Presentation of this planet and its moons, including ring and creatures

- Chapter 10 -
The people living adjacent to the Morning Stream. The tree dwellings of Saturnites. How the willpower of the Saturnites controls nature. Saturnite communication with the spiritual world. The useless missions of Earth spirits to Saturn.

f the four main streams, there is one whose flow is exactly towards morning; this is the widest and most populated stream. But do not assume that you will find cities and fortifications erected on the banks of this stream, as would be the case on earth; you will not find anything like that on the entire planet.
The most marvelous accommodations for the Saturnites are the sun trees. On Saturn they are called ghuba, and under their many branches and trunks live entire families. The inhabitants do not all live together in one place, as is the custom on earth. Part of the population lives on the plains, preferably by the banks of streams, while another part lives in the mountains. That is why both banks of the Morning Stream are often planted with sun trees, under which the Saturnites have their permanent homes. The reason I say "permanent homes" is because these kinds of trees do not wither away after a short period of time. Instead, such trees keep on growing, becoming larger and reaching such a size that under many of them may live a single family which, through interrelationships, often reaches a population of 10,000 to 20,000 people.
The rivers, but especially this Morning Stream, fulfill multi farious needs for the inhabitants, in the following order of importance: First, the inhabitants of Saturn are great friends of personal cleanliness; it is not unusual for them to wash themselves seven times a day. Secondly, they like to swim because it serves as a particularly strengthening amusement. In this instance all of them are great artists on the water; not only do they swim on the surface, like the people of earth, but they can easily walk on the water's surface as well. Therefore they are able to perform all kinds of swimming maneuvers. For example, they can lie flat on the surface of the water or they can sit on the water's surface and twirl around on it.
Should they want to dive under the water, they can do this as well, but it is no easier for them than it is for geese on earth. Because in relationship to the water, the Saturnites are 40% lighter than people on earth. You can gather this kind of relationship from what has been mentioned before, namely that the Saturnites can maneuver in the air with ease, especially the younger ones. But even the older people can jump from the greatest heights without causing any physical harm. However, they do not like to do so, because after such an excursion in the air they are usually seized by an unpleasant dizzy spell.
Thirdly, the Saturnites prefer to live close to the water because, as aforementioned, the water emits a particularly beautiful light glimmer at night. Fourthly, these streams exhale a particularly pleasant cooling air, of which the Saturnites are great friends. Fifth, they live on the banks of the rivers because of their domesticated animals, to have easier access to water, which we will discuss later. In the mountains the larger domesticated animals cannot be kept because of the lack of adequate water, since the springs of the rivers are at the lower sections of these mountains and the higher areas have to be satisfied with the rain tree and the watering fruit which is called the flowing barrel. The largest of the domesticated animals requires, in accordance with your measurements, 598,000 quarts (566,000 liters) of water in one day, which must seem an enormous amount to people on earth. This large domesticated animal is what you on earth would consider to be a cow; this animal is so large that an elephant could walk on the back of the Saturnian cow and be no larger than a parasite. Because of the extraordinary usefulness of this animal, the Saturnites prefer to live on the banks of streams, rivers and lakes so that this beneficial creature will suffer no harm, since it has the peculiar attribute of drinking five times as much as it eats. What this animals eats will be explained later in detail, when the actual animals are discussed.
Even though the Saturnites do not build cities or houses, they do know how to plant the broad tree or wall tree, discussed in a previous chapter, in such an artful manner that if you were to see such a domicile you would have to agree that it is indescribable and much more beautiful than the largest, most beautiful city on earth, and the walls look as if they were built from brightly shining polished gold.
Sixth, the Saturnites like to live on the banks of the streams because of their love of the sea and sailing. They do this not for selfish motives or gain, but rather for pleasure and health reasons. Also, when some people among them wish to visit neighboring or distant islands and countries, they have to make use of what is really close to their hearts sailing on ships.
You might ask why the Saturnites bother to build ships when they have the ability to walk on water. The answer to this question is actually a simple one. The Saturnites can very easily walk on water as long as they are without burden. But as soon as they carry something they will sink, since the relationship of the water's capacity to carry a human being is calculated to almost a hair. And when the Saturnites walk on water, it is a very slow and cautious procedure and requires considerable practice; it requires much more practice than figure skating on earth, whereas with their ships the Saturnites can skim over the water fairly quickly, easily traveling 30 to 50 geographic miles in one earth hour. Also, they do not have a steam power plant, paddle, or paddle wheel. Their motive force lies solely in their firm will and unshakable belief; this is also why they line the brim or railings of their ships with the flags or plant tips, which they magnetize with their will. And as a consequence the ship is drawn to the direction in which the will of the mariner has placed the "will pole" as their destination.
Behold, such a motive power is by far better and more unfailing than your ghastly steam engines, through which at all times the natural life of human beings is in constant danger! And if I did not take care of this through guardian angels, there would be considerably more accidents through liberated steam than there already are. Nothing is more foolish than a human being who employs forces of nature of which he has not the slightest knowledge. It is not enough to know by mere experience that the released water steam possesses a great compressive force; it is also very important to know what lies behind this liberated steam and what causes this great compressive force.
Dead powers are not powers; however, powers that are effective are liberated or released alive. But who knows how much power the liberated spirits in the steam possess? Truly, if they were not contained by the angels, it would not take long before all these arrogant and conceited steam engine engineers would discover how absolutely ridiculous the basis for their calculations really is. Because liberated spirits from only 1.837 liters of water, when not restrained, can change whole mountain chains into dust and ashes in the wink of an eye. This should tell you how much heavenly protection is constantly required so that these foolish human beings with their foolish undertakings do not perish through accidents of this nature.
The Saturnites are unaware of any such foolishness, and despite all this they are incomparably wiser than all those scholarly super intelligent steam engine inventors, engineers and conquerors of the oceans on earth. Besides these many advantages, the Saturnites have one more invaluable benefit: that several times during their lives they can personally associate with Me and also with the angels in heaven, through which they can gain more in a brief conversation in their sphere of wisdom and cognizance than through all the excessive, stupid rhetoric of the scholars.
In this connection I should like to mention, in passing, that spirits from your earth quite often come to visit the Saturnites, which they are permitted to do at all times, especially when they have this need. What usually occurs is that these earth spirits, who think of themselves as being very learned, are thoroughly laughed at by the Saturnites and are reproached because of their extraordinarily foolish beliefs, for they do not even know that the Lord as the Creator of heaven and of all celestial bodies is completely human. This fact is known only by very few human beings and Christians on earth, and therefore many such spirits have the most ridiculous and absurd ideas about Me; and that is why some of them paint such nonsensical portraits of Me.
On some pictures I am depicted as a hierarch, while others again depict Me sitting half-naked on a cloud holding a cross in one hand, usually on the right hand of the hierarch. Others again depict Me in the form of a flying dove, whereby I must always hover above two people below Me, namely above the hierarch and above the naked, cross-carrying Christ. And others transpose Me in all three of these depictions at the same time, through which I become a mathematical nonsense, because I am portrayed as three persons of which only two are endowed with a human form and the third is given the shape of an animal; and again these three different personalities must depict only one divine person consisting of one hierarch, one naked Christ and one dove.
However, on the entire planet of Saturn there exists not one human being who has any other concept of Me other than that I am completely a human being, just like any other human being, albeit with one difference: I am the most complete and the most perfect human being, that is, I am a human being in which lives corporeally the fullness of the Divinity. Should you have difficulty in understanding this, turn to matter, for it will tell you where it [the matter] comes from and what it is, and it has already told you so. Then it will not be so difficult to understand or to grasp what it means that in Me, as the most complete human being, lives corporeally the fullness of the Divinity.
Behold, when the Saturnites, so to speak, set the record straight, these conceited earth spirits become very annoyed and angry and, in revenge, they want to attack the Saturnites and impose another belief upon them by force. But the Saturnites show themselves forthwith as extremely humble but at the same time exceedingly firm in their belief, so that the spirits from earth begin to feel miserable on account of their haughtiness, and can no longer endure the sphere of the Saturnites and soon remove themselves voluntarily.
I shall explain such scenes in more detail when we visit the snow and ice regions of Saturn, where the departed Saturnites mainly stay and where they are active. You should know that the spirits of every celestial body, especially if they are not completely purified, mostly remain in the area of the planet which they occupied with their physical bodies.
But for now, we will direct our attention again to the streams.