Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 82 -
The wine miracle and its results.

hen the innkeeper heard that I soon wanted to leave the village, he became sad and said: "O Lord and Master, I hope that You will not leave our village today?"
I said: "Friend, there are still a lot of blind and deaf ones of heart and soul. I also should go to them and help them. As it was good for you that I came to you, so it will also be good for many when I go to them. But I still will stay a few hours in your house, and during that time still many things can be discussed. But let us now set again a fresh, pure wine on the table."
The innkeeper said: "O Lord and Master, a fresh, pure and better wine I do not have in none of my cellars. What can be done about that?"
I said: "Just go to the cellar, which is located under this hall, then you surely will find some wine."
The innkeeper said: "O Lord and Master, it is true that here under this hall is an old cellar, but there are only old, almost useless cellar utensils like sacks of wine, pitchers and still other vessels. But there is no trace of wine."
I said: "Exactly from that cellar you must bring wine for us, so that you and all who are here in your house will notice still more than was the case until now that no Essene is ever capable to do such things, as the scribe stills thinks within himself."
Then the innkeeper said: "O Lord and Master, besides our scribe, certainly no one in my whole house thinks this way anymore. I believe that the fullness of God's Spirit is bodily living within You. Your will is His will and Your word is His word, and therefore everything that You say is an eternal truth, light, life and as good as an accomplished word. And so I believe then also that there is wine in that old cellar, and even the very best kind."
I said: "Then go down and bring us some."
Then the innkeeper took 2 big pitchers, as well as the chief helper, went to the mentioned cellar and there they saw to their great amazement all the old sacks, about 150 pieces, all pitchers and other vessels, which were now in good condition, full with the best of wine. They both tasted the wine and they thought it to be extremely good and with a delicious taste. They filled the 4 pitchers that they took along, brought the wine to the table and filled our cups that were already empty.
The Pharisee was the first to empty his cup to the last drop, and said then to his companion, who did not really dare to drink of the miracle wine that perhaps was enchanted: "You should try this wine also, so that you also may perceive that the profession of faith of our innkeeper is true."
Then also the scribe took his cup, tasted the wine, and because it tasted so delicious to him, he also emptied his cup to the last drop.
When the scribe had completely emptied his cup, he said: "Truly, this is one of those signs that cannot be explained in any other way. Healing all kinds of diseases only by an extremely firm faith and an unbendable will, all that existed already according to old legends and traditions among the people, because in some places exist - although very few - entirely unspoiled men who possess an extremely great and equally strong power of life. When these men want to act upon a sick person, the sick person will as it were be permeated and filled with a stream of life's fire and can become healthy in one moment. We know many things about such healings from the old scriptures of almost all nations that are known to us. So we know also that there are people who, depending on their good or evil will could do all kinds of magic in bright daylight, and could do also other things that must have seemed extraordinary to a normal person. But to firstly restore old, empty wine sacks and other vessels to their useful state, only through the will, and then to fill them with the purest, best wine, that is something about which none of all the chronicles and old legends cannot say anything. So this I consider as a supernatural sign that could not be accomplished without a great abundance of true divine power. And now I also begin to believe that You are truly the anointed One of God."
I said: "It will be good for you if you believe that, but those who will say in their belief 'Lord, Lord' and 'Master' to Me, will however not entirely enter My Kingdom of Life, but only those who will act and live according to My teaching. Because My words are life and divine power if they are executed with deeds by man, but for those who hear the words and keep them also into their memory, but do not act and live accordingly, they are useless for the eternal life of their soul, but on the contrary, they will be to them as a judgment, which is the other death in the other life. Now I have told you, so that no one can excuse himself, saying that he did not know it."
Then the scribe said: "Lord and Master, it is not difficult for us to believe that, and by the signs that You have accomplished here, we are completely convinced that Your words are the full truth, but how can those be convinced of the truth who will hear Your teaching from us and for whom we will not be able to do any signs as definite confirmation of the truth that is contained in Your teaching?"