Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 84 -
'Adam, where are you?' - an important question.

he question that God asked Adam when he already ate of the forbidden fruit and that sounded like this: 'Adam (or 'man'), where are you?' still continues and will still continue until the end of this world, as long as there are people who prefer to eat from the tree of knowledge instead of from the tree of life.
Because the person who eats from the tree of knowledge will very soon lose God, himself and his inner life, and he does not know anymore who he is, why he exists and what he should be. Then his soul is full of fright and fear, and to his question: 'Man, where are you?' he seeks the answer that would give him rest and comfort in the reason of the brains of his body. But then always the comfortless answer comes: 'You are in the judgment, which is the real death of the soul. Acquire your bread in the sweat of your face.'
What can the soul actually find in the brains? Nothing else except images of this world that are in the reason, and those images are all much further away from what is of the spirit and life than the soul himself. If the soul does not recognize the spirit of the life from God, which is always nearest to him, then how will he recognize in the brains of his physical head the spirit of the life from God, which is in the images of the world often endlessly much further away from him?
Out of this complete error results inevitably and automatically the still greater error that the soul imagines the Being of God to be ever further away and unreachable, and this as long as he will totally get rid of it and after that will turn to Epicurism or cynicism .
In this condition in which most of the priests of all kinds are now - and now especially the Pharisees, the elders and scribes - and the princes and kings, together with their great following, the soul does not know the truth anymore. The lie is worth as much to him and even more than the purest truth, as long as through that he can get some earthly advantage. If one or the other truth would hinder him, then he will become hostile against it and will run away from it or will persecute it with fire and sword.
When the soul is in such condition, sin does no more exist for him, and a person who can possess some worldly power can do whatever pleases him and whatever will flatter his senses. And woe to the righteous one or someone who lives in the truth of life, who would go to such mighty one and would say to him: 'Why are you an enemy of the truth and why do you commit the greatest injustice that is crying to Heaven among the people, who are on this Earth no less than you, blind fool?'
Just look around you into the world now whether this is not the case everywhere. And what is the reason of that? I say to you: nothing else except the ever increasing eating from the tree of knowledge.
I have come now Myself physically into this world to the people who turned too far away from the true goal of life, and ask them once again: 'Adam, where are you?' and no one knows what to answer Me as to where or who he is. And I am showing them now again the tree of life and urge them to take from its fruits and to satiate themselves with them.
Truly I say to you: whoever will eat from the tree of life will also come to the true life of the Spirit out of Me, and he will never again be hungry or desire to eat from the tree of death, because once someone is in the life of the Spirit out of Me, will also be in all its wisdom, and only then will the tree of knowledge be blessed through that, and the soul will know in one moment more than if he would investigate for 1.000 years with his outer and vain reason.
When you will be in the condition of the true life, you will also perform signs in My name, and in this manner you will be able to give everyone a testimony of the truth of My teaching - if that will be necessary. Did you, scribe and friend, understand this well now?"