- Chapter 12 -
The Lord conveyed a new sun remedy through the Inner Word to Gottfried Mayerhofer in the year 1870.

ow that you already have several remedies which were conveyed to you through My servant in the year 1851, I want to add a new one to those today, and that is:
Take wild chestnuts when they are ripe and fall out of the shells by themselves, remove the outer shell, but also the last brown shell from them, then cut them into small pieces and dry the pieces in a dark purple bowl in the sun for 2 to 3 weeks. After that, pulverize them and store the powder obtained in small bottles of the same color as the bowls mentioned above.
After water has been heated in advance and is boiling, add one tablespoon of this powder into it and leave it to sit there for a few minutes until it becomes a light tea. When strained and then drunk, this remedy serves excellently for blood diseases of the female gender when a too heavy and profuse menstruation occurs. This tea re-regulates the natural secretions.
The wild chestnut in its raw state is also good as a sympathetic remedy when a person is afflicted by headache which, however, comes more from the nerves than from congestion to the brain.
In this case, the chestnuts, three of them, should only be carried for a few days on the person--fully trusting in My blessing--and the headache will at first be alleviated and completely disappear on the third day.
In order to explain this effect of the wild chestnut to you, I only call your attention to the outer shell of it; you will see it covered with spikes or thorns. Now, these very spikes are the electrical conductors in nature, and you can consider the chestnut to be an electrical bottle which, charged by these conductors, impregnates with electricity all the elements of which it consists.
Because blood disorders in the majority of cases come from the non-functioning of the electrical epicenter of the human body--that is, from the spleen--this powder obtained from the chestnut and impregnated with sunrays is therefore precisely the only remedy for putting the electrical current in the human body back into its regular bounds.
Here you have in a few words the actual reason for the healing power of the wild chestnut.
Through the exposure to the sun, the moist, impure parts or specific features which have been absorbed from the earth are removed, and only the part charged with electricity which is necessary for this special state remains.
This tea can also be applied to advantage against diseases of the spleen.
Thus, here again you have a new remedy for the suffering mankind. Use it with Me in mind, and My blessing will not be absent in the healing!