Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

- Chapter 73 -
The fate of solar rebels. Comets and the development of planets. The eternal, incalculable work of Creation.

e have seen during our dealing with sunspots that these spirits, on the one hand achieve their purpose; in what way God's order facilitates them to strive for this aim shall shortly be highlighted even further.
After attaining to their freedom in this violent fashion, these spirits in their million upon millions swarm out into the vastness of space. The immediate consequence of this violent flight is of benefit in the short term, for the spirits in their undertaking are all, as you might say, cooled off and hence quietened down within this space.
But what is the second consequence of this state of absolute freedom? This cannot be comprehended until you are first acquainted with the fact that, regardless of what character, every spirit must have nutrition for his sustenance and wellbeing. If he does not have same, he becomes gradually weaker to the extent of a kind of ultimate state of unconsciousness, resembling deep sleep. This condition is then also the consequence of this lawless, violent solar spirits gaining absolute freedom.
What shall be the result of this second condition? To guess this will not cause anyone a headache. Because if someone were to succeed in starving a tiger and then putting him to sleep, it shall not be hard to catch this raging animal, as its feebleness will leave it defenceless, not even noticing while sleeping, that it has become the hunter's prey. Behold, the consequence are similar for these fully freed solar spirits! They become victims of planetary gravitational forces lurking everywhere around them, which they serve as welcome sustenance.
A portion of these absolutists is forced back by the power of the solar spirit world after the breakthrough, and a portion falls back into the great solar oceans, where it calms down and cools off; a still larger portion, forcing an exit of still greater distance from the sun, is seized by the sun's mighty polarity and returned back into the sun's actual heart. That portion absorbed by the ocean also, with time, makes a retreat through the sun's many pores, veins and canals, sometimes right back to the last inner sun, which you now know is the first after the sun's outer surface. Some of those spirits that fell back into the waters are actually used for the outer sun's sustenance and to bear fruit.
Those spirits of the interior sun, that have already made repeated return journeys do not easily join up again with those spirits intending another equatorial breakthrough, but try rather to secretly take off through back alleys to the polar regions. Finding resistance there once again, they can then become smaller parties resorting to violence, thus still achieving their goal on one or other polar belts. I only need to remind you of the aforementioned volcanoes and you will see where the "carpenter left a hole" for these beings. But this hole does not help them much either, for they can hardly get further than the shiny top of the photosphere. Soon after these almost perpetual repetitive attempts by these liberalist spirits, they receive a most insistent invitation from the sun's poles not to shy away from the trouble of again making a little visit to the innermost sun or actually sun-heart, where they are to give plenty of time for thought as to what is better: to conform to lawfulness or to high-handed impotence, wherewith to immensely aggravate their law-abiding chance for drawn out periods.
Behold, that is how things are. Now it can be asked whether these are the only spirits with the fatal honour of being received back by the sun's poles, or whether there are other ones? Indeed there are all sorts of others! And these are partly fugitives from the planets orbiting the sun, but also partly similar storm troopers from other suns, such spirits being seized by the sun's polar force when drifting into this sun's planetary region. Only if in a sun-distant region they combine in an aforementioned way, manifesting as comets, can they move around the sun in a clumsy, planetary fashion. If however, they helplessly and clumsily approach the sun too closely, they are consumed "core and stem" by the sun, as you would say. Even if some, in time, turn into real planets, they nevertheless are not precluded thereby from becoming the sun's food-prey. Because once the sun's polar force has seized something, it is as good as the sun's prey, for with its force, it firstly feeds steadily upon such guests, weakening them millennium by millennium, until in the end, hauling them into its wide, fiery womb.
You can already recognize this from the present position of the planets. Because once many millions of years ago the planet Mercury still occupied the position of your Earth; Venus approximately the position of the present planet Mars, and Earth approximately the position of Jupiter; now you can calculate how much the sun, with its power, has attracted these planets! From that you can easily see that the sun, even after many thousands of years, will take hold of the presently free floating planets, whereupon the most stubborn spirits from these heavenly bodies shall again attain to their law-abiding, but also on account of their regained freedom, lawless state.
That other planets shall take the place of those completely taken up by the sun, you can gather from the fact that a host of at least ten thousand million comets just swarm around your sun, for which reason one or the other more developed comets can easily position itself in the location of a planet. There are indeed already present a great many well-developed comets in your sun's wide regions which are, for the most part, already inhabited, even if not by humans yet, but by diverse precursory animals.
Behold, this is the system. For your concepts, these periods are endless yet before My eyes, their beginning or end is the same. But just as the sun can dissolve its planets, the central suns can in the same way dissolve their planetary suns, chief central suns entire hosts of solar regions and solar universes. New ones are placed at the location of the consumed ones, so that the progression within the system of My things would not be interrupted. From this you ought to assume, that I shall not stop to create in all eternity, because I as God cannot ever cease to think: for My thoughts are the beings.
But some could say: why such an ultimately endless multiplicity of beings? But I ask in return: how would a yet so great, but ultimately limited number of beings relate to an unlimited God?
Wherefore let no man be troubled; for within My infinity, the infinite surely shall find accommodation, not being capable of ever over filling same, even if the increase of beings should be multiplied to an unspeakable degree beyond its present system.
This overview should give you the reassurance that your good and holy Father is greater, mightier and more perfect than an earthly spirit, even in his most lucid moments, can imagine.
Wherewith we have also finished with the material sun and next time intend to betake ourselves to the spiritual or celestial sun. And so once again we leave it for today!