- Chapter 2 -
The human beings on the moon

he human beings on the moon are, as on Earth, of both sexes. They were, however, created a thousand years later by an authorized angel. They have a height of a little more than roughly twenty-four inches (60 centimeters), and have a great resemblance to the Nordic dwarves. They have big bellies, the inner organization of which serves two purposes; one is the digestion of nourishment through a conventional stomach, and the other the collection of a kind of light gas in a second stomach, which affords them a threefold advantage.
First, this gas makes the inhabitants of the moon so light that they can jump over any river effortlessly. Wherever there are rivers or inland seas of large breadth, they can easily swim over the surface.
The second advantage is that, on expelling this air, they can produce popping sounds, whereby they can make their presence known to one another in their subterranean dwellings. They also employ this air for their lung-speech, which is, of course, very weak and low-pitched. Initially, moon dwellers detest this kind of speech, and it is only made use of by the spirit which is placed in the moon dweller for his betterment. When this spirit of an earthly person finally becomes completely one with the soul of a moon person, this union leads mostly to the painless casting aside of the body of the moon person.
A third advantage of this stomach air is that the inhabitants can heat their subterranean caverns during the cold nights by frequently discharging such air. Their cavern dwellings are hollowed out from the inside in such a way that they almost resemble an obtuse bell, whereto the entrance may be reached from the ground by some kind of stairs. This expelled light air gathers under this air-tight residential bell, making it tolerably warm; it also prevents the free ingress of the exceedingly cold atmospheric air. The atmospheric air is taken in by the light gas only in such quantity as is absolutely necessary to sustain physical life. The stomach air serves the same purpose during the unbearably hot periods of the day, when the moon dwellers have to stay below in the ground; but with the difference that the gas will now, by the influence of the stomach for nourishment, change into a cooling oxygen gas. This protects the bell dwelling from the intrusion of hot air.
Another peculiarity of these human beings is that their eyes fulfill a double function. The first is just like that of people on Earth, namely, sight. The second function is that their eyes serve as a light in the dark dwellings. This attribute may also be found on Earth with certain animals. Another peculiarity of the moon people is their extremely acute sense of hearing; they can easily hear the faintest noise from a considerable distance. That is why their auricles are extremely large and firm.
The male is considerably stronger than the female. When the strength of the male is compared to that of a female, it is like a fully grown man on Earth compared to a ten-year-old child. That is why moon men display the greatest tenderness towards their weak wives; they carry them mostly on their shoulders in such a manner that the legs of the female hang down over the chest of the male on both sides of the neck. This is the reason why, on the moon, you will always see two human beings, one sitting atop the other.
The woman has almost no work to do. She is fed by the man, even to the point that the man first chews the food thoroughly and then places it into the woman's mouth. Outside of the dwelling, the woman leaves the man's shoulders only when it is absolutely necessary, and in the last days of pregnancy, when she is close to delivery. .During her whole life on the moon, a woman bears children only twice, once during the day and once during the night. She always bears four living children, four boys during the day, and four girls during the night. The children can walk immediately; the boys soon become accustomed to carrying the girls. And children die on the moon as they do on Earth. When they are a hundred or more moon days old, they are "possessed" by alien spirits.
All moon people have second sight, and are taught about the recognition of God in their innermost by the angel-spirits that enter them. This instruction serves the inherent spirit of the Earth human being at the same time. Harm that a human being on Earth inflicted on his soul, on account of his obsession for earthly things, will thereby be removed through the soul of a human being on the moon. A human being that has been reformed under such circumstances has, therefore, only a patched soul, and this will always be distinguishable from entirely pure spirits. He will never be able to enter into their free society, but will always have to conduct himself as the moon does towards the Earth. The moon always accompanies the Earth, but it may not approach the Earth as friend to friend.
Only those spirits which did not need to be placed into moon people, but who, as moon spirits, already had a genuine disgust for the Earth will be guided from the moon to higher regions, and may be taken into the spiritual children's kingdom which, for them, is the highest attainable level of bliss. It is impossible for them to attain greater heights. Because of their limited attributes, they do not have the ability to endure a higher state, just as human beings on Earth would not be able to survive in the finest ether while alive in the physical body.
Behold, such is the fate of worldly-minded human beings. He who does not voluntarily renounce the world out of love for Me, and from whom worldly obsessions must be driven out by means of coercion as a result of My mercy, has not acted voluntarily and will therefore remain a slave. But who would deem the coerced deeds of a slave his own earnings? If, however, a slave fulfills all his tasks, he is worth his bread as nourishment, so that he may live, because he willingly worked, even if by compulsion.