- Chapter 7 -
A fifth method of using the sunlight for healing purposes

s medicines for internal use, the first four mentioned types are quite sufficient, yet the sun-ray can be effectively used also in other ways for various ailments of the body.
For instance, if someone has an external cancerous wound, take a small so-called burning glass and pass it over the wound several times during the day in such a way that the focus passes over the entire wound. But the focus must not stay too long over any part of the wound.
After having passed the focus over a wound, dip a piece of linen in sunned water and place it on the wound. This has to be changed several times during an hour and - if a proper diet is adhered to - the sufferer will soon be healed.
If, instead of the cloth, you have good, ripe leaves of the tobacco plant available, they would be preferable; but they would first have to be calcined in the sun for a while, lying on a sheet of glass.
Instead of sunned water, a "sun-tincture" would be quite as effective. This is prepared as follows:
You are familiar with the alp flower "arnica". Take of this flower only the yellow pistils and the pollen filaments, put 2 handfuls in 1/2 liter of good spirit of wine. This is to be exposed to the rays of the sun in a properly corked up bottle of light glass for 2-3 weeks and to be shaken several times during this period. After that the "sun tincture" would be ready and must be filtered off into a dark bottle and carefully stored.
When required, take 1 drop of this tincture to 1/5 of a liter of sunned water, with very big wounds 3-5 drops. Then a linen cloth, which first has to be warmed in the sun, is moistened with this mixture and placed on the wounds. Thereby, as well as with the previously mentioned two remedies, the wound will heal quickly.
Also venereal boils, herpes and scald heads can easily be healed with it, provided the inner diet is appropriate.
A further remedy for such malignant external wounds is as follows:
Take good hempseed, dry it in the sun for 14 days and store it in a dry place in tightly closed containers. When a need arises, put the hemp in an oil press after crushing it a bit. The result will be a rather refined oil.
Spread this oil repeatedly over such wounds, and if you keep a proper diet, they will heal within a short time without any harmful effect on the body.
From the thus treated hempseeds a kind of milk can also be prepared, similar to almond milk, which will be of great benefit to those who suffer from tuberculosis in the lungs, hardening of liver and spleen, as well as the kidneys. When this milk is taken, its beneficial effect upon these organs will be felt.
But where these inner parts are in danger of drying out, a milk from linseed, which would also have to be dried in the sun, would be preferable to hempseed milk.
Furthermore, there is a simple remedy for the relief of pains in the limbs.
Take freshly pressed olive oil, approximately 500 gr., fill it into a bottle with a good stopper and add a good handful of poppy petals. The petals of the wild or small field poppy are preferable to the large (filled) garden poppy.
When such poppy petals have been added to the oil, the bottle must be properly capped and also exposed to the sun for 2-3 weeks, frequently shaking it.
After this time, the oil must be poured into a preferably dark bottle which has to be well capped.
When someone suffers the above-mentioned pains, let him moisten a freshly sunned cloth with this oil and place it on the aching limb and he will soon feel relief. Also in cases of shooting pains in the chest and side, if they are of a rheumatic or arthritic nature, such oil can be applied with good results.
In the following, about some more arcana or main foods.