- Chapter 5 -
Four questions regarding the moon

1. How do the moon beings worship God? Do they form a church or a government under any kind of visible head?
2. How do they bring up their children?
3. What do they consider our Earth to be, and how do they know that Thou, 0 Lord, became a human being on Earth and took away the sins of the world?
4. How does the moon affect sleepwalking?
Here are the answers: All these questions may be answered to the last letter on Earth herself. The reason for this is that there is, in a spiritual respect, no substantial difference between the human beings on Earth and those on the moon. As you already know, moon people are nothing more than human beings from Earth that have to better themselves, and they bring their works or deeds with them like any other spirit. That the deeds of these moon emigrants have not been the best is already adequately implied by their transfer to this celestial body.
1. If you want to learn how the inhabitants of both sides of the moon worship Me, then take a look at the world-addicted people of the nations on Earth and you will find a true mirror that will show you how, for the greater part, the worship of God is set up by the inhabitants of the moon.
You know that I once said that no one should worry about the temporary garment of the physical body; instead, one ought merely to care for My kingdom and its Righteousness, which is My Great Love to those that love Me above all. For people on Earth, how does the matter of My worship stand, when even the better human beings spend an average of twenty-three hours every day on the welfare of their physical bodies? Do these people seek God's kingdom? Human beings, for whom I created everything and for whom I incessantly employ all My Wisdom and Love, do not find one moment for Me in all the hustle and bustle. Verily, I say unto you, through such a kind of worship your life will not become stronger.
After you have babbled one Lord's Prayer and one Hail Mary, or after you have spent one hour thoughtlessly with a prayer book in your hands in a church made out of stones and cluttered with carvings, do you think that you have served Me or actually worshiped Me? 0 ye fools! Do you really think that I am in wood, in stone, in metal, or in any other vain carvings? All those worshipers must, if they do not change their ways on Earth, some day attend school on the moon for a long time in order to experience spiritually and physically, under severe hardship, that the living God finds nothing pleasing in such nonsensical worship. Should you wish to know how the moon people - including both the spiritual and physical beings of that celestial body - worship God, I will tell you: The worship there consists of nothing but what human beings learn gradually, which is the true worship of God, namely to honor God in the spirit and in truth. This means, within one's self, to aid the divine to break through. It also means that those who, on Earth, incessantly pleased their bodies, must learn to do without such physical conveniences for a long time on the moon; they have to renounce themselves in the innermost fiber of life, and request everything from Me alone. There they must perpetually prove their belief in the most difficult trials. But not like you, ye who have either no belief at all or who try to embrace Me, the living God, with a wooden crucifix.
2. The second question also answers itself. Where I appear externally through angels whom I send, or where I appear internally Myself as a teacher, there is no need for a head of a church or head of state. Therefore the moon represents a spiritual reform state, and I am the only one in charge.
The children are brought up in accordance with these teachings. Their only need is love, and out of this comes forth belief in accordance with the teachings that I am a human being, and that I became a physical human being on Earth, from which they originate. And this took place not only to fill all human beings on Earth and on the moon with bliss, but also all those who are scattered in infinite space on countless celestial bodies, to assemble them in accordance with their kind and build a permanent place for them under the Cross of Love. Behold, that is the religion and worship of God on the moon.
3. The question of what the inhabitants of the moon think about the Earth requires no explanation after what has been said so far. Those inhabitants who, on account of their position on the moon, are given the opportunity to see the Earth, are spirits, and they can only perceive the material by means of spiritual analogy. The inhabitants of the far side of the moon never see the Earth anyway and, in accordance therewith, they then know the Earth only spiritually.
4. Regarding the last question, your assumption that the moon is responsible for sleepwalking is absolutely false. At the time of the full moon, the magnetic fluid becomes more intense and is released by the Earth herself. When the moon is in the full light of the sun, the light drives the magnetic fluid from the moon back to the Earth. In this manner, the Earth is strongly charged. Human beings who have more metal in their blood than the normal level have - through different kinds of influences such as water, air, or nourishment - the ability to absorb this magnetic fluid that flows back.
When the nerves are filled with this fluid and begin to pressure the soul uncomfortably, the soul loosens her physical ties and tries to escape. The physical body possesses a nerve spirit that is related to the magnetic fluid and also to the soul, and the soul is connected with the body through the nerve spirit. If the soul wants to remove herself from the body, it likewise stirs up the nerve spirit; since they are connected, the nerve spirit, in turn, does the same to the physical body with which it is connected, and coerces the soul to accompany it. A sleepwalker, since he is filled with magnetism, turns his face towards the moon and climbs roofs and church steeples in order to raise himself above the ground and thus decrease the profuse oppression that this fluid exercises on him. In this manner the body is again ready to accommodate its soul to the spirit through the nerve spirit.
When the body is liberated from this excessive pressure, the soul carries it back through the nerve spirit to the starting position and unites herself again with the body completely. The soul knows nothing of her sleepwalking, since she has no memory. She only knows what she has just seen. The recollection of the soul in the physical body is no more than a repeated perception of the corresponding natural impressions on the physical senses. The soul is awakened to this perception through the countless original pictures from the spirit which he carries within him.