Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 71 -
The end time before the 2nd coming of the Lord.

said: "It is really remarkable how little you still understand things. I have already so often explained to you why the earthly time cannot be calculated precisely and with certainty as you think, like I could tell you very exactly in advance and up to a moment when this or that mountain and its rocky tops will be destroyed by a lightning. Because in that case we are dealing with judged matter, which is in everything completely dependent on the power of My will, but with men who have a free, self-deciding will, it does not happen in the same way. The reason of it I have already often shown to you and you finally will understand it once, and therefore you should not come to Me with the same questions each time.
But if you absolutely want to have determined the 'where' and 'when' more precisely, then remember what I will tell you now: where there is a corpse, there soon the free eagles will gather."
The disciples said: "O Lord and Master, now You have again said something which we cannot understand. What is the corpse and what are the eagles, and when will the corpse be, and where will the free eagles come from?"
I said: "Just look at the rotten and unbelieving institution of Pharisees, then you will see the corpse. I and all who believe in Me, Jews and gentiles, are the eagles who soon will eat up the corpse completely. So also, the night of the sins of the soul are a corpse around which the light of life is spreading itself and destroys the corpse with all its hazes and illusions, just like the morning does with the night.
As this is now happening before our eyes with the Jewry that is now without truth or faith, by which it has become a very big corpse that will be finished in about 50 earthly years, so it will also happen in later times with the teaching and the church that I am establishing now. It will become an even more terrible corpse than the Jewry now, and then also the free eagles of light and life will come over it from all directions, and with the fire of the true love and with the power of the light of truth they will consume it as a corpse that wants to spoil everything. And that can still happen before 2 full 1.000 earthly years after My life as I am now bodily present here amongst you, will have passed by - which I also have already explained to you at other occasions.
Then you were wondering, just like now, why this will actually be permitted by God. However, I also have already often, like also this time, shown you that I cannot and may not guide men with My almighty will to whom I have given a completely free will, a free self-determination as well as all the other created beings, small and big in the whole of infinity, because if I would do that, then man would not be a human being but would be just like an animal or plant or stone that is judged by My almightiness. Hopefully you will realize and understand this now and will not ask Me so easily about things which are obvious for all those who think somehow clearly.
If already now in this time, while I am still walking around in a body on this Earth amongst you, and am teaching, there are already a number of people who travel around in My name and who also spread My teaching for their material benefit but who are also mixing it with their own impure seed from which soon between the meager wheat in the field of life and its truth much bad weed will grow up, will it then be surprising when in later times in My name still more false teachers and prophets will rise up who are not called, and who, with the sword in the hand, will shout with mighty words to the people: 'Look, here is Christ!', or 'There He is!'
When you, and later your true, pure successors will hear and see that, then do not believe such shouters. Because at their works they can be quite as easily be recognized as the trees from their fruits, because a good tree brings forth good fruits. At thornbushes will not grow any grapes and at thistles no figs.
Of what the Kingdom of God consists, and the only way on which it can manifest itself in man himself, and where it happens, I have just told the Pharisees in your presence. So you surely will realize and understand that you should not believe those who shout: 'Look here!', 'Look there!' For as the spirit is inside man, and all the life, thinking, feeling, knowing and wanting originally comes from it and penetrates all fibers, in the same way is also the Kingdom of God, which is the true kingdom of life of the spirit, only inside man and not in one or the other manner outwardly or outside of man.
Whoever will accept it in him in this manner and will understand it according to the full, living truth, can never in eternity be misled by a false prophet. But whoever in his mind looks like a weathercock or a reed in the water, will of course with much difficulty find the harbor of life that is filled with peace and that is illuminated by the truth. Therefore, be no weathercock or reed, but true rocks of life over which the storms and the waves of water have no hold. Did you well understand this now?"
The disciples said: "Yes, Lord and Master, now we have again well understood You, because You have very clearly and with understandable words explained this matter to us. But when You often speak to us in very concealed images, we can do nothing else except saying: 'Lord, where?' and 'how?' But we also thank You now, as always, for this mercy that You have given us, and we ask You to have always that much patience with us."
I said: "If I would be like men, My patience with you would surely have been many times too little, but because I am as you know Me, full of the greatest patience, tolerance, love and meekness, you will never have to complain about My patience. However, be also that patient, meek and humble as I am with all My heart, and love one another as brothers among each other, just as I also love you and as I always have loved you, then you will by that show to everyone that you truly are My disciples. Let no one of you think that he is more than his fellow disciple, for you are all equal brothers. Only I am your Lord and Master and will also be and remain like that in all eternity and also during all the times of this world. For if the Father would have no patience with His children, then who else would there be to have patience with them?
Now we have worked with each other already a long time for God's Kingdom, and during that time you also have made so many mistakes, and still not one of you has been rejected by Me, not even the one whom I have already pointed out to you many times and who up to this moment is still a devil who has still not improved his life. But My love and patience have still not judged him. How much less will it judge those who cling to Me with all love and full faith. Therefore, you can all be sure about My highest love and patience, for if someone stays in Me, I will also stay in him."