Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 89 -
The condition of faith in the future.

ut what concerns My question about the condition of faith with men in the still faraway future, when the Son of Man will come again to the Earth, in the manner that I have often told you, I say that in general He will find even less living faith than now. For during that time men will have made great progress in many sciences and all kinds of technologies, mostly because of their tireless investigating and calculating under the twigs and extensive branches of the tree of knowledge, and they will achieve great things with the powers of the nature of the Earth, which are now still completely hidden for men, and they will say: 'Look, that is God - there is no other one.'
So the faith of those people will have almost completely disappeared. Thus, with those people I will find no more faith at My return.
Another great part of men will be in a still much denser and darker idolatrous superstition than now all the heathens on the whole Earth. For a long time they will have their teachers, representatives and protectors among the great and mighty ones of the Earth of that time, but the children of the world who will be well equipped with all sciences and technologies will suppress the very dark superstition with all force, and will bring the great and mighty ones of the Earth into extreme embarrassment, because through science and all kinds of technologies the people that was kept blind with all force will realize that they were only kept in hard bondage for the sake of the worldly fame and the comfortable life of those great and mighty ones who had no faith themselves. And when I will come, also with them I will find no faith.
In that time of great darkness I will not find faith with them because they were the most foolish and most blind helpers of those who dominated them, who could very well perceive for which purpose the completely blind ones could be used for, and that those who could see would never tolerate that, as did the completely blind ones. But once the blind will also be made seeing by the scientists and technologists, then they will become followers of those who liberated them for the greatest part from the hard bondage of the great and mighty ones. And if I then would come and say: 'Listen, nations of the Earth, I have come now again to you and will show you again the right way to the eternal life of your souls,' then what will those men answer who are without any faith?
They will answer Me: 'Friend, no matter who you are, stop that old, worn-out stupidity that has luckily evaporated, for which many streams of often completely innocent blood has fled since the time that it appeared for the first time. If that so-called good Father in Heaven, who we do not know and for whom we feel completely no desire anymore, is such a great friend of blood, then He certainly will easily be able to change the great ocean into blood and extremely delight in it. However, we absolutely do not need anymore such life's teaching, which instead of the promised Kingdom of God has only brought sheer Hell among the people on this Earth, which is already meager anyway. We adhere now to the sciences and technologies of all kind, and thereby we live in peace and rest, even though that on which we trust is only timely, a timely but peaceful and quiet life is much more dear to us now than a Heaven with all its beautiful bliss that was bought with countless sufferings and many streams of innocent blood that fled and which is moreover still doubtful.
With such words of men at that time, My question, if at My return on Earth I will find any faith, is very justifiable.
'But' - you think now within yourselves - 'yes, whose fault will that be? Maybe of Hell? Lord, in that case, destroy it. Or maybe of the false, selfish prophets, who will be used as pretext by the different great and mighty ones who will soon come up as mushrooms out of the humid soil, and who will go into all directions over the Earth with war, and will torment men? Lord, in Your name, let those false prophets never arise. But if You want it that way, You also should agree that You will not find any faith among men when You will return again.'
On this I say: although the shortsighted human reason thinks correctly according to its understanding, and in a worldly human sense not much can be objected, but God, the Creator and eternal Maintainer of all things and beings has in His turn very different views and plans with all that which He has created out of Himself, and therefore He knows the very best why He allows some things to happen among men on this Earth.
Finally all superstition will be wiped away from the face of the Earth with the arms of science and technology, by which still the free will of no human being will be hindered in the least.
By that, in the course of time, all faith will become lost among men, but that condition will only last for a very short time.
In that time only I will bless the old tree of knowledge, and by that the tree of life in man will receive again its old power, and from that time on, there will only be 1 Shepherd and 1 flock.
He who has understood this now will also understand My question if I, during that time, will find the same faith as now on Earth. Such faith as now I will certainly not find anymore during those future times, but a different one. Of which it consists, you cannot imagine now, but nevertheless, once it will happen as I have told you now beforehand."