Presentation of this planet and its moons, including ring and creatures

- Chapter 36 -
The metal industry and other crafts or trades. True socialism of altruism in a trade and commerce.

urthermore, the manufacture of the necessary metal tools that are required to hew and trim the trees, for the manufacture of house utensils, to loosen the ground and for cutting their food and other things all belong to the lawful constitution of the people on Saturn.
Where are these tools manufactured? There are some factories on this planet, especially in the foothills of mountains, in which a useful metal similar to your iron on earth is turned into all kinds of different tools and utensils.
Who owns these factories? So that every neighboring family community has their rights to take these products in accordance to their needs from the factory, every neighboring family alternately sends workers to the factory to produce this metal under the direction of a factory elder. In the factory itself, the metal is not made into tools; instead it is only made malleable and hence prepared for further use as the bar-iron is produced and prepared for further use on earth.
Once a worker has worked in this factory for the required time of 100 days, and if, for instance, this factory has 100 workers, then the metal produced is divided into 100 parts. After the completion of the worker's term in the factory, every worker receives his rightful share, which is taken to his family dwelling as community property. The share a worker receives weighs anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 tons in earthly terms.
What do the Saturnites do with this metal? If the family still has enough useable tools, then the metal is wrapped in foliage and the patriarch becomes the custodian of this metal. Should their tools require replacement because they are worn out and can no longer do a proper job, then they proceed under the direction of the patriarch to manufacture new tools.
How is that accomplished? Do you think that this is done with a regular fire, as on earth? The answer is no! It is accomplished in a very peculiar manner and yet is a very simple procedure. The Saturnites make use of a pumpkin-like fruit which has a regular arch like a concave lens at the bottom surface, the diameter of which is anywhere from 120 to 180 feet. The outer bark of this pumpkin fruit, especially the bottom part, is arched-in, has a luster and is smooth like the finest polished steel; with this concave part of the fruit the Saturnites reflect the sunrays and direct the focal point onto the metal bars. It does not take more than a moment to make a large quantity of these metal bars white-hot.
Once that has been accomplished, whatever metal is required is cut off of these white-hot bars and forged with a metal hammer into some tool of which they are in need; this is done on a very smooth anvil which is as hard and as smooth as a diamond.
When it takes a blacksmith on earth half an hour to forge a sickle, in the same amount of time a Saturnite produces at least ten, even though a finished sickle weighs approximately 110 pounds in accordance with earthly measurements. If you take this into consideration, you can imagine how skillful a blacksmith On Saturn is in his art.
Here another question has to be answered: Who is skilled in this kind of work? This is not very difficult to answer, because among the people on Saturn it is part of their domestic constitution that every man be skilled in every required craft, so that no difference exists as far as their station in life is concerned and one craftsman cannot say to another: "I am of greater necessity than you are, and my products are more important than yours." Instead, everybody can do what his brother can do. Therefore one person can be of benefit to the other in everything that is required. And should one or the other be in succession to become the elder in the family, then he has the experience and the skills to lead and give the propeldirection in all these matters.
When it comes to the necessities of life, since all of them are experienced as far as crafts are concerned, there is, so to speak, no horse-trading or profiteering, especially among the mountain dwellers. They also do not produce any surplus of products, so that they cannot sell or trade it to their neighbors; all products they produce are in accordance with their own domestic requirements.
However, regardless of that, should a neighbor be in need of something he does not have, because he does not have the same means as someone else, he is not asked: "What will you give me for what you require?" - the only question he is asked on an occasion like that is about the will of the Great Spirit. If he possesses this testimony, which is the only thing that is valid on Saturn and is the only valid currency, he will then be immediately given what he requires for his task and it will become his property, and nobody is allowed to think of any reimbursement.
This happens as a result of a political law among them, which is as follows: Who is more than the Great Spirit? What did we give the Great Spirit for the use of this great world which is abundantly furnished with countless goods? However, it is only proper that we thank the Great Spirit for any gift. If we would accept from our brother just one single thanks, how would we appear to the Great Spirit, if we demand from our brothers only what the Great Spirit is entitled to!? Therefore, woe to the one who would allow it to be thanked by his brother for a gift, where actually he should thank the Great Spirit for giving him the honor to serve his brother.
On account of this worthy reason, on Saturn a human being does not knowingly accept even the slightest thanks from his brother, much less would he accept any other repayment. Therefore all commerce between Saturnites is based on this premise.
On Saturn there are no exchange offices, no customs and excise offices, no taxes on goods, no inspector of goods; and profiteering is unknown on Saturn.
A tool which is in constant use on earth is a scale; this tool is completely foreign to the Saturnites. The only kind of scale they know is the sole will of the Great Spirit and the needs of their brothers.
A second tool, which on earth is called an ell, is also foreign to the inhabitants of Saturn. Nothing is measured by the ell as it is on earth; the most infallible measure for the inhabitants of Saturn is the word of their brother in accordance with the will of the Great Spirit; with that they measure what a neighborly brother asks of them.
Commerce based on these principles would be a much better solution for all the inhabitants on earth than all the stock and money markets, banks, exchange offices, stores, bars and saloons. A somewhat better intellectual power would tell you: What did we give God for all the products on earth, and how much did we pay Him for the earth, since we rule on earth as if we were the immediate owners?
As aforementioned, if you had just a little more intelligence you would have to ask yourself the above questions out of necessity. All your actions will clearly tell you how unjust you are from My point of view on My property. I alone created and established equally for everybody to appropriate these products from My loving hands, and you jealously, greedily and violently process them for certain purposes and then sell them to your brother for an exorbitant price when he is in need or when he has a yearning for them.
But let us leave this crying shame on earth and turn again to Saturn, where human beings are still in possession of those treasures which are not attacked by rust and consumed by moths, and let us examine several more pages of their otherwise very small political law book, which is written in their hearts!