Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 68 -
Basic tenets about the solar inhabitants' religion and substance of divine revelations.

f you have taken notice of the religion of the inhabitants of Miron, you will have derived a foretaste of how religion upon this seventh belt is grounded. But you must not lose sight of the fact that the solar equator is never of equal but opposing polarity i.e. solar in all its relationships to corresponding planets. This is also the case with religion.
Religion upon a planet moves from the material to the spiritual, wherefore the material also predominates over the spiritual. It is the exact opposite upon the sun. There religion moves from the spiritual to the material, making its appearance as the creative, substantive basis for all things. Whence the spiritual there predominates over the material.
To highlight the distinction even further, you have to visualize the thing as follows: if you, inhabitants of one or other planet, have the material or its formed products in front of you, you admire it and on observing it intensely, you are bound to ask: how did this come about? Through this and subsequent questions you are led ever deeper. And if you investigate by the right rules, you necessarily must come to the spiritual and hence to an independent life, as the motionless and dead matter finally calls out to you: I could not possibly have created and even less vitalized myself! In other words: you take the anti-solar path, going from the material to the spiritual.
Upon the sun, the path is the reverse as said above. There, nobody looks at a thing as it appears before him, his first glance being its basis, and from there he traces his steps in stages upon those paths according to which, out of the spiritual, a natural being has procreated or developed itself, which path is called - the solar.
Every revelation is constituted so with you, it goes over from the spiritual to the materially shaped. For this reason, not infrequently, all external forms must appear as if contradictory, although stemming from the most exalted and well-calculated order.
To again make this clearer, I will give you a small example: behold an old tree! Provided it is healthy it would be most easily examined by cutting the stem horizontally and with sharp eyes note how, from its core, it gets steadily more disorderly in the wood layers to finally arrive at its very rough bark covering. If you then look at the core and its immediate surround and how it is formed in strict order, then it can surely be expected that you will be gripped by this order. On observing the steadily rising disorder of the wood circles outward from the core, you will surely say: from whence did this disorder come? This obviously contradicts the completely round core. For we find concavities and convexities of frequently several inches, notwithstanding the circular core. What has compressed or pushed out the annual rings? And how will you explain the utmost disorder of the outer bark, with its rough grooves? You will have to say: the more light we shed on it, the greater the contrast between the core and the tree's outer covering. Behold, just one cross-section of the tree teaches you that!
But we shall shed some more light on this. If for instance you cut through the tree at various places, always comparing them with the same core, what mighty differences you shall find! But even these differences are not overly remarkable. Hence we shall look at the thing at a deeper level!
Let us take the seed of a tree for example! You can for instance compare a hundred acorns and even weigh them. If you take the actually quite beautiful fruits of this tree, then the differences shall hardly be noticeable. And if you then peel out the germ, examining them microscopically, you shall find one and the same order in each of these germ-warts. But now My beloved ones, we shall take the trouble to take a little stroll through an oak tree forest. Hey Ho! You shall exclaim, here not one tree looks like another! One has these branches, another different ones; and not two in the entire forest resemble one another! You may think perhaps that a greater order reigns there, commensurate with the acorn? Just let us dig the trees up, for this is easy, spiritually. See the roots, and how they differ just like the stems and crowns!
If you consider this a little, must you not truly exclaim: what disorder, what contradiction with the extraordinarily congruent matching and uniform order within the germ! "How can, from such order arise such self-contradictory disorder in all stems, branches and twigs!
Behold, therein lies what you need to understand, if you would truly benefit to the letter from every external form of spiritual revelation. For the spiritual is in itself a self-determining power, having the greatest order within itself. When this power however manifests itself from within, it must take into consideration the greatest order within itself, to manifest itself in the face of external circumstances in a way that does not lose sight of its primordial nature, yet act in such a way as to harmonize with the external circumstances.
Behold, from this it will be clear that, when as the primordial force I manifest Myself to the external world out of the most supremely spiritual eternal order, I then, as its most fundamental initiator observe these two rules very strictly and that nothing of the actual divine holiness, in its fullness is lost thereby, but must rather indwell same everywhere in highest perfection and substance. But regarding its external, formal outward manifestation, this must again submit itself to external circumstances, having to manifest externally in all sorts of contradictions, notwithstanding its own complete harmonization in the highest order within itself, and hence, notwithstanding the uniformity of the oak trees among themselves in substance, always revert back to the same basic order, even if seeming to contradict themselves in exterior form.
Will some not say here: how does this explanation agree with the religion of the people of the seventh belt? But I say: it shall presently be shown how important this explanation was, to understand the subject of religion, as things pertaining fundamentally to the spirit not only for the inhabitants of the seventh belt but all other belts, in order to benefit therefrom.
I have already mentioned during the presentation of the religion of the inhabitants of the seventh belt; that some seeming contradictions shall be cleared up with the completion of these disclosures. How would you grasp this without the preceding explanation? Knowing this, it shall not be too difficult to set this right for you, and to show you the difference between the solar and anti-solar effect.
Wherefore we shall not deal with the subject of religion until next time. Therewith enough for today!