Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord in Galilee

- Chapter 95 -
The midday meal.

uring this conversation it was already midday, and I said to the disciples: "You can prepare now to leave, because today we still have a long way to go."
But the innkeeper said: "O Lord and Master, You and Your disciples will surely take with me the midday meal that will soon be completely ready?"
Also the Pharisee and the scribe were asking Me.
And I said to the latter: "Friend, just look outside, how your companions are busy there in the ruins of the burned down synagogue with the help of many hired workers to gather their treasures they have found, and bring them to a save place. Will you not help?"
The scribe said: "O Lord and Master, I have found here the endlessly much better treasure and will from now on wisely beware of coming too close to the worldly treasures, for if I would do that, then that which I dreamed last night could completely and really come true to me. So let those worldly people search in the remnants of the fire as much as they like, even if they would appropriate my own part. Your presence is now endlessly more preferable to me than all the treasures on Earth. Therefore, be merciful and remain here until the afternoon."
I said: "Out of love for you, because you also love Me, I will stay here until the afternoon. But keep always your dream in mind and remain loyal to your intention, then you soon will walk into a clearer light. However, what you will still find of your earthly treasures, take it and divide everything among the poor, then in return I will give you another treasure from Heaven. He who will give much in My name, to him I will also give much, but he who will give everything in My name, to him I will also give everything for eternity."
After these words of Mine the innkeeper and the Pharisee said: "Lord and Master, why did You not also say that to us?"
I said: "You already know what to do. He who has the good will has also the work already before him. If you are good housekeepers for the poor, then you are already doing the same as if you had given away everything, and My blessing will not stay away from you. Especially remember the poor widows and orphans, then I will remember you and will not leave you behind as orphans on this Earth, but will from now on stay with you in spirit. But go now, innkeeper, and see if the midday meal is ready."
Then the innkeeper went quickly to the kitchen to find out about the preparation of the midday meal. It was almost prepared, and so the innkeeper hurried to set the table again.
But I said: "Just leave it - these platters which are still on the table since the morning meal have not yet become that unclean that we should not be able to eat the midday meal out of them. That which is clean for Me, should also be clean for you."
The innkeeper took however clean cloths, and he cleansed the platters that were totally empty, because My disciples knew very well how to empty the platters completely. Then the innkeeper and his servants took the cleansed platters, went to the kitchen with them and brought then a large quantity of well prepared fishes, as well as bread and several carafes full of wonder wine, and we began then immediately to partake of the meal.
During the meal, still a lot of things were talked about, which were also discussed at other occasions, and therefore - nota bene - it is not necessary to relate them again.
When we finished eating, 2 of the Pharisees, who searched the whole morning for their treasures from the remnants of the fire to take them to a save place, came into the dining hall.
They were very surprised when they saw the Pharisee and even the scribe very cheerfully eating at our table, and they said to the last mentioned (the Pharisees): "Oh, you certainly make it easy for yourselves. We work the whole morning outside in order to still find some of the precious treasures that were destroyed by the fire and to bring them to a save place, and you are doing yourselves well without worrying about us. What kind of behavior is that from you?"
The scribe, being very angry about this remark, said: "Listen, firstly we took care already for a long time of that which we could call our own, and we can absolutely not imagine why we should help you to search and take care of your possessions since you also have never considered to help us with something. And secondly, at this opportunity we moreover have discovered and found a quite different treasure, which is now endlessly more dear to us than all your gold and silver that you have grubbed together. But you surely will never be possessors of that treasure. And thirdly we have received here a real wine of life to drink on which your throats are so keen, and which they probably will never taste. And we are now both very well provided in all things and we do not have to give you any account about it. If you have understood me, you can now soon turn around and go back from where you - really totally uninvited - came to us."
When the 2 Pharisees were at the point of giving him a serious reply because of this answer, the innkeeper, who, as Samaritan and Roman citizen, made always a short work with the Pharisees, stood up and said: "According to earthly standards I am still the boss here, and every peaceful guest is dear, valuable and precious to me, whether he is a gentile or a Jew, for a gentile has not made himself a gentile and a Jew has truly not made himself a Jew. But when such quarrelsome people come over the doorstep of my house, there is not much needed before I make use of my ancient right of the house. If you want to eat or drink something, then go to your usual dining room and order what you want, then what you desire will also be brought to you as soon as possible. But here you have nothing to do, nothing to say and nothing to make, for this is not a Jewish but a Roman inn where all travelers are equally treated and served."