Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 33 -
The second pair of sub-equators - corresponding to our Earth

egarding the second pair of sub-equators. These are also separated by an unscaleable circle of mountains. From this circular mountain range, mountain chains run off into the equator to follow and sometimes even join up occasionally with the next circular mountain range separating the third equator from this our second one.
This second ring or land belt is considerably narrower than the two preceding ones but for this reason both the northern as well as southern one correspond to just a single planet.
Upon these two belts there is no circular sea to be found anywhere but there is a considerable number of large seas as well as big currents and rivers. In particular, the southern belt is considerably more watered than the northern. Therewith we have an outline of these two lands.
We have heard how the two preceding belts correspond to the two planets Mercury and Venus. With which planets therefore do these two belts correspond?
To discover that you shall not need powerful looking glasses for you can bump your nose against it, for it is the one carrying you. Hence your Earth is the planet corresponding to these two belts. The northern for the Earth's northern half and the southern for the southern half.
If therefore you want to see the layout of these two belts at a glance, then simply transfer the various conditions of your Earth from the national and personal aspect to these two belts and you are on home ground except that you have to take the properly cultivated part of your Earth, transferring both northern and southern halves to our two solar belts and you are fully at home. For the heathen nations and their domestic systems are missing as are also the moors and the dark peoples and therewith also their domestic, political and religious systems.
The layout therefore is as it once was in good Christian times under the true Christians and as it once was with the Israeli nation under Joshua: in the northern belt as with good Christianity and in the southern one, as with the Israelites under Joshua.
Now that you know this, we shall have easy work with the equators of the second land ring, because if all is in due order as upon your Earth, then we only have to mention what is peculiar to the sun to complete our exact knowledge of these two belts.
What therefore is peculiar to the sun that does not correspond to the planet?
This firstly consists of the greater perfection of everything compared to Earth.
Secondly the difference consists of there being no so called amphibians, neither in the waters nor upon land, neither any rapacious animals. There are indeed some that resemble the latter class in shape, yet they are nevertheless of a noble and tame nature. Nor have the diverse animals any weapons against one another as on Earth, but all rather resemble the nature of lambs, feeding on grass and roots.
The third point of difference is the vegetation. You will indeed encounter all the two hundred thousand varieties of grass, plant and shrubs occurring on Earth. But they are firstly seedless as well as growing freely everywhere upon their habitat, spontaneously from the ground somewhat like moss, various mushrooms and a few plants, especially upon the Earth's equatorial regions. Notwithstanding these, plants and trees upon both belts can be transplanted not only through engrafting of sprouts, but also through the fruits themselves notwithstanding the absence of kernels, like a seedless grape in the East. But after the fruit is laid in the soil, a similar plant or tree emerges.
Behold, this is the main solar difference and peculiarity.
Concerning the people here and their political, domestic and religious constitution, these correspond fully as shown above.
You ask: "Do they believe in Christ the Crucified?" And I say unto you: "In the entire northern belt nobody knows any God other than Christ the Crucified! Because this was proclaimed here by the same apostles who proclaimed Him there. But you must not look at Christianity there through hierarchical eyes and imagine that they have houses of prayer and all sorts of idle and lazy monasteries, but rather that the entire belt is one Christian community with only one Gospel, recognising the one and only Christ, truly in spirit and in truth."
The southern belt in its religion differs from this northern one only in that there, the inhabitants also have the preliminary structure of the Old Testament to the main edifice of the New and everlasting Testament, whilst the northern equatorial residents also are in its knowledge, but say: "We indeed honour and treasure everything that has an ever so remote bearing upon our Lord, yet if we possess Him personally, then we let go of the other and abide in Him!" For this reason the inhabitants of the northern belt also are much wiser than those of the southern, for the former are inside the foundation, whilst the others on top of it, or, the ones are in the Temple whilst the others are, only more or less, in its precincts, or, the ones are within love and from that in all wisdom, whilst the others are in wisdom and in love only out of that.
You would like to know whether people here are capable of sinning and whether therefore there is baptism for the rebirth of the spirit and therefore salvation from death as a means of gaining life eternal? The inhabitants of every cosmic body are capable of sinning and hence are also here. Because, wherever there are beings in absolute freedom, there are basic commandments with either temporary or permanent sanctions, through which alone the free beings are capable of recognizing their freedom. For freedom consists solely in a free living being recognizing that it can either heed or transgress a given law through its free will. If however there are free beings whose will is bound by one or other free or moral law, to either keep or not keep same, then it speaks for itself that the opportunity for sin or the breaking of the law is possible, where beings exist who have to undergo this very freedom test.
Hence this is understandable about our belt. But due to the earnestness of these sun dwellers a sin against the commandment of love is even more rare than your full heeding of it.
But if nonetheless there are sinners here and there, then there must also be forgiveness of sins and hence a baptism and salvation. Salvation, baptism and repentance there, are all one, for every sinner, on returning to the commandment of love, repenting his transgression, seizing and vitalizing Christ in his heart, immediately partakes of salvation and is baptised in the spirit, gaining rebirth to everlasting life.
Such is also the case upon the southern belt, except that, due to greater opulence of the land, sin also is more prevalent than in the northern belt, and people are more sensual than upon the northern equator. Behold, that is another thing, especially in this time, that markedly differs compared to Earth.
In other respects however, everything is as upon your planet. There are even towns and villages and also isolated groups. You would even be astonished to come upon the most beautiful vineyards and find well-wooded Alps right up to altitudes beyond which, owing to the rarefied air, no further growth is possible. You would not even miss the sickle and the plough, except for their far more perfect state.
The people themselves are not much bigger than on planet Earth, but are much more beautiful and perfect. Their apparel is very simple as was once that of the Israelite people.
Their constitution is purely patriarchal in a broader sense and nationally theocratical. Wherefore they are in perpetual communion with the heavens and in constant visible spiritual connection. I, Myself indeed often personally dwell among the purest and most perfect within love and humility!
As for their marriages, these are truly made in heaven i.e. out of pure love for Me and are blessed by the parents and by the angels in My name.
Procreation of the human race takes place through sexual intercourse indeed, but there it belongs to actions that are among the most reverent and spiritual.
Decease is mostly a free exit from the body, which latter is then buried in a special field. Decomposition is very rapid accompanied by a most pleasant fragrance, which cheers up and enlivens all nature, as it gives (so to speak) a taste of celestial airs.
These people have no holidays either and no time measures and they have little interest in the secret nature of things because their highest wisdom consists of their principle: if we have Christ, we have everything; without Him however all things within infinity and eternal space are void.
If one of you nevertheless were to ask them to clear up the matter for you, then they shall be able to do so most fundamentally, notwithstanding their having no schools. For their sole school is Christ, and you can be assured that the greatest scholars go forth from this school!
You may think that there must be a lot of sad and pious brethren and sisters going around who hardly dare to take their eyes off the ground. Not so! I say unto you: such happy, cheerful and convivial people you will not find upon the entire Earth. They even have music theatres, as well as great concerts, but of course in a different sense than you are accustomed to. Because in all these recreations, the Lord is the exceedingly bright central point, around which everything revolves, whilst with yourselves upon Earth, He is left at home in the best of circumstances, not to mention other considerations!
And so we have briefly looked at these two equatorial belts. That climatic conditions upon this belt are the same as upon the other belts, you can surmise from the fact that they all belong to the solar world.
It hardly needs mentioning that these equators are also rich in the most diverse natural phenomena, but never of the destructive variety. This leaves us with very little of note about these two equators.
The question could surface in you as to whether your moon does or does not also have something corresponding to these two belts? But here you can take it from Me that no planetary moons have any correspondences upon the sun, for the moons have their correspondences only with the planets to which they belong.
But now we have finished with our two belts and shall turn to the third equatorial belt next time. And so we shall leave it for today.