Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 67 -
Life conditions and spiritual nature upon the seventh belt.

oncerning social norms among this belt's inhabitants, these as already said, are almost identical to those upon the corresponding planet, except that there are no dwellings to be found and therefore no villages. People nevertheless congregate in social groups using jointly possessed grounds i.e. this substantially great area is not owned by any individual.
Whatever the ground yields naturally and normally is available for everyone's needs. But whatever someone is able to call forth from the soil through his will is exclusively his. But in accordance with their civil conventions, everyone can cede at least a third of their own production to the commonwealth. This is also the case with those possessions claimed as coincidental, of which you might say: "this is land to my liking, where roasted birds fly into your mouth!"
You will remember that Miron's atmosphere brings forth wonderful sustenance, which only has to be caught and put into one's mouth. This is even more the case upon this solar belt, and especially the northern one; for the sun's polar regions being the very ones from which the entire host of planets obtain their rich sustenance, you can take it then that an abundant portion of "crumbs" find their way over the polar mountain-chain and into the seventh equatorial belt. And so there is always something for the inhabitants to nibble.
Wherefore the climate upon this belt is also much cooler than upon the other belts, since the air is constantly filled with all kinds of fruitful mists, out of which all kinds of good material things come forth, no less beneficial for these inhabitants than was the manna to the Israelites in the desert. Whatever the air freely yields therefore belongs to the first finder and claimant, although he is to share half with the community. Therein lies the social code of these residents.
However, since these huge people have no houses, it can be asked how are they accommodated? They seek out soft, level areas on the hills, which are of notable size. There they grow thick grass of great elasticity, not infrequently reaching a height of several Klafters (one Klafter is approximately 2 metres). This area usually two to three square miles (GM) is surrounded with immensely high, gigantic fruit trees and together with the surrounding trees is then the communal dwelling place, apportioned partly to men and women respectively. This type of dwelling or rather these dwelling places are never of regular shape but are dependant upon the hill area.
The rest of the land around this hill often extends to between eight hundred and a thousand square miles and is a common area for the residents' benefit.
Who is in charge of this community? The order is similar to the planet. The parents are everything to the children; any elder, or if more than one is consulted for advice on important issues, the advice then is also keenly followed.
What unites such groups? Great friendship in their gatherings. There is no distinction among them, unlike upon the Earth-dwellers, who treat their darker brethren like animals. On the contrary, upon this belt, greater respect is always given to a person of another colour and that in the belief that the great Creator wanted to show further proof of His unapproachable wisdom. Wherefore they also probe the Creator's all-wise reason for this human being a different colour, whereafter every word from the mouth of this other-coloured individual is treated like a treasure found and observed from every angle and taken apart for its innermost meaning.
The diverse human sizes upon this belt likewise receive special attention, for these individuals too are regarded in the same way as those of a different colour.
Are these people as industrious as those of the planet? Not really, for as they have neither houses nor clothing this eliminates much industry, consequently they have little need of the requirements of the residents of other planets.
They are however vastly ahead of their planetary counterparts in terms of their spiritual and scientific knowledge. Besides their powerful will, they have no tools other than their two hands and healthy senses.
What is their position musically? Materially very bad, because they do not possess musical instruments nor can they produce anything resembling music with their voices, which are too deep. But spiritually, they are so much more musical, being able to impart their spiritual concerts to each other inwardly, audibly and perceptibly, the way you can communicate your thoughts through words.
How does this take place? Almost the same way that some of your so-called somnambulists can distinctly perceive those tones and harmonies that their so-called magnetiser thinks and feels. You shall ask: how is this possible? To this I say firstly that spiritual man has ears and all other senses just like natural man. Just as natural man can, with his natural senses perceive the song of others, just so and incomparably better can the spirit do so with his incomparably more perceptive senses. From this it surely transpires that man can, without instruments and the material capacity to sing, still be the most competent musician. Were this not the case, no music would have arisen amongst you. For whence would the first musician have derived it, had his spirit not been already a clever musician. From what has been said, you are well able to understand how our inhabitants upon the seventh belt can be excellent musicians, even without musical instruments and singing ability, capable of delighting one another and Myself most deeply in praise.
Music in the spirit indeed always corresponds to the deepest, innermost praise that a spirit can bring Me from his innermost, celestial depth, as did the man after My heart and others, in My honour and as the angelic spirits of heaven always do. If however music is treated, as by yourselves, then many musicians would be better off performing with rattlesnakes at the public balls than with their tuneful musical instruments whose tones, taken together spiritually, are no more than Satan's trumpet call to eternal death! But enough of that, as you are very well aware of the extent of contemporary music's degeneration.
What is the state of these people's astronomy? Very good, just as with music. In consequence of this belt's constant mists, they don't actually ever see a star in their wide sky, but ever so much more in their spirit, and they are so competent in this subject that distant regions of space are almost as familiar to them as their equatorial belt.
Not everyone, but their wise men certainly know the set-up of the perfect planet - sun and what boarders it carries upon its surface as well as its interior and its atmospheres. But they also know that they have to abide there physically for as long as their spirits are destined to carry their bodies. Thus these inhabitants are by no means as naive and clumsy as they might appear in their huge nakedness.
Were someone to ask: why are these people so unbelievably huge physically, if their spirit with all its perfection nevertheless has no more to show for itself than any other perfect spirit of an incomparably smaller human? Behold, this again is a question, which instead of being answered, calls for certain other questions. For could you not just as well ask: why is the oak so big in relation to its insignificant fruit? And why is the apple tree with the biggest apples not only the smallest in relation to the oak but also to its fellow apple trees? You could further ask: why has the great elephant the smallest eyes in relation to other animals, whilst the fly and other such insects has such big eyes in relation to its smallness?
Many more such amusing counter questions could be asked; but these two shall suffice to make it clear to you and others that I have certain peculiar things up my sleeve for which I am not always inclined to account for Myself, especially not to those men in their natural state who, out of further well-considered reasons on My part, are inaccessible to higher wisdom. Once however this time of testing is at an end, there shall still be plenty of time to lead perfect spirits into all kinds of wisdom. Wherefore we shall leave our huge men upon this belt to themselves for now. There shall come a point in time, when the spirit shall be in a condition to grasp everything.
Since we have now looked through the social norms of our seventh belt inhabitants, we shall next time turn to their religion, when certain seeming contradictions in our presentation of the sun shall level off. And so we will leave it for today.