- Chapter 13 -
A remedy for the growth of hair

n September 21, 1840 Jakob Lorber approached the Lord for a remedy for the growth of hair, and that at the request of And.H.
Recipe / finest, odorless oil of sunflowers: 1 pound / fluid goose grease: 4 lots / neck grease: 4 lots / fluid storax: 1 lot / egg oil: 1/2 lot / neroli oil: 1/2 lot / truly genuine thyme oil: 1 lot / truly genuine Peruvian balm: 1 dram / genuine rose oil: 1/4 dram / also add cocoa butter as well: 1 lot.
These 10 species have to be blended well in a bottle and applied in the morning and evening continuously. Now and then the head should also be washed with lukewarm water, then--well dried--again be anointed with this oil ointment; thus the hair will grow again, especially if in addition some sexual abstinence could be observed for a longer period of at least 3 months; and, but also preferably: Spero in te, Domine, in omnibus rebus, quoniam tu solus sanctus, amore plenus, peramabilis, peradjuvabilis et omnipotens es, - - - Fiat Dixit Dominus.