- Chapter 9 -
Some further sun remedies

n addition to what I have already told you, I will give you some further medications, prepared through the rays of the sun, which are to be used externally rather than internally and which you may call sympathetic sunray remedies.
Take branches, including the bark, of a plum tree and burn them to ashes.
It would be best if you had a burning glass or a concave mirror in order to burn, in its focus, the plum tree wood, which would, of course, have to be cut into small chips, to ashes.
The ashes must then be exposed to the rays of the sun for 5 to 8 days, and that in a dark vessel rather than a light one.
After the ashes have thus been prepared through the rays of the sun they must, like the other medications, be carefully protected from the external air in a dry little bottle.
Someone with a decayed tooth can then take 5 to 8 grains of it, on a not too hard toothbrush which, prior to that, has to be dipped in sunned plum spirits.
With this ash, the decayed tooth has to be brushed for 3 days in the mornings and evenings and the decay will be healed and the tooth, finally, completely restored.
Similar ashes may be prepared also from the stalks of sage which have been treated in the same way, except that the toothbrush is not dipped in plum spirits, but in spirits of wine of approximately 40%, after this has been impregnated with etheric oils of sage.
To impregnate the spirits of wine with the etheric oils of sage, add 10 drops of this oil to 1/8 of a pint, the little bottle is plugged up, the contents shaken and then exposed to the rays of the sun for 5-8 days. Then the bottle is wrapped in dark paper and stored in a dry place.