Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 13 -
Property ownership and life prerequisites of the equatorial inhabitants.

pon the sun and namely our belt there are no actual property rights as such as on your terrestrial body. But there is a right of order underpinned by the axiom: "there must be no landless man, but land that is nevertheless always allotted by special officials, measured out for one or the other's use only. The landowners of measured tracts are therefore the beneficiaries or usufructs only, for the term of their lives.
After their decease however, not they but officials appointed by the educationists are the rightful administrators. On the sun, this brings about the cessation of children's inheritance rights, which are an especially hateful abomination before Me upon your Earth. But children are one and all, when of sufficient education and abilities, taken care of by the officials.
This is done as follows: If parents have only one, two, three or four children, then on their coming of age and already during the parent's lifetime, the land is divided up two thirds to the children with the parents retaining one third. This third does not revert to the children after the parents' die, but can be allotted by the officials to anyone still landless. Such distribution holds good only for two generations. In the third generation a consolidation of several allotments takes place, which is then systematically allotted anew to any landless persons according to need.
In the case of any further landless persons missing out during such allotment, these are then covered by so-called land-reserves. What is this reserved land? This can be either a substantial over-allotment of land already owned or it can be land not yet owned, or even areas suddenly exposed as islands under above mentioned circumstances.
Therefore upon the sun, nobody suffers want, although this main belt is heavily populated. For firstly, the people are on average, not much bigger than a few big ones on Earth and are secondly one hundred times less demanding than some of your smaller people; therefore a much smaller land portion suffices them than those of your Earth.
Their clothing consists of no more than a loincloth and a fairly wide hat. Their food is brought forth by the solar soil whenever they desire to eat and in moderation. Therefore a landowner is content with an area, which you would call about a half acre.
This lawful distribution has the positive result of these people knowing nothing whatsoever about land disputes.
Do the landowners have to pay taxes to these officers? That is something alien to sun people for all officials together with educators have their own land - not excluding the keeper of time.
But it can be asked whether a person has the right to satiate himself upon his neighbour's land if feeling hungry? Indeed so. In an emergency all ground is public property but it is not tolerated if wanton. But truly no one would do so because only laws and statutes create criminals. Where freedom of will is maintained as far as possible however, it can also be best developed to maintain public order.
For a will thrown together from rough laws is a tormented will. A tormented will however takes no pleasure in order but rather tries to find relief for itself here and there, being concerned very little as to whether its action accords with lawful order, its guideline being its own wellbeing. If however free will is maintained and the regulations of order recognised, then it realizes the pleasant advantages thereof and is pleased to discover the divine order by itself.
This is also a basic rule in bringing up children in the sun, which would also be better for Earth rather than education through which memory is tormented, intellect ill treated and the spirit killed! Nevertheless, we are now on the sun and not the Earth and note with open eyes of the spirit how the divine order everywhere comes to the fore, most evidently, even in the most insignificant domestic arrangements and responsibilities.