me you also will pay the bill most lightly. Thus, my dear men, tell me also something about Him."
I said: "Yes, My dear friend, although I can tell you a lot of things about your great God-Man, in whom the fullness of the divine Being is incarnated, and I can finally even show you His most true image if only you could keep your mouth under control for a few days, but in this point you do not seem to be a champion."
The innkeeper said: "Yes, when it concerns my holy God-Man You could be right, because that which gives someone such great joy and fully stirs up the heart, he hardly can keep quiet. However, if it is necessary, then I also can keep silent. You all can be completely sure about that."