Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord's journey through Samaria

- Chapter 63 -
The Lord with His followers in an ancient forest.

ithin 1 hour we reached a dense forest through which the road to Galilee was going. It took more than 3 hours to walk through the forest, and there were no houses along the road.
The disciples asked Me why such forest was not used by anyone.
And I said to them: "Just be glad that in the Promised Land such a healthy forest still exists which did not yet fall as vile offering to human greed. In this forest you still can find places where the honey flows as a little brook from the trees, for in these kinds of forests the bees that prepare the honey are still abundantly present.
I created also all kinds of animals that are firstly as necessary for the natural existence of the Earth as the eye is necessary for men to see, and secondly they are absolutely necessary for the continuous and independent development of the souls on this Earth, of which at other opportunities I have told you extensively about its essence, and which I also have shown to you by the opening of your inner sight. So you will understand that all those different animals must also have a place to live next to men on this Earth, because they are necessary for the final development of men according to My order. And for this reason such big and dense forests are also necessary on different places on Earth. Apart from that, there are also still thousands of other purposes.
They are mainly the first vessels for taking up the numberless nature spirits who are receiving their first incarnation that is already separated from others by an ordered intelligence and are reaching a certain ripeness to such degree that they can then pass over to the more intelligent and freer animal life, and all this I have already shown to you because I want that you know all the secrets of God's Kingdom on Earth.
As long as such forests on Earth exist in sufficient numbers and the nature spirits which continuously come down from all the stars to the Earth and those that are climbing up from the Earth while they are developing themselves, can be taken up in such forests where they can find their well-ordered accommodation, then you will not see all too heavy stormy natural disasters and all kinds of epidemical diseases to arise, but once the covetous pursuit of profit of men will violate too much the forests, it will also be hard for the people to live and to exist on this Earth, and more heavily so where the thinning out of the forests will have the upper hand. This you also can remember to warn the people on time for such thoughtless undertakings.
Look, in the earliest times of men on this Earth they did not know about any carpentry houses and still less about cemented strongholds. Such forests served men also as their habitation, and they reached in those natural living habitations a very high age in complete health. In the north of Asia as well as Europe, and still other bigger and smaller continents - also in the southern hemisphere - there are still nowadays in natural respect very strong and healthy people living in the forests. So this forest is not as frightening and useless as the nearsighted reason of men imagines. If you have understood this, then be happy that we have still found such really healthy ancient forest."
While I was explaining this to the disciples about the dense forest, we came in a more open space in the forest, which was surrounded by old cedars. And there was a cedar that was hollow and which contained a great number of bees that prepared so much honey that this - because the bees could not eat it all - was flowing everywhere abundantly from the holes and cracks of the mighty tree. As a result, somewhat lower than the tree and at some distance away from it, a pit as a small pond could be seen that was filled with the best of honey, and very soon the disciples discovered a little brook that was flowing from that true honey pond to the right far into the forest.
Peter said: "This is truly still a little piece of the old Canaan, where honey and milk was flowing out into brooks. But it is rather amazing that the always insatiable greed of men has until now not discovered this true lake of honey. Lord and Master, it is a pity that we have no bread with us, otherwise we could very well eat here bread with honey."
Then Philip said: "I have a loaf of bread with me, but we are now about 40 people. Therefore, each one of us will only receive a little piece."
Now the disciples of John said: "We also still have a couple of loafs of bread that we already bought in Jericho. So it could be, although it is scanty, that there is enough bread for all of us."
I said: "If you are already hungry, then divide the 3 loafs of bread among yourselves and eat."
This is what the disciples did, and they gave Me also a big piece.
On this, I blessed the bread and they multiplied so much that we all had more than enough. Then we went to sit around the pond, dipped the bread into the honey, and the disciples - more especially Judas Iscariot - could not have enough of the sweet bread.
This meal lasted for about 1/2 hour, and then I said: "Now we all have eaten enough bread with honey and it is time to leave this place in the forest that is all too sweet for you and try to arrive in Galilee still before sunset, because here we still are in Samaria."
Peter said: "Lord, truly, it would be good to stay here for a couple of days and to rest a little. Here we also would be safe for the often-troublesome intrusiveness of the people, for no one has discovered this place before us. This is sure because the honey river is still so full that it is overflowing."
I said: "It is true that no one has discovered this place in the forest, but several bears of this forest have discovered it already a long time ago, and these will not wait long before they will come. If you want to spend the night around the honey river with these kinds of inhabitants, then you surely can spend the nigh here, but I will not stay around in the presence of these bears, and I do not want to keep them under control with the power of My will and cut down their meal."
When the disciples heard that several bears would come, whom most of them disliked very much, they were immediately willing to travel on. Everyone dipped his last piece of bread still one more time in the honey and stood then quickly up from the ground, and we left that place and continued our way. But first we had to make way for quite a distance, because before, in order to come to our honey river we had to go uphill from the passable road.
After awhile we reached with some effort the passable road again that was still running through the forest, and there we moved on again with the speed of the wind, and in this way we reached already in 1/2 hour the land of Galilee.