Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 15 -
The dwellings surrounds upon the equatorial belt. Tree growth there.

hat are the surroundings of such dwellings? They normally consist of a circular avenue of immensely high trees of a single species at every house, but different from each other. You could indeed crisscross this forty thousand GM wide and six hundred thousand GM long belt if your life in earthly years, sufficed and never find the same boulevard of fruit trees around two houses. One lot might look like gigantic spiral columns adorned with a weeping willow type crown at the top. The leaves are over a cubit long and just over one cm wide; the underside is carmine red whilst the surface is smooth and green-gold with an exceedingly shiny pearl of blue light hanging from every leaf tip. On long white stalks between the leaves hang fruits which can be likened to your so-called carob but without stones, for as you are now aware, all fruit in the sun is stone-free and of an exceedingly spiritual, sweet flavour making it a favourite for this house.
How do the sun people get the fruit down from these lofty trees? That is easy, they have poles fitted with clippers, an almost universal tool. Therewith they break off the fruit of any variety according to need.
You will wonder why these people let these trees grow so tall when the growth of all trees and plants is under the control of their will. That would be a misguided question for the sun people are exceedingly wise and do nothing wantonly and for this reason every decoration must have a well thought out and proven usefulness. Thus the lofty position of the crown of these fruit trees has its decided, multiple good purposes.
You ask what purpose? Just a little patience and it shall transpire! For a start you have to know that nowhere in the planets are there such charming and far-flung country views as precisely upon the sun, because here it is not unusual from an average hill to overlook an area of at least five thousand GM diameter - hence four times the distance on your Earth from North to South Pole in a straight line. And to that, you have to add that the solar air, especially upon this belt, has ether of the highest purity which, particularly for the sharp-eyed sun people, improves the view in the natural sphere.
Behold, now the purpose shall transpire presently! Since the sun people, as already said, are great friends of glorious country views, they deliberately place the crowns of their fruit trees so high that they cannot obstruct the views. Behold, this is one reason, which from your point of view, does not carry much weight but upon the sun is much more important. For it does not concern just a good view, but the lookout: this is something very essential, because there are often manifestations above the ground, which have both good and bad repercussions. Hence everything must be watched with attention or inhabitants of the sun, especially upon this belt, can be overtaken by one or other natural phenomena causing severe damage or complete destruction of their dwellings
I shall give you a brief example for your comprehension. Not infrequently there is the sudden appearance of red-shining stars above some hill or other. This has to be watched immediately and the height of the hill carefully estimated as well as the direction the stars take off the hill. Take the case of such a hill being a thousand GM distant and of average height, and the stars moving in the direction of the hill we are occupying: it takes three minutes at the most before theses originally little stars approach us as the size of world masses; their velocity is immense, as their nature is mostly electrical. Whatever is in their path is destroyed instantly.
What are the sun people going to do? They at once seek the living God's protection, thrusting pointed rods with flags into high ground. These rods draw the glowing red electric masses higher like a magnet, so that they scatter into the Alps. In this way dwellings, trees, animals and man in the lowlands are saved every time.
Behold, this is another good reason for unobstructed views. That is why even the stems of the tree avenues are always lined up with the pillars of a dwelling, so that not even the stems would obstruct the view.
Another not too rare occurrence, especially in the vicinity of the great waters, or the high mountains of the belt-borders, for your imagination, is the stupendous water and fire funnels. Concerning the water whirlpools, these of course rarely take to the land; but the fire twirls are that much more destructive. Some reach from one hundred to one thousand GM diameter at a spin per second, meaning that the outer circle of flame covers a distance of between three hundred and three thousand GM per second.
Think of the effect of such natural phenomenon upon a district through which it moves; what do sun men do on such occasions? They at once tum to Me for protection with a most living trust, whilst climbing the most accessible hill to place a substantial vessel of water there, whilst thrusting long spikes into the ground around it in radiating directions. This simple device, according to their wisest instructors' experience has the definite power to firstly draw such a fire twirl unto itself and then to slow down its spin.
And if you could be witnesses, then you would watch such a natural phenomenon with great surprise, because even if such a fire twirl has the most immense diameter at its inception, it begins, on reaching such a hill to so drastically narrow at the bottom that it has shrunk from a thousand miles to a couple of meters in a few seconds. After reaching the water vessel with its radiating spikes upon the height, then it begins to convert into an immensely tall fire rod, which then seemingly collapses gradually above the vessel to finally vanish.
Shortly after this the sun people go up the hill to retrieve their safety tools, finding them unscathed - except for the water, which although diminished in volume has turned entirely black.
But how can the sun people escape devastation in this way? They say: Upon the Alps dwell spirits; when these get thirsty from excessive heat, they seize one another in large numbers and like raving ones seek cooling. Wherefore it is necessary to anticipate them with a drink, so that they would not come tearing down to lower levels looking for refreshing water and destroy us and our dwellings and fruit on their way.
And I say unto you that such spiritual knowledge on the part of the sun people is completely well-founded, because the course of such a fire vortex on the sun is similar to what I revealed to you as occurring on Earth, since a spirit everywhere remains a spirit on the sun as on the planets, except that his scope of action on the sun is less restricted than upon a planet.
Behold again, how important an unfettered view is to the sun people, and the reason every house is built upon a cone-shaped hill with the rest of the property at a lower level. Wherefore you shall not find dwellings in the valleys and private dwellings as well as official buildings are all found upon hills, whilst temples of prayer and worship of the Great God are found upon the highest hills.
And so there are many more good reasons for unhindered views, and for the crowns of fruit trees being so high, but citing them all would unduly prolong our revelations.
Another reason for growing the crowns of fruit trees so high is that they reduce the light shining on the dwellings from above. Proof of such substantial light absorption by the trees is attested by the shining pearls which form everywhere at the tips of leaves and which in themselves consist of nothing other than the trees' unconsumed light units, similar to your so-called St. Elms fire, seen upon all sharp objects when the air is electrically saturated. This, of course, is only visible to you by night, but only during the day upon the sun (there being no night), and that due to the exceedingly powerful light rays from above.
A third reason for planting trees with their crowns so high is to force the children to always come to their parents when hungry, which is commendable, because nothing is more deleterious to the children's immature spirit than parental permission of the children's self-will. Therewith the children are grounded in haughtiness and stubbornness, which vices make up the indestructible foundation stones for all imaginable future vices.
In the sun however, where people have a much freer and more unrestricted scope, such upbringing of children is even more necessary, so that their will would be pointed towards maintaining the absolutely essential, general social order. This would of course also be more desirable with yourselves; the people of Earth, however are already of exceedingly limited and mostly stubborn spirit, for which very reason they were placed on this rough Earth. For this reason, nothing is more unpalatable to them than strict obedience, which is the exclusive school for attaining to the true spiritual, inner willpower. Wherefore men of this Earth rarely attain to this power in their physical life, which nonetheless is basically the very condition for their presence here.
Nevertheless we are back again on the sun. Hence we shall pursue other domestic practices and particularly, as till now, the natural, domestic part; without which naturally, we shall never go over to the spiritual and only then the celestially pure spiritual. And so we shall next time look at the other grounds that go with the dwelling and study their practical use.