Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 23 -
Family life, marriage and procreation upon the equatorial belt.

e have already heard of some general aspects about domestic constitution when dealing with private dwellings. Hence we shall here present family life and the actual religious creed.
As mentioned previously, in the sun and actually upon this belt, the residents of one house never exceed one family, which is under a father and mother. Because upon seniority and graduation children join up in marriage and when this happens, they are at once provided with their own ground and therewith move into their own home.
Are there no so-called male and female domestic servants upon the sun? There is no such thing upon the sun and particularly upon this belt, for the superiors of all country regions on this wide solar belt, as also all office bearers are, in a sense, servants of the free country people. Even the chief High Priest has the status of lowest servant, wherefore his temple and dwelling are also of the simplest and least splendid variety. He nevertheless enjoy the highest respect of the people and on visiting a private house or some temple to render some service, in spite of his lack of ostentation, is received like an angel from the heavens. This servant of a truth, never seeks honour but on the contrary, to be spared every distinction, as he is in no sense a lord but in the truest sense of the word and meaning a servant of all. But this abnegation does not help but only encourages it.
Behold, thus in actuality it is also in the heavens, where the highest angelic spirits are the least impressive and placed in a position of servitude to others, as if to their lords. Notwithstanding this however, they enjoy My highest regard as befits them out of My love and wisdom.
What does such a servant do when coming to the home of some people? He waits outside until noticed, whereupon the home father reverently hastens out to him, conveying him into the house. Whereupon the High Priest asks if he has need of his service in any matter? If the father has confided anything weighing heavily upon him, either physically or spiritually, then the chief servant at once offers his services.
But the father of the house only says thereto: eminent teacher for our entire region! 'Just one word of your wisdom and your brother-blessing in the grade of the Great God and you will have rendered us a full measure of the most living service!'
Whereupon this highest servant instructs them in all they have need of, blessing them and then leaving, in order to visit another house to offer the same service. Having in company of a few deputies visited and enlightened an entire district going from house to house and from temple to temple, he returns to his native temple country where he then once again becomes a ready servant to one and all.
Whenever someone is in need of his services, he only needs either to come to him or send for him and he shall always find him a ready servant. He does not keep visiting hours, nor is his door ever closed or his house guarded by soldiers, his dwelling being open to everyone at all times and as said, whoever would com- at any time shall always find unhindered entry.
You will perhaps think that such a servant would probably draw a high salary? Here I say unto you that this is not at all the case in the sun. Such a servant on the contrary, in worldly terms, is in direst need. Firstly, his land at high altitude is the smallest and leanest, covering barely a half-acre, whilst even his house is the least impressive and his raiment the simplest. The fruits that he calls forth from the soil are also by far the plainest, the least sumptuous and the paltriest.
You may think that he relies on collections from his diocese? This is not the case either. Any desirous of offering him something for a service is told at once: "Harken dear friend, and brother, that which you have, the Lord has given you and your house. How would I take away what the Lord has presented you with? Or, could I sell you what the Lord has given me? Were I to give it to you for payment, would not the Lord also be most fundamentally entitled to demand payment from me? What payment however could I make to Him, to whom everything that we have belongs, including every breath of our lungs! I however am only a servant in the house of the Lord and must pass on His gifts without payment as I received them.'
Behold, this main code holds every servant back from any offering and even more from any collection, for such a servant is well aware that in My pay exclusively, he enjoys the most supreme conditions.
The greatest reward that he has for all his services upon the sun as a chief servant is that he can occasionally, about once a year by your measure, visit the aforementioned Mt. Calvary and that on exceptional occasions he is visited by one or the other angels of heaven in order to receive directions for his entire area on how to elude great threatening natural disasters.
How large is the area which such a chief servant has to oversee? Such an area may sometimes be larger than the largest empire on earth; and such a whole area-empire is a wide-stretching hilly and mountainous area where there are only a few even paths.
When therefore such a servant journeys through a parish quite a number of times during his incumbency, he questions himself, with what aim? As you are want to say, so say I: for none other than discipleship. Only it may be noted that walking upon the sun firstly is much easier than upon a planet, due to the ground being soft and pliable everywhere. Secondly, the sun people upon this belt, although nearly double your size are nevertheless much lighter since their bodies are of a more etheric or less materially solid nature than yours. On top of that the pedestrians upon the solar body have the advantage that due to their powerful will, they can immensely fortify themselves and as a result are able to move far more rapidly upon their feet between places than the fastest birds upon your Earth. Wherefore it is an easy matter for a sun dweller to surmount a mountain which would take many hours by your measure, in two, three or four minutes.
Knowing this it shall be obvious to you how this senior servant can travel through his parish frequently to wherever his help is needed.
Behold, such is the relationship between the landlord and servant. Because upon the sun no house-father needs any domestic servant for needs other than the predominantly spiritual.
His ground, in any case, he can easily till with his will whilst his wife and their several daughters can, when they have finished school and whilst they are still single, milk the aforementioned sheep and shear them from time to time and spin the wool to make simple aprons.
Everything else, such as buildings and their fittings, as well as the necessary materials for a dwelling, in any case, is produced by the builders and so the actual solar husbandman has little to do besides tilling the ground and enjoying the fruits thereof.
Wherefore sun-people concern themselves mostly with cultivating their spirit, enjoying visiting each other and admiring the diversity of spiritual powers manifesting in the most splendid products of human will.
Whence sun people have no laws and behavioural rules other than those of hospitality and socializing, consisting in perpetual mutual edification thereby building up their knowledge of God and therewith the purpose for which He created them.
Besides, sun people are most lovingly obliging and devoted to one another. There is no thought of quarrelling, but rather competition in how they can anticipate each other in service. This is, as it were, a spontaneous attitude not the result of some law but contrariwise of free will, resulting from the knowledge of God and consequently humanity's purpose.
Over there it is 'brother' and 'sister' throughout. Even teacher and pupil shall not mingle other than as the sincerest, truest brotherly friends.
What are the moral structures? There you can be assured at once that there is not a trace of fornication anywhere. Firstly, propagation does not take place as on Earth but through united prayer and the consequent unified love-will, which is only a unifying of everything good and true or the unifying of light and heat, where the progenitor is as the light and motherhood as heat.
In such unification the pair find their greatest bliss. However it is not like your sensuality, but is the state of two people with identical sense of the good and true, necessitating that you upgrade your concept immensely of such an emotional state.
This therefore is the act of procreation with sun people, particularly upon this belt. For this reason your foolish and morally destructive state of being-in-love does not occur here and the mutual fondness is grounded solely in the good and true.
Although the beauty of the female sex upon the sun is on a most widespread scale, so much so that it is impossible to conceptualise the beauty of such women, such beauty nevertheless has no worth before the male unless fully paired with the recognition of the good and the true. For over here no one regards the form by itself as something attractive, just as you would not regard the single letter from a book or a single note from a composition as attractive, looking to only what is represented. If however it is shallow, worthless and watery stuff you shall not be kissing or seizing such work lovingly either.
Behold, solar man regard form just so. If it corresponds with his concept of the good and true, then it also is of decisive worth for him. If not, then it may be ever so beautiful, but it means no more to him than some tiresome advertisement in a newspaper advising vacant dwellings in some Chinese town. Even if it is printed in the most beautiful lettering, you shall still prefer some badly written Psalm of David if only it is legible, rather than such an example of a beautiful advertisement.
Behold, thus also upon the sun, everything external is only lettering, receiving its worth from its worthy sense. It was so also upon Earth once, but those times have long passed. Wherefore, I now present this, so that men can gradually, if they find out about it, be guided thereby, if they would be truly happy here in the beyond.
If you are desirous of knowing how marriages are entered into in heaven, then marriage upon the sun shall serve as an example for such marriages also last forever, whereas your mostly downright bad marriages being founded in nothing other than the external and therefore most abominable to Me, last at the most until the grave and sometimes less.
For believe Me: the most despicable marriage entered into on Earth is that for money and property; this kind surely ends where its foundation ceases. No less destructive and abominable are marriages having sensuality and mutually attractive forms at their core; for these too gradually pass, like their bad foundations. Similar are political marriages, not surviving their foundations either. Also premature junior marriages, for these also pass like their foundation. Of such ilk are society marriages which too, pass like their destructive foundations.
Only marriages that have Me as their foundation shall last forever for their foundation is eternal.
For this reason have I told you this, that you may see how true marriages are gone into and are compose; and how they should be based.
Do you not say yourselves: no choice fruit can appear upon bad soil, but only weed and thistles? If therefore you look at the world in all its wickedness, asking: "How come?" Then I say unto you: 'Behold the foundation on which the fruit has grown, and judge where, in such swamps and morass, choice wine can grow? Do you not sow the vine upon the mountains, so that they may breathe and suck in the more pure sap and good air, saying: this is the best land for the vine?"
Behold, just so the living fruits of the human species, as the Earth's most noble plant should be cast into the best soil! Hence don't let the bad fruits astonish you, if raised from puddles, cesspools, swamps and morasses! Such grounds however are your worldly marriages; by them you therefore know their fruits! Verily! These are exceedingly filthy fields in which to cast living seed for fruit that is to endure forever!
But enough of this mighty thorn in My side! Let us therefore return to our better solar soil and learn some things from the sun people, which should also similarly prevail upon Earth. This consists of the above mentioned religious creed as practiced outwardly and inwardly by the sun dwellers, especially upon our familiar belt.
But we shall not discuss this till next time. Hence let it be for today.