- Chapter 8 -
A sixth way of using the sunlight for healing purposes

Now let us pass to another, quite as effective, remedy.
Take skimmed goat's milk, pour it into a glass cup similar to the one I described to you for the winning of sulfate crystals. If such a cup is hard to get, you may also use a square foot-size dark glass tablet.
Sprinkle the aforementioned milk upon it and expose it to the sun. The drops of milk will soon have dried.
When the first drops are dry, sprinkle again the milk upon the tablet and continue with this until quite a thick incrustation has formed on the tablet or on the bottom of the cup.
Then scrape this crust carefully from the tablet, pulverize it still more and keep the powder in a glass container, well protected from the effects of the air in a dry place.
At the same time put into a glass vessel, which must have a tight-fitting domed lid of identical glass, pure camphor scrapings, filling the vessel to half its capacity, and then place it, properly closed, in the sun, too. Thereby the actual camphor in the glass will decrease from day to day, but in the glass dome on top of it a whitish sediment will be forming.
When, because of the sediment, the glass dome is no longer transparent, take it down, put in the aforementioned milk powder and stir it until the milk powder has absorbed the sediment off the glass.
Store this powder carefully in suitable bottles. It is a principal life-remedy against all internal and external complaints stemming from plethora causing, in all parts of the body, swellings, inflammations and boils.
This remedy is also most effective for plague sufferers and will be excellent in cases of cholera.
Also sufferers from pulmonary diseases are easily cured by this remedy.
Thus, bad skin rashes, the shingles and scarlet fever are soon cured.
This remedy has a dual use. Take 1 to 3 grains (1 grain = 0.6 g); or if there are swellings (or tumors) on hands and feet, rub this powder into a clean, sunned cloth and put it dry on the swelling which will then soon dissolve. But it is advisable, depending on the nature, to take 1 to 3 grains as well.
This powder also possesses the property to revive a dying person for a longer period and sometimes, if it is not against My order, to heal him completely, whatever the illness which would have killed him if gross allopathic remedies would have been used. In the following, still another arcanum.