Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 70 -
Devoutness as religious and life-basis upon the seventh pair of belts

esterday we heard how he who drills from the centre cannot possibly miss the bark of the tree, firstly because the bark surrounds the entire tree and secondly because, from the centre of a circle there always is a straight and sure way to the periphery. He who does not have the centre of a circle shall hardly find it from the periphery with precision, for he shall have to search for it from the periphery.
But some will say: this is true indeed, but if one has to split the tree first to drill from the core, it becomes hard work! And I say: certainly! Because to probe for truth and constant infallibility takes more than to invent some lie. Ought one therefore to shy away from seeking pure truth because the path is harder than to the lie? Surely none shall assert that. Just so with the splitting of the tree: it is easier to drill from the outside inwards and then say: I have hit the centre, rather than to split the tree and drill from the centre outwards.
Truth nonetheless demands this. One has to search for life where it is and then proceed from life and not search where it isn't, attempting as one dead, to find life in death in order to probe it!
He who wants therefore to tread the right Path has to go the solar and not anti-solar way. And the tree has to be split so that the centre of life comes to the light.
It could be said: this is all very well; but how shall we split the tree. The crown is at the top and the roots at the bottom! But I say: saw off the crown and remove the roots, leaving you the stem that is easy to split.
But here you will say again: what's the meaning of that; we don't understand it? What is a tree's crown? It is the worldly banter that resides in the outer intellect.
And what do the roots signify? You need not look far but just answer the question: why do people enrich their intellect with all sorts of worldly knowledge? And the roots will then come fully into view. Should the difficult answer elude you, I shall tell you then! These are to be understood as all worldly interests and advantages. These worldly interests and advantages unite in a tree-core, depicting man's self-love, the latter then spreads into all sorts of handy backchat, to gather in ever more food for its own existence.
Hence this parable will be understandable now. Away with the crown! Away with the roots! Split the tree! So that self-love, turned inside out turns to love of neighbour and God; and thus cart-wheeled, becomes exposed to the beams of the eternal life-sun! Behold, thus turned outward love can be scrutinized; and wherever an inner wisdom-drill is revved up, it shall proceed from the lit-up basis, always hitting the periphery in the straightest direction, without laboriously searching for it.
But some will say: this is a tolerable metaphor; but this operation mucks up the tree! And I say unto you: if not mucked up from without, then with time, the inner one will perish together with the outer one. If however the outer one perishes for the inner one's sake, the inner one shall be preserved. For he who loves the worldly life shall lose the life of the spirit, but he who loves the life of the spirit, scorning the life of the world, he shall gain the life of the spirit.
He therefore, who loves the life of the spirit, gaining same, has split himself and exposed his innermost life to the light out of Myself. And this light is the true wisdom-drill that penetrates everything and is the point where all things and beings converge.
Knowing this, we are now familiar with nearly everything pertaining to the religion of the inhabitants of our seventh solar belt. This consists exclusively of: scanning everything from within and from this inner view, bringing Me true, inner living praise.
Of what does this praise consist? It consists of complete atonement, through the return of everything external and natural to the purely spiritual. May the external be ever so scattered, it must nevertheless express itself internally as completely cohesive.
This expression is: God is love! Everything that exists is a radiation of this eternal holy of holies! And this holy of holies finds itself in its endless omnipresence within itself, endlessly perfect, just as it finds itself in us - His images. Within this image we are then consequent upon our self-found, integral sanctum, ourselves at one with the arch-eternal, integrated, most perfectly cohesive sacrosanct, which is God Himself, the only Love. Thus we love God if we possess His love, for God will not be loved other than with His own, integral love. He who therefore would love God, so that He would dwell within him everlastingly must have God's love within him as a complete unity with God, which is the bringing back of all in its sacred unity, which the eternal, unified love has radiated in countless rays of grace from itself in view of its great mercy.
Behold, this is the actual basic principle of the religion of the seventh belt. This basic principle hence is also the governing principle of the actions of these people.
And so their entire being manifests this visibly. They are outwardly naked because they don't regard externals. But they are so much more clothed within, because to them the spiritual is everything. They are big physically as testimony of their taking everything external captive, to unite it there. They vary in size in order to do away with and unite these external differences in their spirit. Thus they live on all kinds of fruit, partly growing from trees and shrubs in the wild, partly from fruit called forth from the soil by their will and partly on foodstuff which the atmosphere conveys to them like miracles to signify that man should gather up the scattered fullness of eternal Love.
Behold, all their striving is also,aimed at uniting everything in the love of God. Outwardly, the biggest is not better than the smallest. Since in the spirit they know all the inhabitants of the sun, they say: the inhabitants of the central equator, as those bristling the most with external splendour are the smallest of the sun's people. If they were speaking of external dimensions, they would surely find still smaller ones than those we found in the course of these revelations about the sun and its inhabitants. As they regard all things from within, they also name them how they find them within themselves. I remind you that I Myself testified of those upon the central belt as the smallest; this testimony however is related to the current illumination. For wherever the exterior is supremely splendid and manifold, the interior is the smallest. Wherever the exterior is bereft of all pomp, the inward part is proportionately bigger.
Here upon the seventh belt we have seen no outward pomp anywhere; whereas the inward part also is the biggest. Even if here the physical form reaches immensity, this does not detract from our cause; for this immense size is only the consequence of true, inner immensity and testimony of what we dealt with. Likewise the dimensions of the middle equator are given variously; but that too is inclusive of allowance for the scale of the people inhabiting this belt. And so likewise many a thing is different from an interior aspect than meets the external eye.
Having found this out as well, we can always regard what was presented in a twofold way, namely from without and from within. Wherever an external split is perceived, there note that this incoherence too merges within the centre. And if we consider the thing from its inwards then we shall in any case always hit upon the straight path recognizing in advance that the exterior outgrowth and unevennesses shall nevertheless merge in the centre and are unable to give it a different direction, no matter how much they differ among themselves by ever so great clefts, cracks, elevations and depressions.
Therewith we are finished with the presentation of the religion of the people of this belt and want to just say a little about their procreation, birth marriage and their passing on next time and then move to the inner sun, which we shall deal with as briefly as possible. And so we shall leave it for today!