Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 31 -
Wisdom and will schools upon the first pair of sub-equators

oncerning the spiritual constitution, these equatorial inhabitants understood it to mean what man has to learn to become a completely wise man
To gain familiarity therewith, one has only to learn the teaching material. Once this is know, the entire spiritual constitution is as good as known, especially when one or other material adds the method of teaching and learning in outline.
What therefore is the basic substance of the texts by which all others are assessed, as it were? This basic material, especially now in your learned world, is also regarded as the basic foundation of all science. However with you, this material is called mathematics or the art of calculation; upon our belt however, this science is called "pausing" (to pause) (taking stock).
This science receives priority and is constantly taught for spiritual development. According to this, every person must be capable of accurately and competently assessing every object to gain facility in finding in every object, regardless of how irregular, a round cipher as a foundation for the entire objects form. For they stipulate: it is no use calculating a number if one does not know its root number.
Hence, one of the main exercises for students after their elementary education is to start calculating and determining, by merely looking with the naked eye, the cubic volume as well as surface square of an object of any shape and then, from this number, to find the root and from this its unity. You can be assured that in time these people achieve such facility in this subject that with a superficial glance they can determine its cubic content down to the smallest fraction, as well as determining the height of a mountain before them with precision. Even in the estimation of distant cosmic bodies they are so precise that with one look, they make bigger and more precise calculations than your astute astronomers in the course of decades.
Thus they can also raise any number to any multiple with equal speed and divide even the broken and uneven numbers in order to achieve an unbroken result. This is grounded in the fact that they are, as it were, born into all numerical relationships from childhood.
They possess an equivalent facility in determining weight and proportions. I need not lecture you further for the aforementioned makes it abundantly clear as to wherein their science is grounded, how it is taught and practiced.
And so we shall move to another matter, that of a kind of architecture which is the foundation of building practice.
This architectural technique consists of the students having to put together completely symmetrical shapes out of various massive unsymmetrical ones and then even build from them structures which then are fused into bigger ones and so forth until some complete structure of either a dwelling, main college, an archive, theatre or other conventional building, on a small scale, emerges.
When the students have mastered this loose building technique, they are familiarized with permanent building practice. Once they have also made this practice their own, they are initiated into decoration and from that into effective furnishing of various buildings.
Once they can do this with a measure of skill, they start to learn reading and writing, the latter in actuality is in itself, as with yourselves (with awkward standard), drawing and painting. Reading however consists of familiarizing themselves with the correspondences between all visible things and from their exterior shapes to discern their inner sense. And then they must also, through fusion of various things ascribe a new, arbitrary sense to them. The first they learn through reading and the second through writing.
Once confirmed in these two subjects, they are led into the depiction or, as it were, copying of dwellings and whole regions.
After internalising this as well, they are especially where talent is evident, introduced into poetry, which they begin to, as it were, discern things of the inner world on a conveyor-belt. Perfect products of this nature and their purpose, we have already encountered at the presentation of cluster house theatres.
Once the students have finished with this branch of their spiritual education and have completely mastered this art, the strength of their will is tested. He who among many has the strongest will graduates to the secret school where the substance of primitive cultivation is taught. In this school, he must first be familiar with the entire botany of this belt and must be capable of atomically dissecting every plant from the lowest root to the outermost leaf-tip, and must know how the parts relate, the substance of their connection and how the spiritually substantive, acts within the materially visible.
To attain to this higher degree of knowledge, a student is held and guided into prolonged introspection. For no man can behold the spiritual within other matter until he has made his own spiritual absolute.
Once he has recognized himself and as it were found himself, he is guided further, attaining to the wonderful perfection that can be accomplished in a moment more in this state than in a lengthy time through matter.
Simultaneously, each student is shown clearly how every exterior work of the hand basically is the work of the spirit; but the spirit cannot accomplish this work as quickly because it is greatly hindering by its own matter. But when he has, through the proven wise method conquered the hindrance, then he can also act more strongly and quickly in its absolute state.
How can the spirit in its absolute state act more rapidly, strongly and with greater certainty than with the help of its matter? Because its material is very stubborn and this holds a complete spirit captive. Once a master of its own matter however, it shall henceforth also be a master of all other matter, which holds captive unspeakably weaker and imperfect spirits than itself.
When, through practice, a student has made all this his own, only then is he guided into the deeper knowledge of God's Spirit and his eternal will and he is shown how every human spirit, liberated by itself, can at will enter into active union with the infinite Spirit of God to the extent that it satisfies the divine order.
After this practical recognition the students are also acquainted with the love of this eternal Spirit and that this alone is the means by which to bind the human will with the divine.
When the student has assimilated all this in actuality, the wise teacher passes him the planting rod and water jug and he then tries a planting of the first kind. Every student lead thus succeeds at first try.
With this branch of the spirit, all schooling upon this belt is at an end, for a spirit educated thus can look into all subjects with such clarity that everyone of his words about it is an accomplished deed, and nobody is in need of further instruction because in this state every spirit is thereafter taught by the Spirit of God in everything else.
N.B. This school of cultivation would be more effective upon your Earth than all the high schools, girls' grammar schools, universities and theological seminaries because at the conclusion its charges are indeed presented with a ceremonial holy spirit but not with the true Holy Spirit of the perfect inner life, wherefore their works also are like the spirit they received. And yet, I say unto you: the school for imbuing with the living holy spirit could cost far less than the school imbuing with a dead spirit, which is nothing, never was anything and never shall be anything. There are indeed upon Earth small beginnings that shall grow bigger gradually but disproportionately big still is the hard school of stones that goes with it. You know what I am saying therewith.
But we are upon our sun and want to conclude our spiritual education with the comments that in the southern equator especially such spiritual education is superbly implemented, except that in the southern belt it is more widespread than in the northern belt.
Now you are acquainted with the substance of the spiritual state and so we shall deal next time with religion that is closely associated with this spiritual state, which shall certainly not leave you dissatisfied. And therewith enough for today!