Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 93 -
The science of correspondences.

he scribe said: "Yes, Lord and Master, we all have understood this very well now, so that we realize now that Joshua could have impossibly connected another meaning to his great exclamation. But why did we not understand that just now?"
I said: "Because the old inner science of correspondences left you entirely already before the Babylonian captivity, because this science is only accessible for and is typical to those people who never wavered or have become weak in the true faith and trust in the one, true God, and who have always loved Him above all as the Father and their fellowman as themselves.
Because this science is the inner scripture and the inner language of the soul and of the spirit in the soul. He who has lost this language can impossibly understand the Scripture, and in his dead worldly light it seems foolishness to him, because the life's conditions of the spirit and of the soul are of a totally different nature than those of the body.
So also, the hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking, speaking and the writing of the spirit have a totally different character than here among the people in the natural world, and therefore what a spirit does and says, can only be made clear to natural men by way of the ancient science of correspondences.
When this science was lost for men by their own fault, they made the communication with the spirits of all the regions and all the Heavens impossible for themselves, and that is why they cannot grasp nor understand anymore the spiritual sense of the Scripture. They read the written words according to the blindly learned sound of the dead letter and cannot even understand and realize that the letter is dead and can revive no one, but that it is only the inner hidden meaning that revives everything, since it is life itself.
If you understand this now, you mostly should strife to make the Kingdom of God alive and completely active in yourselves, then you also will receive again the mentioned science of correspondences between matter and spirit, otherwise you never will be able to understand Moses or another prophet in the deepness of the living truth, and you will be forced in yourself to fall into unbelief, all kinds of doubts and sins. Because when a blind person walks on a road with a lot of stones on it, will he then be able to prevent to stumble while walking, one time against this stone, then again against another, and also falling down many times? And if there is along the way an abyss that shows up, how will he keep himself from falling into it at the next step, finding inevitably death?
So mostly strife for it that you will be reborn in the spirit as soon as possible and become seeing, otherwise you will not escape thousands of dangers that are lying in wait for you and threaten to devour you."
On this the scribe said: "O Lord and Master, Your wisdom is immense, and if we men compare ourselves to You, we are as blind as a stone. Only now I clearly realize what the reason is of the totally shattered faith and trust in God, and I also realize that in the future, precisely the same will happen with this teaching of light and life of Yours as now with the teaching of Moses and the prophets, and that Your love and mercy will make You really to return again to this Earth to the people. Now it is only the question if You will return in the same way as this time or maybe in another way in the manner that is only known to You. Would You not like to explain this further to us?"
I said: "I have shown you often very clearly how and in what manner I will return again to this Earth to the people. How can you now ask Me the same thing again?"
The scribe said: "It is true, Lord and Master, that You have already told us about this. If only I would already possess the science of correspondences I would also have completely understood the meaning of Your words, but I still do not master this science at all, and that is why everything You have said about Your return is not clear to me.
Look, my question is actually mainly if You will come back just like now, as a Man of flesh and blood, born out of a pure woman, or unborn, more like a Spirit and still also a visible Man, and where, and to which people.
This is of course a very foolish question of mine according to Your unperceivable wisdom, but I am only a converted person since a couple of hours, and that is why I can be excused when I still bother You with all kinds of foolish questions."