Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 6 -
The etheric atmosphere of the cosmic bodies and Cosmic body systems. The largest cosmic bodies' combination - a shell-globe.

aving found out from whence the suns take their light and how they reflect same, a philosopher may say: I have nothing against this solar-light theory, and it has a lot going for it; yet it must be shown from where, the said, main central sun obtains its peculiar flame-light! And what in actuality is this shining from these presumed flames? How are these flames produced? Of what order is this eternal combustion material that it resists consumption through powerfully shining flames?
Behold, this is a profound question, but there is a still more profound one begging to be asked: although the whole thing sounds quite acceptable, it nevertheless is highly questionable whether this shell-globe really exists and whether it really contains such an immense, burning central sun. If this can be proven, then we scientists and astronomers shall indeed accept the thing; but until such proof is presented, we cannot regard the entire shining hypotheses as anything other than a successful and clever result of poetic imagination.
Behold, here you have almost verbatim the remonstrations we may encounter in the natural sphere. To preclude this critical philosopher from turning to the author demanding proof, rather than having already proven it herein, we shall encounter this in a practical way.
Concerning the shell-globe, this has countless corresponding equivalents in even the smallest being, as well as in a planet or a sun and, in short, in everything you care to look at. Where is the object whose many component parts are not surrounded by a shell, rind or skin?
Examine the human or animal eye! It totally corresponds to a shell-globe, within the centre of which the crystal pupil is found, which firstly, and especially with many animals, has its own light and takes up the light of other objects like unto a sun of whatever magnitude, found within a shell-globe. Examine the walls of the eye from within, how, after taking up all the rays received from without through the crystal lense, they multiply this light with the light of that very lense, before casting it into every thinkable distance. For you must know that you do not see the objects themselves but only their respective images, on account of their being taken up by the black rear minor retina (skin) through the crystalline lense and afterwards instantly reflected outward fully lit up. Only then do you behold the objects at their natural location outside of you. For were you to desire seeing the objects themselves then you could only see them in their actual size, whereupon seeing a dust particle now would seem like an elephant-sized animal afterwards, and even a planet-sized being with the spiritual eye.
The fact that you see all things through the eye's shell-globe-like composition in a much reduced image is proven by the fact that all objects regardless of how minute can under the microscope be magnified to an extraordinary degree, the magnification being nothing other than the steady approach of the studied object, or rather its light image towards the object's actual size.
Were this not so, then under such magnification it would be surprising if several and sometimes countless concise details could not be discovered, which the eye as it is, cannot detect. Say whether such detection does not prove that the naked eye cannot possibly see the actual objects but only their extremely reduced image along the above mentioned lines? (How otherwise could entire hordes of infusoria and other little animals be discovered in a droplet of water the size of the top of a knitting-needle?).
Anyone with a bit of a truly brighter mind should discover here, almost on first sight, the resemblance between the eye, a planet, a sun and thereby also a shell-globe.
Man likewise has a corresponding semblance to all this. What is his heart from the natural aspect? Is it not the central sun of the whole body? And all the countless nerves and fibres, secondary suns, etc? The outer skin as the shell however stretches over the entire organism. Could man actually exist without this outer cover, which is a good and effective protection from the entire inner physical organism for him and indeed every animal? Therewith we have another corresponding image of a shell-globe!
Look at a bird's egg. This is the same? In the broadest sense a replica of an entire shell-globe or central sun by itself or a secondary sun, or a planet or likewise of every existing whole object. Likewise you can consider a planet, and with a little thought you shall see that without an outer skin the planet's endurance cannot be imagined; just keep removing one external particle after another, and you shall ultimately come to the removal of the final particle, for the same needs an outer cover for its existence through which its parts are enclosed and held together.
In short, wherever a life is manifested, a suitable organism has to be on hand for this life-manifestation, whose parts are so positioned that one reaches into the other with great precision, one organic part driving, pulling and awakening another, like a clock, where one wheel engages, pulls, drives and awakens another.
Would the clock-wheels effect what they do, if their pins were not solidly mounted above and below, or so to say covered, within which cover they can be engaged for systematic movement? If however all this is on hand, what is still lacking for the wheels to tum? A central sun, and this is the spring. Wherefore the clock could not exist without firstly a cover for all wheels and secondly an inner driving force.
Thus it is so with the most insignificant plant's organism, which firstly has to have an outer cover, within which a suitable central organism has to be placed and that once again, effectively from the centre of the plant, where the enlivening power, like the light of the central sun, can act through the entire organism, vitalizing right through to the outer enclosure, where this force once again arrests itself, returning to the centre. Could this be effected without the enclosure? Indeed not, for without a container not a drop of water can be delivered home, let alone an organic life maintained.
Thus the organism of an animal as well as of a man also has to be enclosed by an outer shell within which the organism can then be put in order and also animated from the central point.
The same is the case with a planet without which firstly no planet would be thinkable and even less capable of providing a base for manifold life. Even more is this the case with a sun which is already a central point for an entire planetary system and hence must have a several-fold enclosure, akin to the heart within man's body, because its organism for the larger action has to be much more diverse and perfect than that of another planet. And thus every planetary system with its sun at its centre has its own etheric enclosure within which the entire planetary system moves, lives, mutually attracting, driving and awakening itself.
This is even more the case with the magnitude of a succeeding central sun around which up to several million smaller suns orbit with their planets and hence represents a much more grandiose and more diverse active organism than that of a smaller sun with its planets. Behold, these millions of suns in clusters also have their ether enclosed, the reason such distant solar regions can be observed as sharply delineated nebulae which would be impossible without this skin enclosing the ether; which in human as well as animal bodies can be compared to a tiny skin around each individual nerve without which it could neither live nor endure.
You are aware that these solar regions in rum have their own central body around which they move and are vitalized by the force of this central body and its still wider shell or self-contained skin or ether. This solar-region conglomerate i.e. where several or rather an immense number of solar regions around a still larger central body, together comprise a still wider solar region, which is in turn enclosed by a still greater skin or ether. And finally these solar conglomerates orbit in vast numbers around a common, bigger central point namely around the truly self-shining central sun, being one and all in life-giving action within an exceedingly out-stretched enclosure or skin. And this is then a shell-globe or a perfect independent solar body.
What would happen to this body if this most essential outer water skin or ether were taken from it? Ultimately, the same as what would happen to an eye if the outer cornea were removed or as the shell removed from an egg, or the sheath from a plant or the skin from an animal or finally the outer crust from a planet and that to all the component parts of this immense solar body. This would be the case with the entire solar body. It would partly liquefy, partly dry up, partly scatter infinitely and finally be extinguished and pass away. Hence we have established that it is necessarily for this shell-globe to exist as a complete solar conglomerate and hence also have an inner driving spring or general central sun as well. And our scientists who belittle this theory should now try again to present it as a clever poetic hypothesis!
Wherefore, this only leaves us to prove how the central sun shines and blazes. Once we have done that, we can cheerfully and peacefully settle down to behold all the glories and wonders of the fields and the volcanoes of our sun.