- Chapter 4 -
The surface of the moon

egarding the side of the moon that faces the Earth, you may see through a telescope that this celestial body does not have a level surface, but presents a mountainous aspect. It displays no water surfaces, and the mountains do not run a course from the most prominent summit in a radial or range formation as they do on Earth. They are comprised of rings only, and include larger and smaller areas. Several mountain ridges appear to have a radial formation, but they are only a break in a row of smaller ring-shaped embankments. These ring-shaped embankments have a diameter of no more than sixty-six yards (60 meters); they are joined together by the thousands in a straight line, that is, from a large ring wall to a larger or smaller ring wall. In this manner, they seemingly form connecting paths between the ring-shaped embankments. Through a very strong telescope you will discover and see these foothills in the form of glimmering rays that spread out from a more luminous and higher point in all directions. Their cellular structure has caused many astronomers to develop the erroneous opinion that they have discovered vegetation, even though there is no vegetation at all on the side of the moon that faces the Earth.
The ring-shaped embankments often have little ring-shaped cavities at their peaks. Sometimes, rocky embankments encircle a larger area, often extending over 233 miles (375 kilometers), which also feature larger and smaller ring-shaped embankments, wherein are individual truncated cones with small, ring-shaped cavities. Even the small embankments and the slopes of the cones often have these or even smaller ring-shaped embankments.
What purpose do all of these things serve on the uninhabited surface of a celestial body? All these ring-shaped embankments on the surface of the moon are receptors for the Earth's magnetism, and are placed in such a manner that the rims of the embankments may absorb this fluidum. In addition, the different cavities are receptacles for it. Not all of them are of the same size and depth, since this energy must be distributed at different strengths. Through this highly exact distribution, well-measured proportions are achieved which determine unalterably the orderly preservation and movement of two celestial bodies that face each other.
Another purpose of almost all of these encircled cavities is to constantly retain atmospheric air for their necessary preservation, just like water in the cavities of the Earth. From whence does this air come? From the same source as it does on Earth - from the storeroom of infinite space, which is everywhere filled with light and ether.
When the side of the moon which faces the Earth is dark, these cavities are filled with atmospheric air. When the sunlight gradually begins to shine upon it, dew forms abundantly as precipitation in those countless kettles. This dew solidifies anew all the parts of the surface of the moon, and trickles as pure water through her body, so as to replenish the water springs on the other side of the moon; they contribute to the formation of vapors and permanent layers of air. These kettles are the dwellings of those spirits who desire improvement, which spirits have been saved from the first degree of Hell by the better, purer spirit world.
When these spirits are brought hither, they receive a body that resembles the air contained in these kettles. Through this body they are able to see the spiritual as well as the material in accordance with the need for their betterment. In the beginning they live in those parts of this celestial body which are the deepest and darkest. As they improve, their coarser air body is continuously changed into a finer one, with which they reach a higher kettle. Only a few of these spirits will reach the smaller kettles, whereas the larger kettles are the dwellings for societies of the like-minded.
You will also discover on the surface of the moon two spots of particular brightness. The lightest one is in the southern region, and the smaller, less luminous spot is located more in the northern hemisphere. These two spots are the points of salvation. The southern spot, from which most of the luminous rays emanate, is for those spirits which do not need to be mended in the bodies of the moon people. The northern spot, however, is for those spirits which could not, by reason of their love of the Earth, be healed by means other than a most torturous placement in the wretched body of a moon person. Following their departure from the moon, they will be brought as spirits for a second time to the atmospheric kettles of the northern hemisphere on the visible surface of the moon, and from there gradually to the aforementioned northern point of salvation.
Do not think that such a voyage is easy and fast, as you might probably expect it to be for spirits, because as often as a spirit moves forwards, he must die in his former kettle in the same manner as must each human being on Earth. And this dying is always more or less painful, and is constantly accompanied by a feeling of fear of eternal annihilation. Consider, too, that such a spirit has often to pass through several thousand kettles and must sometimes remain in each kettle for a month, half a year, and at times even a year; this will give you an idea as to the speed of such a voyage. There are still spirits there from the time of Abraham who have completed less than three-quarters of their voyage.
It is not necessary to inform you more regarding the inhabited side of this celestial body, since this side perfectly plastically resembles the uninhabited side, except that there we find the physical and here the spiritual. The animal and plant worlds on the inhabited side of the moon correspond completely with the discarded air bodies of the spirits on the uninhabited side of the moon. These discarded air bodies trickle with the water through the moon's body, and reach their destination to form the soul of the moon people by way of the meager levels of vegetation and the animal world. Some day in the future, you will see and understand all of this properly, when you are at a higher state of mind upon the path to My Light of Grace.