Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 22 -
The holiest so-called burning temple. Deeper initiation into the secrets of God's Incarnation And the childhood of God. God the Father as Himself the Leader

hoever has progressed from the fiery scrub to the grounds of the actual Mount Calvary will be at once received by a secret wise man permanently occupying this spot and is received into his private dwelling which is also a simple one. There he receives hospitality and is taken into a small temple above his dwelling.
There he at once notices a group of statues depicting the last supper.
From this temple he is escorted to an open area where he beholds a group depicting Christ and His apostles in the garden of Gethsemane upon the Mount of Olives.
Still further along a group depicting the Lord being apprehended and so spiralling around the hill from group to group depicting the Lord's consecutive moments of passion and in a most intelligent manner.
Finally, on the hill top there is a big cross standing apart, fixed to which is the Lord's earthly form with two much smaller crosses on each side depicting the familiar two thieves.
Once the guest has grasped this with the profoundest reverence of his heart, the wise man conveys him a little down the hill to a small temple inside which the sepulchre can be seen.
Finally, near the burning bushes, the guide shows him a somewhat larger temple, which is constantly burning with fierce flames. The flames on gradual approach are of such intense light-radiation that even the light-conditioned sun people find it unbearable. Consequently the guide always takes along a special veil or eye cover, enabling the guest to tolerate the exceedingly powerful shine. Notwithstanding the brightness however, they do not burn anyone who is worthy instead fanning to cool him as would a low west wind.
The guest is then conveyed into this burning temple in the midst of which he notices a small alter i.e. a pillar-base, table-type of elevation above the floor upon which are found the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. They are written in old Hebrew.
Here the guest enquires about the meaning and the guide tells him that this is no other than a specially written book which contains the Word of God and all His guidance for humankind in aggregate for infinity, together with its inner meaning.
Whereupon the guest asks whether such signs can be and are allowed to be read, here? He is told: whoever arrives here is obliged to recognize all this because it is the actual purpose of someone's getting here.
The guide adds: Behold, now that you have so strengthened your will that the solar soil has to obey it, be advised that these signs too must obey a righteous will and reveal themselves in accordance with the righteous will of him who would recognize them.
Whereupon the guide directs the guest to touch the book. As soon as the latter does so a fire streams through him following which the guest can read the writing. Once he starts reading he is gripped with intense amazement and regards himself as the happiest person in that he, for the first time, hears words that had streamed directly out of God's mouth, therewith also recognizing the most amazingly wonderful leadings of the Great God.
The most penetrating effect occurs when he comes to the New Testament for this opens up Mount Calvary and he usually can't help himself but offer all praise and thanks and can't conceive of how it could have been possible for the Great God to let such a thing happen to Him.
After this, God's great love is pointed out to him and he is told that precisely through this deed, especially those inhabiting Earth, have inherited the sonship of God through which then all are obliged to recognize the Great God as the most loving Father and to address Him as such.
The guest then asks the guide whether the people of the sun are not going to ever attain to such unspeakable bliss? The guide answers: not only the people of the sun but all humans inhabiting all the suns and all planets throughout infinity thereby have the inescapable right to such unspeakable bliss, but this can be achieved by no means other than deepest humility and out of this the most perfect love of their entire being towards God!
After this reading and instruction the two return from the temple to the wise guide's dwelling whereupon the latter edifies the guest about it, which by your measure takes about three years. It goes without saying that in the course of this time many further visits are made to the aforementioned locations.
At the end of such instructions, the guide discloses to the guest that above this cosmic body which they inhabit, upon the perfect light region, there is another much more perfect world where all solar inhabitants shall, when in the spirit, receive the full education about God's incarnation, whereupon they can if desiring so, be received as true children of God, if they are capable of so humbling themselves to the last atom of their being that, as inhabitants of a perfect world, they want to become the last and lowest servants of those children of God whom He Himself made into his children when He was Himself man upon the planet Earth, or Pjur.
Because, continues the guide, "we sun inhabitants live in great perfection and on account of our will are complete masters of our world; wherefore it shall be hard for us to sit next to those who through their will cannot call forth even a blade of grass from their Earth. But, as you, my guest, have gathered from all this, the Great God of Heaven and all the worlds takes no pleasure in the big and strong, but in the small and weak, to the extent that He reveals greater things unto babes and completely simple men than upon the most profound angelic spirits. Wherefore we sun dwellers, if desirous of attaining to the sonship of God, have no option but to lay down our solar grandeur, power and strength at God's feet and most willingly and lovingly put ourselves even below those whom He loves. His love indeed reaches out to all human beings in all of infinity. But mark well: only His children shall dwell with Him under one roof. Seek therefore to henceforth be the smallest and most insignificant, serving every man that you encounter and you shall engage the attention of the eternal Father which is the first spark through which you will gain a new life -the life of a child of the Great Father!"
After that the guide again takes the guest outside the temple, pointing to the cross and saying: "behold dear brother, this is the way to Him! If you desire to come unto the Father as a child then you must choose this way of the cross!
This way is true meekness of the heart; for the children must be like the Father. How would someone inherit the sonship from Him if he does not humble himself out of love for Him. It is appropriate for the children of such a Father, since the Father out of love for His children allowed Himself to be painfully nailed to the cross, to even die for them physically, by way of the flesh that none may see or feel death eternally, if he loves Him above all and has through meekness partaken of this cross upon which the Great holy Father, full of love, had stretched out His almighty hands, bleeding for all of infinity.
Behold, that is the reason for erecting this supra-holy image here that we too might recognize that for us too, He stretched out His hands. He wants to embrace us also, but we must first come to Him along the way of the cross as shown you. Wherefore behold this holy sign again!"
Here the guest always falls down from too profound love and reverence worshipping the great mystery!
But when he gets up again, then behold, everything except the guide and his house upon the mountain has vanished. The guide then takes the guest to the height once again, asking whether he has indeed taken all this up in his heart, which the guest confirms with every atom of his life.
Whereupon the guide lays his hands upon him saying: "What you have seen and heard here keep in your heart until the Father shall be pleased to broadcast all this to all men upon this world, either here, to those who have generated a great longing for Him or that much more definitely in the spirit in the beyond, to all of righteous and perfect will.
But let you yourself now recognize your Guide! For behold, I am the Father!!! But tell no man Who the Father is!"
Whereupon the guide vanishes with only His dwelling remaining whilst the guest returns to the Guide's dwelling in deep love and continual worship. Here the permanently resident wise man, who first received him takes him back, conveying him past the scrub that no longer bums to the pond which is empty upon the return trip.
The guide then makes his way back, whilst the visitor exalted and with most loving meekness returns to the third temple.
After which, for a lengthy period and deepest reverence, no man dares to utter a word to him until they realize from the behaviour of such Mount Calvary pilgrims that he really is attending to everyone with ready service.
Behold, this is the highest training for a teacher upon the sun and it is all that you are capable of understanding of what was left to tell you about the solar Mount Calvary.
Presently, we shall further scrutinize some solar domestic regulations. So we will leave it for today.