Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 92 -
The wisdom of Moses and Joshua.

hen the disciples, and of course also the innkeeper, the healed helper, the Pharisee and the scribe heard these words of Mine, the scribe said: "From Your words, Lord and Master, I have concluded that You have not only revealed the great mystery of the Kingdom of God on Earth among the people to Your disciples, but also the kingdom of the nature of this Earth, of the moon, the sun and of the stars, and You have given me a new proof that You in Your Spirit must be the Creator of that all, otherwise You could not have explained those endlessly many and wonderful things to Your disciples, and make it even visible to them.
Since You wanted to do this for Your disciples, who are also only Jews and men, would You not like to explain also to us very briefly those wonderful things, in such a manner that we also could have a clear image about what we should think and believe about the moon, the sun and the stars, eclipses, the frightening comets and also the many falling stars? For in this matter we are not even a bit better than the heathens."
I said: "Then why did you reject the 6th and 7th Book of Moses and have declared them as being untrue? And those who dared to read them you have even threatened with severe punishments. Look, in those 2 books Moses has described in clear words the whole natural creation."
The scribe said: "Lord and Master, I have heard about it once, but I have never read even one letter of it. It seems that those books cannot be found in the temple of Jerusalem anymore. That is why I am asking You now for those things that I have asked, to describe and explain them to us as brief as possible, so that we would then also know what they are and how they are arranged."
At the request of the scribe I described those things to the 4 of them as briefly as possible, and in such a manner that they could well understand what I had explained.
After the explanation, which lasted for about 1 hour, the scribe asked Me if also the patriarchs knew about this.
I said: "Certainly, namely the very first inhabitants of Egypt. But as the people in the course of time withdrew themselves more and more from the one, eternal true God through all kinds of sins, and turned to the blind paganism, becoming more and more dark, then also this knowledge got lost, and was replaced by poetic nonsense and fantasies that are full of errors.
And so the knowledge of the Earth and the stars got lost. Only with some, very few wise men in a hidden corner of the Earth it still existed, but these did not dare to make it known to the totally darkened people. And so that knowledge became practically completely lost. But in future times the people will acquire it again, still more clear than in the ancient time, and they will calculate everything. And that will belong to the lightning that enlightens from sunrise to sunset."
The scribe said: "From whom did Moses and Aaron actually receive that knowledge?"
I said: "From the Spirit of God. Although Moses, as a son of the Pharaoh, was initiated in the Egyptian mysteries, and did also acquire much of the old astronomy and geography, it was hardly a drop of troubled water compared to the whole sea of his later understanding, which made him the elect leader of the people of Israel, given by the Spirit of God, by which only after that be became a true scientist from God."
The scribe said again: "Lord and Master, Joshua who was also a chosen leader of the people of Israel towards the promised land, must also have known precisely about what Moses has described. Then how could he say before Jericho to the sun: 'Sun, stand still, until I have defeated all the enemies', and the sun seemed to have obeyed his command? If he said that to the Earth, then this would really make sense according to what You have explained to us just now. But now that we heard from You how things really are, Joshua's command to the sun seems to be something which is clearly senseless, and it seems that Joshua did still not know the real matter if it was his intention that his command should be executed according to the truth of nature."
I said: "It is true that Joshua said it this way, however not to the natural sun, but to the spiritual sun which consisted in the teaching which Moses received from God. The people's faith and trust in it began seriously to sink down when they saw the superior power of the enemy. Joshua only wanted to say with his strong crying out to the people who lacked courage and who were utterly grumbling: 'Continue to have faith and trust until you soon will see the apparent mighty enemy completely defeated before you. Then, together with me, you will be able to occupy the land where milk and honey are flowing, or you will return again to the desert.'
By that, the people took courage again with full faith and trust in God, which is, was and will be the true sun of the soul and his spirit in Heaven and on Earth. And look, the sun that was spoken to by Joshua stood still in the faith and trust of the people, enlightened them and gave them courage, intelligence and power, and the enemy was totally destroyed, with exception of the harlot Rahab who showed mercy to the messengers of Joshua. Did you understand this now?"