Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 12 -
The sinking back and vanishing of the solar growth

ehold, B moves over to A again, saying: "Look over there, brother! The pendulum is swinging at regular intervals again. I think that in another ten thousand swings we may see the edge sink down from the heights, as there are substantial indentations and folds at its base. If so then we know that the edge of the swelling will shortly reveal itself.
Says A: "You are right, there are not a lot of folds and indentations indeed running down from the top, but I don't see any horizontal ones yet which usually start crossing the vertical ones when the swelling is about to sink to the depths. Hence I don't think we are about to see the bright edge yet."
Says B: "Brother, since as you say the top shall not be visible too soon, we ought meanwhile to go over to the Temple and see whether the floods which nearly reached its roof did any damage inside and if so, do some repairs?"
Behold, the suggestion is adopted and the big Temple, which by your measure is about seven and a half kilometres long and two kilometres wide, is inspected around all its colonnades and other furnishings for any damage, but after realizing that there was no damage they looked contented. Only some soaking took place.
How long did such an inspection take? About three days by your reckoning. Nevertheless, in the sun such activity passes with much faster perception of time as there is no night, as I have said, only perpetual day.
Watch how the company is leaving the Temple again and one of them is despatched to enquire of the pendulum sentinel how many swings have taken place since the restart. Behold how our messenger has arrived getting the reply "ten". One for every twenty thousand swings. The messenger is back.
Now B notices a horizontal furrow upon the extensive swelling saying so to A. The entire company also voices it cheerfully. The women yelling "Watch, watch, a horizontal fold!"
The growth has started to sink with A saying to the company: "Yes, it's here. The first blessed furrow! No further swelling shall be seen in that place too soon for the first horizontal fold is drawing the growth together mightily and belting it up tightly." Behold, all fall down and earnestly with all their strength do as commanded by the first teacher.
Only A and B remain standing watching the swelling and the swings of the pendulum mounted not far from the Temple. B notices a second horizontal furrow above the first telling A: "Yes brother, you noticed correctly. It is a sizeable furrow but look another one is forming under the first and look, another one above the second one you saw. All praise to the almighty great God! The big swelling is sinking rapidly. Although I don't see the top yet it should soon come into view."
Says B: "Brother, look upward. If my eyes don't deceive me then I already see the mighty flashing of lightening, the harbinger of the top." Says A: "Yes, indeed you're right! As well, I hear the distant dull continuous rolling edge of thunder." He beckons the company to get up and look upwards to see how deliverance is closing in rapidly.
With great jubilation the company get up looking upwards through their hands. Ever closer are the lightning flashes and the ever mightier thunder. In silence the company watches for a while the trillions of uninterrupted lightening flashes in all directions from the welling still several thousand GM wide.
The keeper of time has just completed another swing. Still no rim! But now B and several others scream: "the brim, the brim, watch it's coming into view! We are all delivered! Only a few more swings and we shall be able to look over it, the glorious, bright rim!" And A says to them: "Yes, this swing shall not have finished moving and we shall be looking over the surface of the rim and get a good view, for it is sinking almost vertically on our side.
Says B: "At what distance do you judge it when it gets level with us?" Says A: "I would say thirty wons!" In solar language that means three thousand GM, a quite impressive distance on Earth, but for the sun, one won is no more than about seven minutes on Earth.
Says B again: "How wide could the brim be this time?" Says A: "Judging by the size of the growth it could measure some forty won."
And A addresses the crowd again: "Beware! The horizontal furrows have started to quake again; the crater shall not be sinking quietly but crash after such signs. Hence brace yourselves and don't fear the sudden banging and seat yourselves on the ground in order not to fall over when the sudden crash shakes our ground quite violently! And pray the great God that He would preserve our dwellings and Temples.
And B hastens over to A making him aware of the immense palpitation of the rim now coming into view. Says A: "Indeed brother, well noted, for I notice pulsations of about ten thousand GM (100 Wons) along the periphery as far as my eyes can see and the pulses are getting heftier! How they flicker like the flag on our largest temple riven by a hurricane! Wherefore watch and be on your guard. In a few pendulum swings the rim, now five Wons above us shall plunge down below us so that we may get to see some of the shockingly deep craters - unless the rim walls have not already joined up numerously. Watch, spherical flares are coming down already! The crash is imminent!"
Harken and behold, the entire company leaps into the air screaming! Thousands upon thousands of water-spouts are hosing out of the immensely out stretched flood, warring against the slowly sinking rim whilst huge spherical flares the size of the Earth-moon are plunging down from the rim into the raging and foaming flood, each flare accompanied by trillions of lightning strikes. Watch the boiling of the immense waters: what steaming and billowing where the flares crash from the lofty rim into the raging flood!
Now heed, as all is ready for the big crash. Behold, the sentinel has stopped the swinging and fastened the pendulum to the tree. Even the two instructors sink down near the tree clutching it with one hand. The entire crowd does so, the sentinel joining them.
Watch them all gazing steadfastly at the storm-ravaged rim, unspeakably severe for your concept, where the rim is making up to ten thousand GM to and fro excursions in and out each second, even whilst the simultaneous pitching of the crater itself to and fro also covers up to four thousand GM per second. Now imagine such movements from our solar company's vantage point! Even though they really are thirty Wons removed, this play is for our solar people's eyes and they can therefore indeed witness the terrifying movements of this manifestation.
And watch how the rim has dropped but not quite as vehemently as expected. Therefore the resulting tremors of the surroundings were not as hefty as at other times. But this mighty collapse nonetheless has driven the flood into our company's vicinity notwithstanding their position up on this hill being at an altitude of five GM above sea level.
Do you grasp such movement? What would you say and feel if situated atop an Alp as high as the GroƟglockner (3798m) upon Earth and at about five to six GM from the sea, with a raging storm whipping up waves that are just about to reach you? Would you not, one after the other,start pulling your hair out in consternation? Yet upon the sun, such phenomenon would be regarded as "kid's stuff, as you say, since their hill is already nearly five times the height of your Mt. Everest (8882m), i.e. above the quiet solar water level.
Consider such comparison, the grandiose flooding consequent upon the collapse of our solar swelling will hit you in the eye. And this too you are to thoroughly grasp that you may recognise all the more how mighty is He Who allows Himself to be called your loving, good Father!
But lets look at our company again. Watch how they are gathering around the instructor, praising the great God and how the time sentinel rushes back to his tree to release the pendulum and to give it a new swinging start.
But, together with the sun people lets watch over the big swelling rim. Behold its residual width. Do you notice how two of your Earths could comfortably roll along its top? Indeed, that's how it is! But now the crater has narrowed down and is hardly two rim breadths wide and stretching lengthwise rather than breadth-wise having consolidated at various points.
Watch how the light-conditioned solar inhabitants are guarding their eyes against the blinding shine of the broad rim and watch how occasional fiery balls are flung out powerfully to a height twice the distance of your moon from the Earth and behold the lightning in countless numbers still crashing from the still agitated rim!
Behold, this is the full course of this grandiose manifestation, now gradually collapsing, as the rims are steadily consolidating. The finale is usually a powerful downpour of rain lasting several days, by your time, through which the rims are cooled then quietened and lastly joined up and healed, then sinking back to their former position under the sea surface.
Have another look at our sun-dwellers, how they are full of cheer beyond measure, praising and rejoicing over the great God who has in this most wise fashion brought everything back to the previous order. Watch them embracing and greeting each other and then streaming towards their dwellings and how they are met by a great many of their well-preserved children, brothers and sisters.
And so this action too is at an end. Presently we shall observe some of the sun-dwellers' domestic arrangements and afterwards cast another superficial glance over this whole belt.