Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 7 -
The suns' own light

oncerning the basis for the shining of a flame, this has actually been dealt with in the course of revelations about "The Fly". A sequel nevertheless may serve here to give deeper understanding of this phenomenon.
You are aware of the spiritual in its absolute sense not being able to maintain itself without some outer enclosure or organ through which it alone is capable of manifesting. Regarding the envelop, this in itself is nothing other than My love-will, which embraces the spiritual with its mercy, directing it inwards, placing it within some order, whereby it can carry out some part of My overall will and hence achieve some purpose corresponding to My eternal order. Behold, this thing is so!
What happens when some force, hidden by the shell of My love-power, regardless of how feeble or other circumstances or effects, is prompted, shaken or thrust? It is thereby thrust out of its order, or what amounts to the same thing, out of its equilibrium, feeling restricted or inhibited thereby, seeking to either restore its former tolerable state or, if overly antagonized, to rupture its entire organism and go over into an absolute (unbound) state?
Now consider the diameter of a central sun being such that in a straight line it would even take light, over a trillion years to cover the distance; the size or volume of such a body would be of a phenomenal order from the natural aspect. And if such a body were endlessly colossal for your concepts, would not such endless bulk of matter towards its mid-point, exert an inconceivable pressure from every side?
This is for sure; for think of the weight of just one mountain upon your trivial cosmic body; then think of the planet's weight and then that of your entire sun which firstly is a million times bigger than your Earth and hence also harbours a gravitational pull a million times that of your Earth. For were this not so, then it could not attract entire cosmic bodies many thousands of millions of miles distant in such a way that they are unable to escape its region. And in proportion to this gravitational pull in a body also is the weight through the multiplied pull of this body.
But now consider that all suns, central suns, planets and comets taken together hardly make up a millionth part of this main primordial central sun and how mighty its gravitational pull must be and how mighty the pull towards its centre!
What does matter consist of? You are aware of matter being nothing other than the spiritual or spirits under captivity (condensed). If however, even upon the terrestrial body through collision between two stones, several tightly captive potencies often break loose; and somewhere in the Earth's interior, where the pressure from without becomes too mighty, powerful explosions can ensue without much delay, whose fiery effect can destroy huge mountains and extensive continental stretches. Yet if you trace this back to its cause, it is some sixty-four cubic metres of powerfully pressured spirits captive within matter seeking to throw off and rupture their shackles, seeking liberty to join many other spirits to break loose along the way. If therefore this is the case upon and in the Earth (something already introduced by comparison at the outset) then transpose this miniature relationship of your planet to the central sun. Then you will realize what pressures captive spirits constantly have to bear and this for the merciful reasons that, as mighty captives they are constantly reawakened to life through the mighty pressure.
On that account this central sun is also full to excess with the most immense so-called volcanoes, or fire-spewers of which the smallest has a diameter to make room for thirty billion of your suns, to say nothing of the largest of the craters upon this central sun!
Now you know that the shine is produced through the flashing or vibrations of the spiritual powers within the shell in which they are enclosed. The heftier the stirring up of a captive spirit within the aforementioned shell through an exterior pressure, knock or blow, the more intense the vibrations it produces and the more blinding the manifestation, that is the shining of a flame or spark. Where however can such spiritual potencies be more mightily pressured, pushed or struck than upon this central sun?
Due to these conditions, a spark shines so intensely there, that no human eye could bear it for a moment. Verily I say unto you: if a spark the size of a heather seed a thousand (German) miles above your Earth would ignite with the same light-intensity as it ignites upon this arch-primordial central sun, then through its radiation-vehemence, the Earth would in one moment evaporate like a water droplet upon a white-hot plate.
Now imagine the entire immense, chief central sun covered with such supremely intense light-flames and judge for yourselves the outreach or distance of such rays, as the flying excursion of the liberated spirits! This will give you an idea of the effect of such a general "chandelier" sun within the solar-universes chamber of a shell-globe. If you have understood this now, you shall also find it easy to comprehend in what way every small planetary sun as well as every planet can within themselves develop their own light, where the intensity of its peculiar light is always commensurate with the size of its volume and hence gravitational force.
Upon a terrestrial sphere for example, you can still look at a candle flame with ease -why? Because through its combustion the spirits bound within its wick and fatty matter are aroused only to an insignificant extent easily able through a low vibration intensity to destroy their surrounding (air) bubbles to then go over into free reign. Less easily are you able to look into a blacksmith's forge because the residual spirits within the coal need a heftier stirring in order to free themselves from their prisons by more intense vibrations. Even less ably shall you bear the light of those flames blazing and flashing forth from a fire-spewing mountain as these have their inception in much heftier agitation of the spirits within the Earth's interior.
Transpose this to the sun which escalates all relationships a million-fold and you will see how every sun is able to develop its own light through its volcanoes. The sun's own light nevertheless would still be far too feeble to completely light up and warm distant planets. But this sun's own light nevertheless admirably serves to, as you would say, keep the surface of the solar atmosphere "minor smooth" and in a most pure condition, in order to take up the light of the chief central sun and through same the light of all other suns lit up by it.
Therewith, we have disposed of another main obstacle and answered the above mentioned question. Wherefore we can, as said above, quietly start moving about upon our sun and admiring its wondrous splendour
But brace yourselves, for verily you shall not encounter so-called kid's stuff here. For everything presenting itself to your gaze upon this perfect planet shall be exceptional in size, loftiness, sublime and deep gravity! Nevertheless not today, but next time.