- Chapter 10 -
A sun remedy againts Cholera

ather fresh juniper berries at the time when they are beginning to turn blue and clean them of any needles.
Then take a blue linen cloth and lay it in a dry spot where the sun is shining; on an old wooden table would be best. Then spread the gathered berries over this cloth so that none of the berries are covered by another.
At the time the sun is getting a little weaker, the effect of its rays can be enhanced by erecting a high white wall next to the table opposite the sun. This is simple enough to do by hanging up a white linen sheet.
In the evening, the blue cloth is grasped by its four corners and the berries placed in a glass bottle big enough to accommodate both cloth and berries. Then the bottle is covered as well as possible for the night.
The berries are exposed to the sun until their surface is shriveled up like pepper. Then they may be stored in the same bottle, but without the cloth, for future use, but the bottle must be well plugged and kept in a dry place. Prepared in this way, the berries can be kept for years without losing their power.
If the above-mentioned disease is raging somewhere, eat 3-7 of such berries in the morning; also pulverize some berries and fumigate the rooms with them and also the clothes you wear when going out. Then, however bad the epidemic may be, the one who uses this remedy, believing and trusting in Me, adhering to a diet, abstaining from sexual intercourse and other indulgences, will be completely safe.
Such berries, boiled in a pint of pure spring water at medium heat and afterwards drunk, that is, only the water, will, in a short time, cure a person who has caught the cholera.
Boiled in some wine and water this juniper berry tea also cures the plague, provided the disease is still in the early stages. The drinking of this tea also heals the troublesome dropsy better than any other remedy. But with dropsy it is better to use only water and not add any wine.
Against cholera I can tell you also another remedy.
Gather the small field chamomile, but use only the white flower and the yellow pollen. Put this into a bottle of white glass (the plant must not be green), cork it up and expose it to the sun until its contents are almost completely dry. Then put it in the same bottle in a dry place.
If someone catches the cholera, take a good tablespoonful of these flowers, put them in a cup and pour 1/8 of a liter of pure boiling water over it and cover the cup properly for 12 minutes. Then strain the tea, give it to the patient and keep him warm in his bed, and he will soon recover.
If available, add to the tea 1-2 grains of castor powder (castoreum sibiricum) which will enhance the effect of the tea. But the castor tincture is not advisable... except when this would consist of juniper brandy four times distilled, to which, for this purpose, one would have to add a half lot [old German weight unit (see footnote)] of castor powder per half seidel [old liquid measure in Austria until 1875: 1 seidel = 0.354 liter; in Bavaria until 1871: 1 seidel = 0.535 liter].
After that, the bottle would have to be well corked and exposed to the sunrays until such spirits would take on a quite dark reddish-brownish color. Seven to ten drops of such tincture would then have to be added to a cup containing 3/4 of a seidel of the above-mentioned chamomile tea, whereby the evil would then be cured in a few minutes.
Here, now you have the best remedies against cholera.
But in the near future, I will yet give you several remedies against the Black Death and the so-called yellow fever.