Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 71 -
Procreation, marriage and death upon the seventh equatorial belt

ince procreation is man's first appearance or rather his entering upon the natural sphere from the spiritual one, we shall also begin herewith. How is the act of procreation effected by the huge people of the sun?
If you have looked at the products of the land and how they originate from three sources, then you can discern that it is the same with the generation of man. It likewise is carried out in a threefold way, although neither by the one or the other method, but always from union along a threefold way.
You will ask how this is possible? And I say unto you: this is quite easy. Because generation is also threefold with yourselves. But it is in the reverse order, since with yourselves it is firstly sensual, followed unconsciously to you mostly by the psychological and then spiritual. With sun-people however, spiritual generation comes first. After that comes that of the soul and only then the physical.
What kind of intercourse is the spiritual? From the inner word to the inner word. And soul generation? Through will to will and the physical? Through embracing which is like that between brothers. After this embrace the man breathes over the woman and the act of intercourse is complete because, what John says about becoming flesh, is carried out literally here.
The great significance of the "becoming" man lies in the hidden reason for which he goes forth and which he eventually recognises through his development, that reason being, the centre within where everything unites, which I have now sufficiently shown you.
That leaves us nothing further to ask regarding procreation. How is marriage effected? In a threefold manner like the generation; no external reason ever brings the spouses together, but only an inward one. Being one in the word and then the will, they also become one in body.
When therefore a man of about a hundred years of age (by your measure) recognises some man's daughter in a way that he finds in her his word and will, he goes to the father saying: "Behold, I have found my word and my will in this your maiden, hence it is the great God's will that I take her for my wife. This I reveal to you so that you may probe your maiden and then lead her body unto mine, that I embrace her, producing a new fruit of life within her." The father responds by calling his daughter, saying to her: "Behold here before you is the man whose word and will you carry in accordance with the almighty God's will; wherefore become his and let him embrace you as your husband! God's blessing be with you and His word be your life, now and forever!" Whereupon he escorts his daughter to her bridegroom and marriage is performed. Should the daughter's father be no longer alive, which however rarely happens, then this marriage-making office is undertaken either by the oldest brother of the father, or lacking same, then someone to whom the deceased father had entrusted his children. This takes care also of this aspect.
How does death come about with these people who usually live up to a thousand years? As for the actual act of dying, this firstly is of a marvellous nature and feared by neither man nor woman for to them it is rather the high point of the most joyful manifestations.
Sickness is no part of it. When someone is about to die physically however, he knows it a considerable time in advance, as this is the brightest period in his life, and he prepares in a most practical manner for the time when he passes into the purely spiritual. When the time is near, a great thanksgiving feast is usually prepared, followed by a friendship meal. Then the person whose time has arrived rises, greets all his relatives and his neighbours who inhabit one circle of trees; after which he at once leaves the company to rush up to a rise where the entire company can watch him. There he lies down face up, disappearing without a trace within a few minutes.
Shortly afterwards, he returns to the company as a spirit and all see him through their inner (second) sight. This appearance lasts only a few minutes; then his spirit is at once borne away and nothing more is seen of him at this place.
When all this is at an end, the entire company moves to this mountain to give God unanimous praise and thanks. Then, cheerful for God's great grace bestowed upon one of their brethren, they return home. This act of dying is the same upon the entire belt, on the islands as well as solid land.
One thing of note is that men perish more rapidly than woman and the biggest giants more quickly than the smaller people; that is all there is to know about the act of dying upon the seventh belt.
It hardly needs mentioning that, what has been said applies to both these belts. Having come to a conclusion about the entire inhabitable solar surface, we shall next time move to the sun's interior. And therewith enough for today!